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Ivan Ilyin

( Philosopher.)

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Biography Ivan Ilyin
28.3/9.4.1883 - 21/12/1954

Trivia Studied at the Faculty of Moscow. Zap. Since 1918 - Professor. Mosk.un-ta. In 1922, exiled from Russia, lived in Germany, England, Switzerland. The researcher and interpreter of Hegel, and. then created the original concept, which proved the necessity of "believing the thought" and the futility of thinking base of the heart ". Criticized Tolstoy's position to resist evil by force.
. Characteristic views Ilyin, like Tikhomirov, was absolutely convinced that the monarchy is incompatible with the public self, if among them there will be no parliamentary, democratic fencing
. (Zamaleev п-.пг. Course history of Russian philosophy. M., 1995. S. 165).

Teaching Russian Idea
'Russian idea is the idea of the heart. The idea of contemplating the heart. Heart contemplating freely and objectively and to convey their vision will for action and thoughts for understanding and expression. "(Ilyin and. A. Our Mission: In the 2-m. T. 1. M., 1992. S. 323).

' "Demonic" and "Satanism" - not the same. Demonic is the cause of human, Satanism is a matter of spiritual abyss. The demonic man devoted to his evil passions, and can still repent and turn, but the people, which, according to the Gospel, "Satan came in" - possessed by an alien, vnechelovecheskoy force and becomes the devil himself humanoid. Demonic spiritual obscuration is transient, its formula: "life without God", Satanism is a full and complete darkness of spirit, his formula: "the overthrow of God". In demonic man rebelling unbridled instinct, supported by cold reflection; Satanic people act like someone else's gun, serving evil, but is able to enjoy their disgusting ministry. The demonic man tends to be Satan, playing, enjoying, tormented by engaging with them (according to popular belief) in contracts, it becomes a convenient housing; Satanic man has lost himself and became earthly instrument of the devil will. Who has not seen such people, or seeing, did not recognize them, he did not know originally completed and the evil has no idea of a truly diabolical element '.
(Ilyin IA. Our Mission. T. 1. M., 1992. S. 65).

Major works 1 / Hegel's philosophy as the doctrine of the concreteness of God and man. V.1-2. M., 1918, 2 / O resistance to evil by force. Berlin, 1925; 3 / Axioms of religious experience. V.1-2. Paris, 1953; 4 / Path to the evidence. M., 1993.

Edition 1. The concept of rights and power. Experience methodological analysis. , 1910, 2. On the revival of Hegelianism / / Russian Thought. 1912. ? 3 3. On courtesy. Socio-psychological experience / / Russian Thought. 1912. ? 5. S. 1-36 4. Philosophy as a spiritual activity / / Russian Thought. 1915. ? 3. S. 112-128, 5. Hegel's philosophy as the doctrine of the concreteness of God and man: in 2 m. T. 1: The Doctrine of God. T. 2: The doctrine of man. M., 1918, 6. The main tasks of law in Russia: Public speech delivered in Moscow in 1922. / / Russian Thought (Prague). 1922. Kn. VIII-XII. S. 162-188, 7. The religious meaning of philosophy: Three Speech. 1914-1923. Paris, BG, 8. On the resistance to evil by the power. Berlin, 1925, 9. On Russia: Three Speech. 1926-1933. Sofia, 1934, Moscow, 1991, 10. Foundations of Christian Culture. Geneva, 1937, 11. The path of spiritual renewal. Belgrade, BG, 12. Axioms of religious experience: 2 t. Paris, 1953; 13. Path to the evidence. Paris, 1957, 14. Our Mission: Articles 1948-1953 gg.: In 2 m. Paris, 1956, 15. Singing Heart. Book of quiet contemplation. Munich, 1958; cm. also: Our Contemporary. 1991. ? 6. S. 164-180;? 7. S. 166-182, 16. On the monarchy and the republic. New York, 1979; cm. also: Problems of Philosophy, 1991. ? 4. S. 107-151;? 5. S. 95-145, 17. Our Mission. The historical destiny and future of Russia. Articles 1948-1954 period. At 2 m. M., 1992.

Literature Poltoratskii NP. Eng. foreign writers in the literary-Philosophy. criticism IA. / Rus. lit-ra-in-Exile. Pittsburgh, 1972; He. I.A.I.; life, work, world. New York, 1989; Offermanns W. Mensch, werde wesentlich! Das Lebenswerk des russischen religiosen Denkers Ivan Iljin fuer Erneuerung der geistigen Grundlagen der Menschheit. ( "Man, finding the significance of" life work rus. rel. philosopher I.I. - Update the spirit. foundations of mankind / / Erlangen, 1979; Fox YU.T. IA. as a lawyer and gosudarstvoved / NA. 1991? 5; He. IA. Faculty of History and п¦пTп+пЁя-. sketch / / Collected. op. I.A.I.: In 10 t. M., 1993. T. 1; He. Bibl. / IA. Vol.: In 2 m. M., 1994. T. 2; Evlampiev I.I. Philos. and legal opinions IA. Izv. vyssh. Textbook. institutions. Jurisprudence. M., 1992. ? 3; He. "The drama of the creative spirit": God and man in the philosophy I.I. / Steps. SPb., 1992,? 3 (6); Grier Philip T. The Speculative. Concrete: IAIl `in` s Interpretation of Hegel / / Hegel and Hermeneutics / Ed. Shaun Gallagher. NY, 1994; Idem. The complex legacy of Ivan Il `in / / Russian thougut after marxism: The re-discovery of Russia` s intellectual roots / / Ed. James P. Scaulan. 1994; The controversy around the idea of IA. [On the resistance to evil by force] Pro et contra / / Collected. op. IA. 10 m. M., 1994. T. 5; Zenkovsky VV. History of Russian Philosophy. L., 1991. T. 2, Part 2. S. 129-133; Yu.A. Tikhomirov. Public legal ideas IA Ilyina / / Problems of Philosophy. 1991. ? 8; Gavryushin NK. Antithesis of orthodox sword ", ibid, 1992. ? 4; Kuraev VI. Philosopher volitional ideas / / Ilyin IA. Path to the evidence. M., 1993. S. 404-414.

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