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( Austrian astrologer, astronomer and mathematician.)

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Biography Ratican
(Retikus; lats. Rheticus, it. Rhaeticus); Georg Joachim von Lauhen (von Lauchen)
. (16.02.1514 <according to the Harz, 15.2., 13:30> Feldkirch, Austria - 4/12/1574, Kashsha, Hungary now Kosice, Czechoslovakia)
. His father, George Izerin, was the town doctor Feldkirch, and his mother, Tomazina de Porris - Italian great lady
. Forming a German equivalent of the name of the mother (de Porris - von Lauhen, letters. "leek"), P. was renamed the George Joachim von Lauhenom, and then - "RV", according to the ancient name of the locality in which he was born (Retsiya). He studied in Zurich, where he met with Paracelsus. Then he entered the University of Wittenberg, where the April 27, 1536, Mr.. received a Master of Arts. Ten days earlier he publicly defended the thesis that Roman law did not absolutely prohibit all forms of astrological predictions, because predictions based on physical phenomena, have been resolved (eg, medical prognoses). In the same year (probably on the initiative of Melanchthon) P. was invited to lecture on mathematics at Wittenberg University. In 1538, Mr.. he went on a trip to get acquainted with the leading astronomers of his time (Peter Apianom, Johann Sener, etc.). In the summer of 1539, Mr.. R. visited Copernicus in Frauenburge (Frombork), met with his teachings and became his ardent supporter. In 1541, Mr.. He was elected Dean of the Faculty of Humanities University of Wittenberg. Since the autumn of 1542, Mr.. within three years of P. was a visiting professor of mathematics at Leipzig. Then I went to Milan for a meeting with Cardano. Become interested in medicine, P. began to study this discipline in Zurich and Prague. In 1548, Mr.. R. elected Dean of the Faculty of Humanities University of Leipzig. Ok. 1550 g. because of allegations of a homosexual relationship with a student F. forced uezat in Chemnitz, and then to Prague. Leipzig court judge R. absentia, sentencing him to 101 year exile. In 1553, Mr.. R. was invited to teach mathematics in Vienna. In 1554, Mr.. he settled in Krakow, where practiced as a physician in the next two decades. Throughout his life, R. actively engaged in astrology, but it was in Krakow, his work as an astrologer was the most popular. In 1571, Mr.. R. correctly predicted that the heir to the Polish King Sigismund II Augustus (1548 - 1572) "will edit only a very short time". Then P. acquired a long reputation of a visionary.

P. contributed to the publication of key works of Copernicus "On the rotation of the celestial spheres, and was apparently the first astronomer, used the heliocentric concept in their theoretical reasoning and practical calculations. He calculated the first heliocentric ephemeris, and in 1540, Mr.. wrote and published a book "Narratio Primo", which used the Copernican system in his astrological calculations regarding the impending Second Coming of Christ. R. is also the author of several works on astronomy, geography, physics and mathematics.

In honor of R. named lunar crater Rhaeticus.

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Ratican, photo, biography
Ratican, photo, biography Ratican  Austrian astrologer, astronomer and mathematician., photo, biography
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