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Andre Agassi

( Tennis Player)

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Biography Andre Agassi
(April 29, 1970 - ...)
Andre Agassi was doomed to a career tennis. Thus, long before the birth of his son, his father decided. And it all began in Tehran in 1942, . when little Mike (then Manu) Agassi - old son of Armenian carpet-seller - climbed a tree near the house the U.S. military mission and saw, . as two white aunties play unknown, . but excellent game, . throwing the rackets ball over the net,
. The little boy was so appalled and fascinated by that fell down right on the court. So tennis became a family Agassi.

Doomed to win
Andre Agassi was doomed to a career tennis. Thus, long before the birth of his son, his father decided. And it all began in Tehran in 1942, . when little Mike (then Manu) Agassi - old son of Armenian carpet-seller - climbed a tree near the house the U.S. military mission and saw, . as two white aunties play unknown, . but excellent game, . throwing the rackets ball over the net,
. The little boy was so appalled and fascinated by that fell down right on the court. So tennis became a family Agassi.

Sam Manu, but tennis was not. The then-Tehran life was spent not in the empyrean, and demanded from the young man very different skills. Manu joined the boxing section and very soon became convinced of the urgency of such a choice. Once in the house Agassi broke three robbers, and a minute later they had left him with broken jaws.

. Soon manic persistent in achieving their goals Manu has made notable successes - Iran won the championship and went to the Olympics in London
. Europe was to him terra insognita, and the young Iranians waited many new discoveries and shocks. Delivered by the way, Manu pretty well, losing in the quarterfinals of the great Hungarian boxer Laszlo Papp, a future champion.

But most importantly, there was another meeting with tennis. In those days passed Wimbledon Championships, and, of course, Agassi did not fail to take this opportunity to see the game of legendary tennis. An amazing spectacle of the old love awoke with new vigor: "I realized that my future is entirely associated with tennis!" Wait, though, remains decades ... In 1952 Manu went on one more competition - in Helsinki, but nothing good that trip he did not bring. Not only that, he lost in the second round, so still and for all during their stay in Suomi did not find a single court. Wild Country!

Shortly Agassi, who had a natural instinct for danger, had "Happy Feet" from Iran. There again there was a coup, and subsequently many of the friends of Manu on the Olympic team and came in the Shah's torture chambers of the intelligence. Manu himself had already had the foresight to overseas. Everything you need for a quick get a U.S. visa there has had: he was not a Communist, had relatives in the States and had saved for a rainy day a few dollars tyschonok. Relatives, incidentally, lived in Chicago.

Do I need to explain that the guy with an iron fist in this legendary city quickly found a suitable job of work. He continued to box, actively participated in the "black tote" and several times specifically lay down under obviously weaker opponent, gaining a solid money. Totalizator, of course, overseen by gangsters, and with Agassi emerged shortly pals and patrons in this fun, but the harsh environment (in particular, the famous mobsters Johnny Rocco).

. In 1958, most of them were broken in the next large-scale gang war
. The surviving remnants of the same syndicate moved to Las Vegas, there is moved and Mike Agassi, known Armenian Assassin, as always, deftly avoiding prosecution. Old friends greeted him with open arms and found a solid and profitable position of assistant general manager of the Hotel Caesar Palace, known as the headquarters of the largest mafia organizations.

. Nevertheless, Mike is not very long worked in this position, trading him to the post of director of tennis club in the same hotel
. In the salary he lost almost half, but finally got his heart in an expensive element. Besides a half years after his voluntary "lowering" the entire leadership of the hotel, including new assistant general manager, was hired to shoot the killers of the New York Cosa Nostra. Agassi Sr. once again emerged unscathed ...

In Las Vegas he came already married to a humble cashier Betty Jones. At her something and been responsible mission - to give birth to a future champion.

Champion for a long time not received. Were born two girls and a son, Phil, whom doctors diagnosed congenital heart disease. In short, it is not much good material for the realization of ambitions Papa Mike. Despite these very offensive antics of fate, he decided to try again. For this purpose, it is not stingy, and took a cottage for a month in Hawaii, paradise Earth. This order is without a miss. April 29, 1970 was born Andre Agassi.

Raising Champion
Humbly Betty Agassi was shocked, having crossed the threshold with an infant child. The walls were painted in poisonous green lawn tennis, the infant bed with them, watched the huge ugly faces - portraits of the great tennis players of the past. This kid was supposed to feel the sense of destiny of his career. Relying child of this age rattles and teddy bears were immediately discarded, and replaced them, of course, rackets and tennis balls.

. Mike Agassi once asked a famous tennis professional at what age to start to engage the child to become a professional player
. "With five, and preferably four years" - was the answer. But Mike had wanted a son nurtured not just a tennis player and a great champion, so figured that should start early.

Training began with Andre diapers. Literally. And in the age of three he had to train for four hours and causing at least 800 strikes the ball. Gradually raising the load, Mike made sure that little boy a couple of years has made four thousand strokes for a two-hour morning workout.

. In five and a half years, Andre has participated in his first tournament - the championship of Las Vegas among children
. Naturally, it is easy to part with rivals that are only beginning to comprehend the basics of tennis science. Agassi is in comparison with them could already be versed veteran.

At the same time about the "Caesar Palace came the famous Rhode Lavery still young Jimmy Connors, to play the" Match generations. Scurrying for Cort baby circumcised racket attracted the attention of Connors, and he agreed to give the boy a few lessons. "Accidentally" caught a number of TV people showed on the evening news story about a tennis prodigy, with whom he is engaged Connors. Later, when Andre became famous film with a 30-minute recording sessions Mike Agassi sold ABC BBC for the 150 thousand dollars.

A boy Agassi learned how to benefit from its position for future stars. He never helped the mother's home and garden, as did his brother and sisters, do not clean the room without running into the grocery store on the pretext that such trifles distract him from the great mission. At school he studied as Aby, is in its unwavering support lentyaystve father. He believed that my son will learn math when the time comes to take the prize money, geography, learn, traveling to tournaments, and history ... History Andre will create itself.

Meanwhile conquered Las Vegas was becoming too small for Andreyko, and Dad took offspring of tennis in the heart of America California, where in the town of Palm Springs was scheduled State Championships. Agassi-dad appeared in the organizing committee of a sudden and tone, worked out during gang warfare, demanded allow his son to the tournament. Vocabulary was also appropriate.

Organizers rather surprised than scared, but for fun, decided to appease mad dad. The younger Agassi was admitted to the tournament, surely reached the final, losing some polugreku, which was particularly unpleasant. Offender's name was Pete Sampras.

Who would have assumed that the main tennis begins stand last decade of the twentieth century. In the eyes of the public - the confrontation is not only racing. The most shocking tennis against an A on behavior. Merry obscenity against the virtue of academic boredom.

Agassi 16 years! Most adult!
So, first, defeat Andre Agassi forced the senior to think about the good coach. Own qualification was no longer able to ensure the further growth of skill of champion. After consulting with experts, Mike decided to send his son to the academy of Nick Bollettieri in Florida - the most grandiose tennis facility in the world.

. Uncle Nick has undeniable scent of young talents, but as a proper trainer specialist uses a mixed reputation
. In addition, the Academy is known for its very liberal for such schools mores. It should say, . that in addition to Agassi kicker of its walls left such odious personality, . as Mary Pierce, . French-large with the countless lovers collection, . and a girl - short yubchonka Anuta Kournikova, . not win a single tournament, . but positing her ass most beautiful in the world,
. However, it was later.

And then, January night in 1984, Nick was awakened night call from the other end of America. Telephoned Mike. He was so insistent, that persuaded Bollettieri to take his talented kid, though he was considered by the standards of the Academy have perestarkom.

- Take it to yourself, and if you do not see any talent for tennis, then feel free to shoot me, I do not mind. Why should I live if my Andre will not be tennis champion!

This crazy oath was a decisive argument. But, . when it came to the conclusion of the contract, . Mike bargained, . a small shopkeeper, . and managed to knock off the cost of education from 3000 to 800 dollars a month (the lowest rate in the history of the Academy!), . requesting to exclude from the program, all subjects, . not directly related to tennis.,

. The first lessons of love
. Andre did not hurry to show much enthusiasm for the study of tennis wisdom and all his natural artistry traded on otlynivanie from classes
. But for all his tomfoolery, he could not hide his uncommon talent, so Uncle Nick as he could put up with antics of the young rascals, hoping that interest from future royalties Agassi is compensated by his anguish. (How wrong he was! Family clan Agassi "threw" the coach as soon as the thought that the need for it disappeared.)

. Andre dressed in eastern clamorous variegated, experimenting with hairstyles, and in his own room hung a huge, on the whole wall, a portrait of a semi-nude beauties
. Belle named Brooke Shields, Agassi and the teenager, probably only during masturbation dreams have imagined that this candy will be his wife. During the inspection Bollettieri found in the closet Andre entire warehouse of empty bottles of whiskey, tequila and vodka.

. - Couch, but you did not know that I collect are so small bottle for several years? - Looking collector were a wonderful mixture of arrogance and genuine innocence.

. Usually applied to the guilty students occupational therapy: trim bushes, wash the car
. But to punish such a way Agassi was a more. After that align bushes could not and most skilful gardener, and the car a few days then got dry in the sun ... Bollettieri with difficulty restrained so as not slapped a guy just nepedagogichnyh cuff.

Professional career player Andre Agassi began in 1986 with a tournament in Indianapolis. Handsome, mischievous, irrepressible on stunts, shocking tennis establishment, he instantly became the darling of the public, despite the fact that during the first four years did not win any major tournament. He could be a brilliant match, mocking his rival, but could not involuntarily lose the tennis player who stood far below him in rank, but have a greater zeal.

Bollettieri has applied its well-established methods of promotion. Nick had a staff of tennis PR - journalists, which he gradually pay extra for the laudatory articles about the academy and its alumni. In general, about Agassi began to speak and write on every corner, it began to tout for tournaments not only in America.

In 1987, Handsome arrived in Rome, which made an indelible impression on him. No historical dust of the Coliseum, not the Cathedral of St. Peter, not squares and fountains. Uninhibited and temperamental Italian - is the main attraction of the Eternal City, zadevshaya deepest chord in the heart of a young Agassi ...

It happened in Rome, his first known novel. In training, he met a young Argentine Gabriela Sabatini, regarded as the first tennis beauty. The mere exchange of views was enough to instantly blazed delicious flame of passion. Agassi was not yet a superstar, but because he shared a hotel room with his friend Jim Courier. Redhead kind soul generously agreed to walk her watch up to eleven, and went to the cinema in the ... twelfth time to watch "Indiana Jones" - for diversity in the Italian language, which he knew only a few words. When he returned at midnight, Jim discovered the pigeons are still in bed. Gaby, whose over-loving wonder combined with the Catholic modesty, with Ohana rushed to the bathroom, and Andre began berating his friend ...

However, the novel turned out fleeting. Tired of carnal pleasures, Agassi and Sabatini was eliminated each other and dispersed, a situation where something retrace the lessons. Alas, the fate of such a chance they are no longer provided.

Manly Agassi continued to actively develop women's cornfield. Next on the list was Amy Moss, worked as a taxi driver for a casino and passing an ancient profession. The experienced professional "it was easy to entertain bubbling hormones tennis. Hot Love, coupled with hikes in discotheques and casinos are not enhanced the tournament results. Agassi cause failures considered fault-finding judges, bad weather, cunning rivals, tactical errors Bollettieri, etc.. The criticism is perceived militant.

For example, he once broke a tirade to the fans, who unflattering spoke about his game: "And you went!.. I love you ... Hey, you dolt, why do not you come down and do not hit me with a knife in the back? Do you like to cut the Hamburg tennis! Well, a monster and the son of whores, come down and I ... thee You brought me from myself - and I will make you wash the blood! You - ...! You - this shit! "Michael Chang, this patient toiler courts, Agassi called him after the defeat in the semi-US Open" pain in the ass ". In short, do not stand on ceremony with anyone.

In addition, a young man of pleasure was royally generous gifts to girlfriend. A family Agassi reasonably rely upon other use of these funds. In order to protect the boy from the bad influence, Agassi and Bollettieri senior, had difficulty digesting each other, an unprecedented united effort.

Andre used to talk back to the right and left, afraid of only one person - the father. But - oh wonder - the passion has made him so reckless that even the formidable demands of parent does not have any effect. I had to fork out for private detectives, who made a film about how Emmy parallel flashes caresses other lovers. Agassi, with tears in his eyes threw things out of the house of his beloved.

Lapsed into depression Andre needed a sensitive and tactful comforter. That is found in the person of Oscar-winning movie star Barbra Streisand. Probably, . Agassi is the woman he loved the most sincere and sublimely - wept over her movies and songs, . while on any tournament on the opposite side of the earth ball, . could continually talk with Barbro by phone for several hours,
. Alas, this novel was destined only for this, almost idyllic, but a fleeting occurrence. Still, the difference in age was 28 years old. This category of exotic - even by the standards of Agassi.

The last American virgin
But the next woman Agassi came into his life with a sort of bourgeois thoroughness. Actress Brooke Shields, the one whose image adorned the room, the young tennis player, was with Andre six years - from 1993 to 1999. Sure, . hard to believe, . that all this time loving Armenian shied away from other amorous adventures (they say, . that Pete Sampras broke with his first gerlfrend Delaynoy Myulhari, . when he presented the photo of your bedroom's nemesis), . but the title of the official girlfriends, . and then the wife with dignity wore Brook.,

. On this lady has the sense to tell more in detail
. Actually, it is the same product militant parental vanity, that he himself Agassi. Only Papa Mike's role in this case played a mummy Terry ...

Little Brook started working when she was barely six months. Ugorazdilo is born (in 1965) such a lovely doll. "God, what a wonderful child!" - Exclaimed Skavello Francesco, a leading photographer of "Cosmopolitan", seeing the baby in the arms of mother. It happened in an advertising agency, where Brooke Shields ... brought to the contest - looking for a pretty little "for the promotion of children's soap. All other applicants immediately sent home. So Brooke, not uttering a sound, scored his first victory.

From that day, Terry Shields began to prepare his daughter as the star. Girl advertised shampoo and toothpaste, tights and child Cream. Long silky hair, sparkling eyes, perfectly-cut mouth - Brooke seemed unearthly creature. With all his heavenly angelic appearance, to which was added a certain tinge of sensuality, not in accordance with its age, it gives the audience delight.

. In 12 years she starred in her first film "Pretty Baby" with director Louis Malle, where she played a young prostitute
. According to the scenario, her mother, also a prostitute, decides to sell the precious innocence of his daughter: the girl bring to the big dish exposed to gather customers to evaluate the "goods".

The scandal broke out just after the picture. In Puritan States film was removed from rolled - sex and erotica, with the participation of children is punishable by law. In 1980, Brooke has reappeared on the big screen in the film Rendel Kleyzera "Blue Lagoon". She played a young wife, turned out with her husband on a desert island: roamed the tropics, covering bare chest with luxurious hair. "Blue Lagoon" was the highest grossing film of the year, and the minor sex-bomb was a round sum of 250 000 dollars.

It was then that the actress and attracted the attention of the famous fashion designer and jeans magnate Calvin Klein. 15-year-old Brooke once again pulled a lucky ticket: the master of himself, invited her to work at its world-famous companies. "A supermodel Brooke Shields has appeared on television screens in brand blue jeans. Seductively smiling, showing an open closet, filled with works of famous fashion designer, and coyly uttered: "If my seventeen" Calvin "could talk, they would tell a tale about a" ... The ad was quickly withdrawn as obsessive and not quite respectable ". The only thing that comforted the actress-model - is a fee of 650 000 dollars.

. Press gossiped that Brooke for the money ready for anything, but mum still sells his daughter, like a real madam.

. This image is not helped new contracts
. The irony was that Brooke was as clean as the first snow. Terry Cerberus was on the protection of morals daughter. No boys, partying with alcohol and herb. People thought Brooke would cost to change profession, it is too late. Then she enrolled in Princeton University.

Novoyavlennoj student had hard times: classmates ridiculed her for an unimportant school and mocked scandalous past. A positive aspect was that in the prestigious Princeton studied almost entirely the offspring of VIP. Excellent opportunity to establish useful contacts and communication!

Especially Terry Shields caught idea-fixe: to give his daughter in marriage. Clearly, not for the first counter. Under Terry - neither more nor less - were listed Hiro Japanese Prince Naruhito and heir Prince of Monaco, Prince Albert. But, although both favored and Brooke, to marry her is not going. First - because of the hallowed traditions (the wife of Japanese emperor may not be a foreigner), the second just did not aspire to marriage ties.

Mother Terry continued to search. The main attraction was the innocence of advertising Brook: "Perhaps it is the only virgin in Hollywood". But this spiteful journalists strongly doubted.

As a result, the daughter herself to find happiness. Andre Agassi. Mother knew that she did not become a member of the royal family, in fact had nothing against this marriage. Handsome, rich, famous. Just do not look quite decent: silly bandanas, earring in his ear, shorts, in which he is ready to flaunt even society reception. But Andre behaved harshly, stating that the change in her wardrobe is not going to do, and Terry herself will appear in his house, just asking the person had permission ...

. Wedding declared and delayed, probably at least a dozen times
. Accidents paparazzi weary of waiting to capture star couple in wedding dress. Finally, 19 April 1997 they were married. Pre-reaching multi-page contract in which a separate paragraph specified the impressive Agassi relationship with her mother. Began their honeymoon, during which the ex-first racquet slipped to 141 th place in the tennis rankings and remain reluctant to go to court.

Shortly after their marriage began falling out. Do not tell me that they were not there before the wedding, but a little poduvshis, Andre did his Passion modestly gift - a new car or brilliantik, and love broke out with renewed force. But one thing premarital cooing, another - the revelation of family life.

First, Brooke failed to meet the first condition is referred to the marriage contract: not pregnant in the first six months of marriage. Moreover, in the foreseeable future, it will not wake up in a maternal instincts. The fact that it was withdrawn in the popular series Suddenly Susan, which is disappointed with the peasants lesbian. That is not unscrew the script so that the heroine in the process acquired a baby. A sacrifice career Brooke Shields is not going to - not because she nurtured a caring mother.

. In addition to Agassi heard rumors that Brooke has met once a notorious playboy Dodi al-Fayed and supposed that it was he deprived of virginity "the last virgin of America
. The outraged husband demanded explanations from the Brook, and in response received a fax irreverent: "I have too much work to spend time washing dirty linen. Go best practice on the court, but then you soon, even in the "Challenger" to shoot will not! "

In short, the marriage was doomed, and this year is officially dissolved. But surprisingly that's. Previously, failure at the personal front, turned to Andre and lesions on the court, now, disappointed in his wife, Agassi quickly raced up the ranking ladder. This year he again became the first racket of the world, ahead of the second coming Yevgeny Kafelnikov more than a thousand points, and won two Grand Slam tournament.

The very Agassi. He became calmer, more tolerant, a kind of contemplative. Andrei Medvedev, . once the fourth former World No., . and then sank into the depths of the rating, . turned to him for advice: how to regain your strength? Andre kindly spent with his namesake several psychotherapeutic interviews, . have had to Kyivlyanyn extremely beneficial,
. Medvedev unexpectedly reached the final Rolan Garros-99, where a hard-fought struggle gave way ... Agassi.

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