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Kozhevnikov Vladimir

( Philosopher.)

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Biography Kozhevnikov Vladimir
15/27.5.1852 - 3/16.7.1917

Information irregular Mosk. Zap in the 70-ies. He made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, was engaged in the libraries of Western Europe. From 1875 - the closest disciple of NF Fedorov. Friend P. Florensky. Together with N. Peterson published 2 volumes of the works Fedorova. Honorary member of the Moscow. Theological Academy in 1912. Remains unpublished his multivolume work on the formation of secular culture in Europe.
. Characteristics of views "With the help of numerous quotations from Buddhist literature Kozhevnikov daetyarkoe Buddhist image of the absolute negation of the world, . their teachings about, . that every cosmic being is evil, . that the source of personal existence - self-love ",
. (Lossky N.O. History of Russian Philosophy M. 1991. S. 379)

Teaching Kozhevnikov believed in the doctrine of the resurrection is not designed questions, the most important for a Christian: On the action of divine grace, of sin, the redemption of the Savior of mankind, the church sacraments. Kozhevnikov suggested Peterson therefore take as an assumption for the apologetic and polemical purposes: Nikolai Fedorovich not dorazvil (no time) his teachings to harmonize with the teachings of the Orthodox Church. (Dubinin and. in the book.: Russian Philosophy. Small Collegiate Dictionary. M., 1995. S. 265).

Major works 1 / NF Fedorov. Experience of presenting his teachings on published and unpublished works, correspondence and personal interviews. CH. 1. M., 1908, 2 / O integrity of faith and unbelief. M., 1909; 3 / On the Significance of Christian asceticism in the past and present. , 1910; 4 / Modern scientific disbelief. Its growth, influence and changes thereto. M., 1912, 5 / Buddhism versus Christianity. T. 1.2. P., 1916.

Essays on the integrity of faith and unbelief. M., 1909, 1912;
Modern scientific disbelief. Its growth, influence and change attitudes towards it. MA, 1912;
The significance of Christian asceticism in the past and present. , 1910. CH. 1-2;
Religion of Man Feuerbach and Comte. Sergiev Posad, 1913;
Luke Greece: poem. M., 1897;
The Sistine Chapel: Letter from Rome and a poem. MA, 1898;
Sentry shaft. In memory of their homeland: a poem. MA, 1901;
Problems Russian. painting. M., 1907;
The value of AA Ivanov in religion. painting. M., 1907;
The ratio of socialism to religion in general and Christianity in particular. M., 1908 (3rd ed. Moscow, 1912);
TSerk. MA, 1912;
Thoughts on the study of patristic. MA, 1912;
Hindu asceticism in pre-Buddhist period. Sergiev Posad, 1914.

Literature Durylin S.N. Scientist Christian / / Rebirth. Paris, 1918. ? 9; Lossky N.O. History of Russian Philosophy. M., 1991. S. 346-348; Correspondence PA Florensky and VA Kozhevnikov / / Problems of Philosophy. 1991. ? 6; Berdyayev N.A. Types rel. thought in Russia. Revival of Orthodoxy / RM. 1916. ? 6; He. Samopoznanie. M., 1990; Rozanov VV. Around difficult rel. so / / New time. 1916. August 17.; He. Berdyaev a young Moscow. Slavophilism / / Moscow. statements. 1916. August 17.; He. Thoughts on the lit-re. , 1989; Durylin S.N. Scientist Christian / / Rebirth. 1918. ? 9; He. In his corner: From old notebooks. Moscow, 1991; Correspondence NF Fedorov with K. / Milestones. 1928. ? 3 (cm. also: Context-1988. Moscow, 1989); Arseniev H. Gifts and meeting life's journey. Fr. / M., 1974; Semenov. Nikolai Fedorov: Creation Life. M., 1990.

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Kozhevnikov Vladimir, photo, biography
Kozhevnikov Vladimir, photo, biography Kozhevnikov Vladimir  Philosopher., photo, biography
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