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Gabriela Sabatini

( tennis)

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Biography Gabriela Sabatini
Five years ago, left the tennis great Gabriela Sabatini, who was then only 25. Give as Hingis and Kournikova current teenagers can relax: our Anyuta far from Gaby and as a sportsman, and as acknowledged beauty, and the amount of advances to Swiss court has yet to catch up with exotic Argentinian. It is famous for today. In the name of Gabriela Sabatini named: Clothing Company for "sporting women", hours, and nine modifications spirits. When Gabriel appeared to the court, winning the tournament after it, everything else, and still bore the titles "Queen of Tennis", "Miss Tennis", "Sex Tennis". And she had a rival! Steffi Graf, who then could not think that someone will overthrow it from its pedestal, Aranda Sanchez, Conchita Martinez, a rising star Monica Seles ...

Most Gabriela travels with Bodyguard, mother, sister and brother. Sometimes it takes a company and a few friends. This interview she gave to our correspondent, Igor and Paul Fein in Hamburg, luxury apartment-hotel "Four Seasons".

- Excuse me, signora Gabriela, man on the street bothering you?

- I would be very happy if even one came up and appointed me an interview. It seems to me, just my fear. That is, until you understand who I am, behave more or less adequately. But as soon realize who tried to meet, in front of something like skukozhivayutsya lose the gift of speech and are building a wall. And that wall difficult to destroy, in order to properly communicate. You'll laugh, but I, Gabriela Sabatini, the star of world sport, a millionaire in 20 years, I myself first not once talked to the guy who I liked. I realized that I zakadrit all: the disco, in the boutique, a bar, a movie, during a presentation at a restaurant, even on the street. True, the dance, I go much less frequently than in restaurants.

Now you do pull a person ... When I am in a public place and I liked someone, I'll try to attract attention. Even, excuse me, send flowers. Men - flowers ...

Once sitting in the Washington restaurant, and noticed at the bar very, very attractive boy. Flower delivery man called and asked him to include a rose. Yezus Maria, I do not think that he was so embarrassed! Confused, began to twist his head, something asked the peddler. Then he got up and went somewhere in the interior of the restaurant. Sat at the table, where sat a magnificent woman, and she began to say something, pointing at my rose. That, apparently, began to explain to him that she had this gift has nothing to do. More than that, turned around, scanned the hall of the restaurant and pointed at me.

The boy blushed, turned pale, kissed the hand of the lady ... I went to my. He sat down. Asked what has received such a gift. And finally invited me to visit. I gave him my phone. But do not say that the next day flying away from Washington. Of course, nothing we have not come. Yes, and could not get. Because I realized: when he bent his legs walked towards me, he already knew who I was. And it all began to tremble ...

- And how did you feel afterwards?

- You can believe or not believe, but I became more serious and responsible. I realized that one can not put in an idiotic situation of people who either are not guilty. Especially if they so afraid of communicating with "stars".

- What should a man do to attract your attention?

- I'm not choosy. Enough red roses or box of chocolates. Though I can not be overused.

- How do you feel about marriage, children, in general, to create a complete family?

- Excellent. In this sense, I am quite an ordinary woman. Be sure to get married, have children. I would like her son and daughter. When will it happen? This issue is of interest to many, I was often asked. I can still say this: someday. I dream to meet a man in whom could really fall in love. But in general, something about his personal life and plans prefer not to spread. This is - mine and only mine. About me constantly rumored that more often I spend time in the company of famous rock musicians. Yes, met with several men maintained friendly relations - no more. With whom? Well, for example, with Ricky Martin. In terms of marriage, I was not attracted famous personalities. My husband is quite an ordinary man, but always with a sense of humor. This is my only requirement for men.

- Do you think women share more easily than men?

- Probably, once before and it was so. When the woman was sitting at home, ran the household, take care of children - and all. But now women are striving for independence, want to make a professional career, and to achieve this is not so easy. In Argentina, generally very strong cult of men. Peasants hard to recognize the fact that women and without them can achieve something, for example, have your business. I am a patriarchy is not suitable. I do not find myself weaker men, stupid, uninteresting. Maybe because I was not impressed by the Argentines. So I try to communicate with representatives of other nations that are increasingly recognizing the equality of the sexes.

- People believe that your life - permanent holiday. But really?

- My way of life rather quiet and modest. A lot of time I spend at home with family or friends. Yes, I love traveling, discovering new countries. I will not dissemble, I get almost everything you want. I like. And you would not like it? Just do not forget how many years from now, what flour, sweat, tears and blood, I went to this.

- Without which you would not be able to live?

- Most importantly - to be in harmony with themselves and other people who love and respect. The most important thing for me - my family, my pets, my family. For this they were working with me, support in difficult moments. So I live with them, although I have my own house in Buenos Aires and apartments in Miami.

- Who are your parents?

- My father had worked in the local branch of General Motors, but for several years devoted exclusively to housework. Mum has always been a housewife. I have a brother, 5 years older. He first began playing tennis and taught me. We have a lot of time together: he had always accompanied me to the tournaments, but now is a company in overseas voyage.

- What for you tennis?

- The game, only a game, with the help of which, however, could secure the future and not think about daily bread. Never tennis was not my first place. I did not want him to interfere with my personal life. I need a lot of free time on different things, to rest, leisure. Then I ride on a yacht or just loll with a book, listening to music. Very much I love movies, I try to walk a lot. True, this is rarely the case, because it is difficult to hide from prying eyes: in Argentina, to me still more attention, and photographers caught my every step. So I do not go out on the street without a bodyguard. In Europe in this respect easier. If they will know that few. Moreover, Europeans are better educated.

- You mentioned the apartment in Miami. In this city lives of celebrities is not less than, probably, in Hollywood. You are with someone of them communicate?

- Virtually no. I lack the society of my friends. Yes, I am familiar with Pavel Bure, Anna Kournikova, her boyfriend Sergei Fedorov, who superintending there, with several NHL. But just because we - the neighbors. By the way, it seems, Qurna from our house is going to move out.

- Apart from tennis, what sporting events are in memory?

- Of course, the Olympics, especially. Another fantastic finale of the Intercontinental Cup basketball-86. It took place here in Buenos Aires, and I'm still a little girl, with a sinking heart looked like a team of totally unknown to me in Lithuania plays with our "Ferro". Since then, always remember the giant Sabonis, watch for his success in the NBA and will not confuse the Lithuanians with Russian. I recall with pleasure the last final the Stanley Cup when he won the New Jersey ": I did not miss a single meeting. It was a stunner.

- How is your typical day?

- I get up at 9 am, deals almost, workers decide cases related to advertising and product management in my name. Then a light workout in the gym (trainers, fitness). Always dined at home. Then again the case. Sometimes I take singing lessons, and at other times - the French language. In the evenings I go to the movies or do design their own homes.

- You live at home tango. Could perform?

- I like to watch others dance. But, unfortunately (or shame?), She does not know how to dance. Now laugh: well, that at one time not won at Wimbledon. Because of a long tradition of champions in the men's and women's open final digits of the ball. Previously, the ability to dance the tango was a matter of honor for every Argentinian. But I - the child of another generation.

- How much has changed your life after sports career?

- In tennis, I started playing 13 years - late in the day, even in those times. And still "ate" them ad nauseam, so that Cort not miss. Solution to leave sport I did not come spontaneously - it was a well thought-out step. Now I want to find themselves in other areas. The very next day after it officially left the court, waking up in the morning, I thought: what time today I have to go to the gym? And with the bliss of remembering that already - no need to. And from that moment never regretted his decision to. Sometimes I want to play, but so easy for my own pleasure. Until now maintained good relations with former colleagues, coaches, journalists, looking at the tennis on the press, copy something from someone by email, but I try to limit even this communication.

- Has changed not only your life, but it seems that the outside ...

- Just that people rarely see me now. I lost weight, no such relief muscles, as previously. So today my appearance I was quite happy. Radically changed the manner of dress: almost no wear sportswear. In the "high society" appears in the long tight dresses sex. I believe that I have, without false modesty, beautiful legs, so you may wear short skirts or get into jeans.

- Which section in the newspaper or magazine you read in the first place?

- If you have time, shtudiruyu through. And when in a hurry - only a sports column.

- What else would like to achieve in life?

- It is said that learn to sing. And I will continue to improve their vocal. 20 years from now it would be nice to have adult children. And more - 50 varieties of spirits "Sabatini". Something is achieving, can not and do not like to stop and try to bring the ideal made. I believe that the world still lots of things that need to see and try.

- Do you have an unfulfilled dream?

- All fulfilled. Except for one - not yet started a family. One journalist offered partnership to make a book about me. I'm not sure what I need it now. I'm still young and would feel awkward and strange if written my biography. I leave this venture at a time when I'm over 60 ... n

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