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Bilyaletdinov Mr. Zinetulla

( Hockey players)

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Biography Bilyaletdinov Mr. Zinetulla
Coach Bill - respectfully styled Mr. Zinetulla Bilyaletdinov Ocean. And his second coming in the NHL is no accident. Having worked at one time four years in Winnipeg "and" Phoenix ", he returned to his homeland. Picked up the Moscow Dynamo to the championship of Russia and the newly "waved" domestic hockey. Because the NHL has always absorbs all the best. Incidentally, there are rumors that Mr. Zinetulla Haydarovich may well be in the next year to head Russia's national team at the Olympic tournament in Salt Lake City.
- Good morning! Do not wake you?
- How much time? Seven in the morning? Okay, I'm soon going to get up. Hi! Questions? Come on!
- Your wife told me that you're not really wanted to leave Russia. But did it.
- Yes, quite frankly, really did not want. I still hope that will stay within our country. But you know, after the resignation of "Dinamo" I had quite a long time to sit at home doing nothing. On the one hand, this is, of course, well - I was resting, recovering, he spent time with his family. But to sit on their hands - it's not for me. We had to work! Therefore, in the end I began to choose - either Switzerland or the NHL.
- I prefer America Europe ...
- I can tell you that he decided to stay here until the end of this season, but we'll see.
- Are we in Russia, not one club, which would make you a tempting offer?
- Imagine! And here I am referring to the material side of the issue. Money for me, by and large, do not play a role. Just those proposals are not particularly interested in. I was leaving the team, who could not solve big problems. More precisely, their leaders are those before them did not set. - Swiss version, too, was of similar level? - Do not tell. Season-it was already. Therefore it was necessary to choose what is familiar to smoothly enter into rut. In the NHL I have had enough, I know all of this kitchen. And with Switzerland, by the way, the question remains open. We have agreed to return to it at the end of the season. They, incidentally, in the past called me to his. But then I prefer to stay in Dynamo. - And from the NHL for a long time you went?
- Almost immediately after I was released from his post as national team coach. To be precise, a day or two or three after the resignation of. And in that moment I was riding in the car. Telephoned the general manager of the Chicago Black Hawks' Mike Smith, and literally in a few words outlined his proposal.
- I think he's your old friend?
- Exactly. We know him for a long time. Many years ago, Mike once asked me in training camp, when he worked in "Winnipeg". Then I began working there himself. In general, the story goes with the continuation. - But you do not at this moment gave him good?
- No, of course. Such things are on the move can not be solved. Somewhere a month to weigh all the pros and cons. I was offered a contract for three years, but for the whole period I did not sign it. For the very reason that we have already told you - in the summer to determine the final.
- Of the NHL only "Chicago" has shown interest in you?
- Honestly? Another pair. But for me it was not true, because we with Mike at that time agreed on everything. And then, you know, I know Smith, his claim. Why rush into the unknown?
- Conditions of your contract has been stipulated in Moscow?
- To a certain extent. Otherwise it could not be. Do you think I would have jumped across the ocean on their own initiative?
- As far as I know, you go there much earlier than planned. And the "guilt" that Vladislav Tretiak, who also met in Chicago and wanted to make you company.
- This is pure coincidence. We both came time. I knew what day flies Vlad, and we got tickets for a flight.
- In all likelihood, in the Chicago airport, you staged a magnificent reception?
- Do not guessed. The club were aware that I come from Tretiak. And Vlad, who works with the goalies Black Hawks ", knows the city, like a book. So we had no outside help arrived where you want. Before that, however, was not without adventure. Due to the non-flying weather, we had to stay in New York. So the Old New Year, we met as if halfway to goal. However, no sorry about that. By the will of fate they had met with friends and good night sat in a restaurant. And the next day without any problems got to Chicago.
- Where once, and got his hands on his contract?
- Naturally. And they remained very satisfied, after reviewing all the most thorough manner. And there are special items, which state that I am at liberty to reconsider their decision. If I suddenly interested in some other team, I simply can not go into it.
- You probably regret that you did not went to the wife? In principle, this is understandable: she nursed his grandson, while your daughter was taking exams at the institute.
- Well, now something Nadia already with me. As in Moscow, it goes here at Hockey. Matches Loves. This is not surprising - even ignorant of hockey people get from this game a lot of fun.
- And what do you say about hockey in the NHL as a specialist?
- It changes. Becomes even faster. Accordingly, faster and need to reflect, both by players and coaches. In the NHL there is a lot of good hockey players - mostly from Europe. As a consequence, grow, and North Americans. For example, I was curious to see how the local clubs are rebuilt. Previously, almost all of them played monotonously. Now every team has its own image, their own tactics.
- The club gave you shelter?
- Only for the first time. Then I myself had to find his own abode. But there are no problems with it - like, a whole house to shoot, you want - more modest. Now that's living with his wife in a two room apartment. But we will probably look for something more suitable. Interestingly, just a day after their arrival in Chicago at the request of Mike, I went to Norfolk. Went there to get acquainted with the farm-club. It was even good! I remember the language, became a rut.
- For you, this trip was not a surprise? You arrive at the club, and then suddenly say that you and your belongings should go to another place.
- All stipulated in advance. And I was ready for what I might have during the season and wander back and forth several times. After all, I work not only with the young staff "Chicago", but directly from his farm-club - Norfolk Admirals ".
- And what exactly is included in your responsibilities?
- Employment usual, familiar. I conduct both theoretical and practical lessons with hockey players. In fact, in the same role I was in "Winnipeg" and "Phoenix". It's as if an additional post in a coaching staff club.
- That is the assistant principal? Which of the account, I wonder?
- You know, I have in the Moscow Dynamo, for example, there was no separation. I never said Yuri Ochnevu with Michael Varnakovym: you, they say, first, and you - the second. Both are considered equivalent. Same thing here in the NHL.
- And on the bench during official meetings of the Chicago Black Hawks "standing next to the main?
- Currently there. Watching the games from the podium. You see, I came here in high season. In every club I'm a new man. So I find it inconvenient. But in the next season, unless, of course, stay here, perhaps, will be during the matches next to.
- What kind of impression you took away from Norfolk?
- For the first time? Only good. Indeed, the bad, there was not. There all the time I spent mostly at the rink. And when released, then walked outdoors. Township beautiful - near the ocean, many bays. One can say the town on all sides by water washes. Norfolk generally known fact that there repairing warships. And in Chicago attractions enough. What is only Lake Michigan! In general, the mood I have a good.
- Probably, you little spoiled his performance of your native of Moscow Dynamo - a team did not come out in the playoffs.
- Yes, unpleasant, of course, was. Reasons there are many. Monosyllables not answer. But the team of "Dynamo" young, she has everything ahead. Moreover, as I heard it going to strengthen in anticipation of the upcoming season. I think everything will be fine.
- Strengthens and our national team, at least at the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. Ice Hockey Federation of Russia not so long ago announced the names of eight NHL players who exactly will be included in a national team. This Bure, Tverdovsky, Gonchar, Yashin, Kovalev, Kasparaitis, Yushkevich, Khabibullin.
- Well, the team, I do not have a direct relationship. So comment on selection FHR will not. Not ethically. But in principle, could be called more Lyesha Zhamnova, Sasha Havanova and Vitaly Vishnevsky. These three I have seen in the case, therefore, responsible for his words.
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Bilyaletdinov Mr. Zinetulla, photo, biography
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