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LUBKIN Alexander Stepanovich

( Philosopher.)

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Biography LUBKIN Alexander Stepanovich
1771 - 1815

Information Prof.. Department of speculative and practical philosophy Kazan University / 1812 - 1815 /. Sensualist theory of knowledge, criticized the Kantian subjectivism and agnosticism. Materialistic position combined with deism.

Characteristics of views "should be noted also that Lubkin perhaps the most attracted the attention of Russian Kant, typing in" Northern Messenger Martynov in 1805, Mr.. "Letter of the critical philosophy, where he was the first we have outlined the main reason the philosophy of Kant, joined them for their objections to his doctrine of space and time." (Vvedensky AI. The fate of philosophy in Russia. / Vvedensky AI. etc.. Essays on the history of Russian philosophy. Sverdlovsk, 1991. S. 51)

Kant's Critique of Teachings.
'In the argument of knowledge of subjects he argues that we know things are not as they in themselves are, but only as they are to us through our senses in time and space are. What, in my opinion, it means the same thing, that we sense about things, in fact, no knowledge can not be, but only about their events. These things, he founded on the notion of time and space, . which asserts, . from things that did not happen, . but have a basis in the nature of our feelings and sensations about the external objects in our souls excited, . why he calls them the form of our sensory abilities,
. So, . if space and time are based in our soul, . we have about things we have a small knowledge, . how much they limit (modificieren) these souls of our notions of time and space, in other words, . we feel and learn things are not, . and changes are in our concepts of time and space '.,
. (Russian Enlightenment
. T. 2. , 1966. S. 8).
'Beyond this, to prevent possible without the need for mutual gossip writer explains that the philosophy in terms of science (Wissenschaft) to take, because of her own image umodeyatelnosti honors, he is very good from the other sciences. He conceives of philosophy not a chain under one of the other truths, . where the first link component is necessary to direct the mind to recognize all subsequent (what property is mathematics), . but verbose whole, . where each part is stuck to the other and itself and in addition holds up in this situation other, . related and where therefore the reflection of any one part will inevitably be followed by dissolution of alliance between all,
. Why he thinks that philosophizing should be borne in mind not only the logical necessity of the successor of truth from one another, but all the universal relation and the universal harmony. So although B that should not have been more obvious from the alleged principles, but whether there is already a general harmony of truths, being upset, then read signified no less fair, as a formal way that can be proven. And in general, the writer of the opinion that in discussing the subjects of philosophy only one analytical method, without the aid of synthetic, almost completely useless'.
(Ibid.. S. 28).
Philosophy and Theology
. 'The philosophy of theology frank razlichestvuet not content, . or matter, . which both have almost the same, . that is, to show man the way to achieve well-being (a turning off, . in theology says more about the eternal, . than the temporary well-being), . but a certification,
. For the alleged revelation of the Word of God, and philosophy - one only the human mind and opotnosti and based on these inferences. And because that philosophy could sootvetstovovat their name, . it does not have a philosophical discussion pomeschaemy instead of reasons to be any convictions, . undertaken by the respect of someone, . of those that the human, . but more so all the add-in is meant to be proved as possible reasons, . from examining nature of things borrowed '.,
. (Ibid.
. S. 35).

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Major works 1 / Letters of critical philosophy. / / Northern Herald, 1805,? 8, 9, 2 / Font Style logic. SPb., 1807.

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Works 1 / Letters of critical philosophy. / / Northern Herald, 1805,? 8, 9, 2 / Font Style logic. SPb., 1807.

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LUBKIN Alexander Stepanovich, photo, biography
LUBKIN Alexander Stepanovich, photo, biography LUBKIN Alexander Stepanovich  Philosopher., photo, biography
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