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Oleg Romantsev

( coach the football team 'Spartacus')

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Biography Oleg Romantsev
photo Oleg Romantsev
January 4, when Spartacus went to the first pre-season gathering in Israel, their chief coach Oleg Romantsev turned 47 years. This man could be treated differently - good or bad, but did not recognize his contributions to the national football at all desire can not.
Offense detractors
Yet surprisingly, with all these merits have Romantseva so many enemies. And what would? With its 'Spartacus' he puffed on a regular basis for all our long-suffering soccer Russia in European competition, and with the national team gives hope for the return of the national team in the world elite. It seemed, on the contrary, to pray for him should.
An no. He put the blame that he artificially creates a 'Spartacus' champion, influencing the officials, who are building a special calendar of the national championship under his command. Thus de ruining our entire football. Reproached for bad character and easy separation of the stars of previous years Mamedov, Tsymbalar, Juran, Kechinovym, Buznikin, Tikhonov. Criticized for Spartak style, supposedly imposed on their team Russia.
In this case all together bottled firewater the glasses on a weekday in the morning, when the 'Spartacus' in Portugal in a single gate 'shall' to champion 'Sporting'. And also unanimously pour Mountain, . when Filimonov inexplicably throws the ball into own goal in the match with Ukraine and the like with 12 hours of stroke, . turns coach, . carrying us to the Euro-2000, . a pumpkin shattered hopes, . donated by one man alone - Oleg Romantsev,

Yes, people Romantsev difficult. Indisputably. But such is the lot of those who are doomed in this life for something big. Talent - already abnormality. Being normal is, ie. simple means to record themselves in the eternal middle peasants. Romantsev - another warehouse. Not only is talented, so still and maximalist in nature.
It requires all the same and all that on my own - in good faith, one hundred percent to do their job. And how would you have the distinguished Tikhonov or Tsymbalar in the team was not, if he noticed in your work slightest false note - not sdobrovat. But the most interesting is that all decisions are always lawful Romantseva. He is strict, but fair.
In the 'Spartacus' he managed to create a wonderful atmosphere. Precisely even create and save what was once embedded in the command Starostin brothers - Spartak spirit. What is it - can only feel the people who had been in clothing Spartacus. But it is obvious that this remarkable substance permeates football inside - once and for all. And, coming on the field, he can not lose, because in his veins flows the blood of Spartacus.

I Romantsev has another merit - in the era of market relations, about money in 'Spartacus' do not say. First, because the conditions of the contract are performed well, and, secondly, because of the fact that money is earned. A case when one of the potential newcomers red-white, discussing with someone of the leaders Spartak headquarters terms of personal contract, called a round sum, which he would like to receive a lift. For his trouble at this point in the cabinet negotiations accidentally dropped Romantsev and hearing requirements of the player, he immediately blurted out: 'Pack up your dud, and so the more I have not seen you here'.
This is the principle of work in 'Spartacus'. Romantsev understands the needs of players, on their own knowing that the age a player short. And with pleasure, as he acknowledges, would pay their players more. But - for the work. While he was in 'Spartacus', there will always play no names, but people. Then the blood and prove that they deserve to wear the shirt with rhombs on the chest.
Is not this the secret that in 'Spartacus', as in any other team, so favorable soil for the growth of the player. As you know, sweat and make a little effort. Hardly Egor Titov, no matter how talented was not, just a few years would become of an unknown understudy to one of the strongest players in Europe, had he not been irrigated in the bowels of the club Spartak. It is doubtful that Dmitri Parfenov Dmitry Ananko would become less desirable acquisitions of many famous clubs in deficit in the classrooms of central defenders. And could Viktor Bulatov from ever criticized Valentin Ivanov torpedovskogo midfielder become the strongest reference havom country? No, these players will not find ourselves in 'Spartacus' Oleg Romantsev?
. Mentor two teams, for which we still feel a real pride, turns 47
. By coaching standards, he is still very young. And it is this person connected our immediate hopes in the Champions League qualifying match: We hope and world championship, too.

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Oleg Romantsev, photo, biography
Oleg Romantsev, photo, biography Oleg Romantsev  coach the football team 'Spartacus', photo, biography
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