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Arvydas Sabonis

( Basketball players)

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Biography Arvydas Sabonis
photo Arvydas Sabonis
It seems to know all Arvydas Sabonis. Taken three documentaries, a lot of TV shows (one was devoted to the meeting, an audience with ms. Gorbachev). A much-rewritten written about him as much as little about anyone else in modern sport. I myself put his hand to biography of one of the best pivot of the world of basketball (in Europe, without doubt, Sabonis - has long been the strongest). And then agreed to meet again - after the New Year celebrations. Reason was: 20 years of stay in the Big Sabas basketball. At this time the cost is almost without question - soloist Arvydas.

Pluses basketball career
Always got favorite 11-th number. Any previous winner of this number gave it to me after the first workout. Especially - the older and more authoritative than I became.
Nowhere so well did not feel like on the basketball court. Here, look at me as a player and not as abnormally erect, to 220 centimeters, the stranger from another planet. On a platform growth does not create any problems for you. Conversely, this advantage. But problems arise from rivals.
Your name will automatically solves many small "zamorochek". Clerks, for example, quickly put in order all the documents, you always take any Minister or the mayor.
Lithuania do not have to pay a fine for speeding, because most of the police - loyal to your fans. Your autograph for them much more expensive than the receipt for payment of fine.
Heats, that during those 20 years had more victories than defeats. Trophies and medals I have more than any basketball player in Europe.
He could play the game I love and which, I dare to hope, something that I can and understand. Get plenty of many other. And most importantly, at the end of life will not have to sit and sigh sadly: they say, did nothing standing, has not used his talent, life was bad, and boring.

Cons basketball career
As a child there were problems with clothing and footwear. Buy something "to fly" virtually impossible, although in Spain shoes still sometimes manage to get. Sewing garments special tailor-designer.
Everywhere persecuted journalists, photographers, television cameras. Want to smoke on the street, to order a glass of whiskey in the bar, forced to look as if a mafia boss. With the growth of more than 220 centimeters you - a great target for paparazzi.
Pain in the legs and back - for many years an indispensable component of your life. Even a strange feel when nothing hurts, and wonder if the end of the season, the doctor said that no operation is not needed
. Returning to Lithuania, was forced to 1000 times to answer the same question: Will you play for Zalgiris?
. When wife Ingrida caught for driving a car drunk, it was news a month and discussed as if the other problems in Lithuania there
All are sure that you have to win always and everywhere. In this case, no matter how much you won, will still chide the final outcome of the European Champions Cup-86, when I hit Nakicha of Zagreb, Cibona, was removed, and Zalgiris lost.

About the house
- Youth different look at life, for peace in the sport and its place in sports than we. Before departing overseas, they have quickly adapted. For example, Ilgauskas ( "heir Sabonis, as they call this talented Lithuanian center-of the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers, the growth of 217 cm. - IF) away - and forgot about Lithuania, he was in the States are well. And I feel bad. It seems that 6 years in America, lived, could have become accustomed. Unable.
In Portland, I have a house. But he is already very far from the Lithuanian. And I was always really annoyed. Houses in Spain, at Malaga, - already preferred. And the best, a real house, in the full sense of the word, of course, is that in Kaunas.

Portland Trail Blazers "
- Yes, time on the court sometimes allocated is not enough. To this I did not pay attention, and especially for myself not to worry. How much produced, and played so. Not released - even better. Money is still trickling, and extra vacation I have never harmed.
My career began with a confrontation with Volodya Tkachenko, when every collision with him bouncing as from the wall, and flew to the floor. Finish the fight with Shaquille O'Neal - and again on the ground. Playing against the fabrics looked like krysenysh. Stood in front of this community by and felt digested sausage. And next to Shuck - like a bump on a two-door cabinet. Today, I am already hard shove with the monsters: after all operations on my feet was nothing left - one frame, one might even say that no legs, and crutches.

About American journalism
- They must be treated as small children, playing in their toys. In the States, because as: the rules the NBA, we are obliged to communicate with the media 30 minutes before training. And sometimes given special permission for a further 30 minutes after. They do not feed bread: if allowed, they would warm up and after asking. I sincerely do not understand what they learn new from this daily communication.

About fans in Portland
- Surround, bombard. If the question is normal - reply. If not - pretend not to understand - an alien after all, English is not native.

On his place in the Lithuanian team
- All I pay too much attention. I'm not the engine, all for a not pull. Can only be a coach, albeit NE. But who cares?

About Zalgiris
- Being "white-green" (a form of players Kaunas Zalgiris. - IF), I think, a great honor. No team that has reached more than Zalgiris.

Your role in team
- Normally I am silent. But if even speak, all stop and listen.

On the possibility of becoming a politician
- There is plenty of work in basketball. God knows how much to do (Arvydas Sabonis - co-owner of the Kaunas Zalgiris and founder of the youth schools his name, which he fully contained. - IF). And up there, and without me want to take the weight of grain towns, at all not even enough.

About me on a 10-point system
- Men - 10. Throughout. And try not to recruit less. Although, it seems, the factory is close to closing (do not forget about my age and load - 20 years of professional career, not counting another ten in children and youths). But still smoke pipes. How basketball - 8. Like father - 6. Because due to their employment I'm not a father, what should have been. Especially now, when next to the three guys had a daughter.

The fact that he likes in the locker room wife
- Most Ingrida I like naked (laughs).

On the constancy
- The only constant thing in my life - the volatility (the wife does not concern). Sometimes it would stay calmer. When something is not luck, I think: here, now, would have sat with a crust of bread on the stove and spitting. Or could have slept, how many will fit.

On vacation
- Dream. Never and nowhere I can not refuse it. Neither the car nor the plane. Slightly tilt the head - and sleep. Another holiday, when no one bothers to click buttons TV.

About friends
- About a true friendship can say in 60-70 years. Five years - no term. All these years, he's your friend, and then can become the enemy.

On passion
- Always want to win. In the maps, including. On the hunt - to get to a duck. Only fishermen quietly. Do not get nervous because of the float. I sit myself on the shore in a boat or boat, rest, reflect on their affairs.

On his return to Portland "
- I sincerely wanted to play for Zalgiris already this season. It is in Zalgiris, although he had offers from Real Madrid CF, Italian and Greek clubs. But when I saw in what a nightmarish state of affairs in the team, I realized that we must first settle all, and only then think about their own careers. However, it will take considerable resources and, my personal. And then to think about the calls Bob Uitsetta, general manager of the "Blazers" who "gets" me almost daily. Under the rules of the NBA, I can go back at any time. But until I am offered two times less than I received in previous years. I understand that I am no longer what it used to, but Bob assures me that I was right and they are waiting for me: after all, in Portland "today there is a decent center -. So what could and fork. However, given my current financial difficulties, can, and find myself again in "Portland". But not this season. This is absolutely discharge.

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Arvydas Sabonis, photo, biography
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