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Bordovskikh Julia

( Television presenter)

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Biography Bordovskikh Julia
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Issues of sports news, which led to the NTV cute blonde Bordovskikh, dramatically increased the interest of the male population of Russia to what is happening in the ring, stadiums and rinks. She was considered one of those channels and still made a very hard choice: with half the team went to the fashion of the fourth button on the "sixth".


- As you survived the crisis with NTV?
- Very difficult. It's like living in the house where he knew absolutely everything. And suddenly - Moving. This is speaking figuratively. The wound in my heart has not healed yet. NTV was the new company a new country, where no soviet relations, as in other channels, the emerging Soviet Union. NTV was the first television network, where everyone knew: at a foreign not have to huddle. We could not afford normal modest dinner of the European level.

- Berezovsky was so generous?
- I can not judge on the TV-6, because it worked and still work today in the NTV-Plus. Recently on TV all mixed. Who could have guessed that Ivan Demidov, who invented the TV, leave the TV-6? What will Dibrov evening broadcast on ORT, and Sasha will Oleynikov genprodyuserom NTV?

By the way, we are not going to go. But it happened. While deciding the legal issues with the NTV-Plus, while all established and agreed to a new editor, heard: "And there are already 10 people. They will work ". Of course, I'm very upset, but my motto - "Everything will be OK". And now we have prepared such a draft that all sports journalists, including those who went to NTV, will cry in his pillow.

- They say the first person on NTV promising huge salaries, but they would not go away?
- No I did not promise. People who all filled in there, very much wanted me to stay.

- Are you offended by such hostility?
- Hurt. But in the end I was even grateful for this turn of my fate.


- It should be a beautiful woman to appear on the screen, it immediately goes to a life partner or your boss, or a rich businessman. Attract capital, a strong man, a sense of security, which give money?
- Now I'm not married, but my ex-husband, with whom we have long lived and who gave me a daughter, belonged to, say, a different social environment.

Money is really very much to be decided. Availability of money - is the lack of grievance. This freedom. You can do what you want: go to Paris, go to an expensive restaurant ... But I fell in love with her husband, not for capital but for the nature.

- In all things, and have wealth in particular, there is the flip side. What you went to wrong side?
- Attempts to put me in the "golden cage". Even a trip to the Olympic Games in Sydney are bristling. My ex-husband - a very educated and intelligent, but the family for him - it is primarily the desire and ability to provide his wife and children, but not communication. Communicate it to look elsewhere.

- Now you are free. And forced to provide for themselves?
- Paradox: the better off the person becomes, the more he is given the gift. You can become the face of the saloon and visit it for free because I brought to the customer. All the stars have discounts at restaurants, shops. Now I can calmly live itself. Nevertheless, very glad that my daughter Maroussia not exist without the financial assistance of the Pope.

- You communicate with classmates who have not reached such heights as you?
- In school, I did not take a team, because I was anti-Soviet, dissident. I liked to wear those things that my father sometimes brought from abroad, or that my mother was knitting - and she tied half of Moscow. So I made friends with all boys, and girls are uncomfortable in general. I know that the class continues to meet, but I do not call. And it is very ... wrong thing. They all think that I lie down on his own helicopter or climbed out of a limousine surrounded by security guards. But this is all wrong!

- After shooting in the nude in "Playboy" is not afraid of what will become a victim of a maniacs?
- I almost did not go down the street. Move out of his garage and drove it the same, so do not fear a sudden attack. By the way, looking for meeting with me basically ... Women. Somehow, they made sure that I can solve their problems.

- Two words about sports. What has prevented Russia to propose a candidate for the presidency of the IOC?
- The only person who had the opportunity to do so - Vitaly Smirnov, president of the ROC. But he was just tired. Russia is generally perceived on the international level rather low. And even more so in sports, where the intrigue worse than any television.

Article: Julia Bordovskikh: "I have the same weak woman like everyone else"

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  • Bordovskikh Julia
  • Bordovskikh Julia
  • Bordovskikh Julia
  • Bordovskikh Julia
  • Bordovskikh Julia
  • Bordovskikh Julia

Photos of Bordovskikh Julia
Bordovskikh JuliaBordovskikh JuliaBordovskikh JuliaBordovskikh Julia

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    Bordovskikh Julia, photo, biography
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