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Luis Figo

( Footballer)

Comments for Luis Figo
Biography Luis Figo
It's just a crime - not officially recognize the merits Figo in 2000. FIFA, probably will be sorry that her imperfect system determine the best player the world has deprived the Madrid footballer 'Real' well-deserved awards. Because today we play better than Luis Figo can not nobody.
The game, demonstrated by this man - a reference to Winger. However, when it comes to Role Figo, face difficulties. Technically - it is a right midfielder. But in fact, fit to invent new role - Figo.
He also appears on the opposite flank, and in the center of the field, operates with strangers gate, and at their. And always with the ball, always in motion. Equally good at dribbling in raspasovke and end attacks. Unpredictable. Clever. Technical. Fast. Physical endurance. In general - all the bits and pieces of modern football. And let someone says that 56 million dollars is not worth more than one footballer in the world - Figo they really worth. And he proves.

MORE Eusebio
Star of Luis Filipe Madeira Figo Kaeyru - did not appear on the football firmament only in recent years. She had risen much earlier. Even when he played for the Portuguese 'Sporting', called him the most promising player in the history of Portuguese football. And this in a country that gave the world legendary Eusebio.
Figo was in full view of the age of 16, when a junior team of Portugal, won the world championship in 1989. Then he made his debut for the Lisbon and the 'Sporting'. A few years later repeated his international success, but with compatriots, whose age exceeds 20 years.
Figo has progressed on all fronts - Yves club and national teams. When he knocked 22 bosses 'Sporting' it became clear - a young star must be sold. Lack of proposals was not. Queries from the middle peasants dismissed immediately, but the contracts offered by clubs in Italy and Spain, have been studied very carefully.
And it so happened that the agent Figo could not resist the temptation to obtain money from two Italian moneybags 'Parma' and 'Juventus', promised to his client: the two clubs. As a result, almost deprived Figo playing practice of threatening to disqualify.

Fabulous prices
But that is not done - all for the better. At the Apennines Lisbon talent never reached. But gladly accepted the invitation to replace Johan Cruijff in 'Barcelona' outgoing team Laudrup. Have not withheld. For 5 years at this club twice Figo became the champion of Spain, won Cup Winners Cup, Spanish Cup twice, once on the European Super Cup and Spanish.
This year was a turning point in his biography. Figo decided that struck first of all its boldness - of 'Barcelona' moved in 'Real'. Well he was a player bench 'Barca', whose movement in the camp's worst enemy may be noticed, but not very strongly criticized. Figo also was a key figure in the Catalan machine-man, without which the victory of 'Barcelona' in recent years would have been unthinkable.
And the most striking in the same transaction - the amount of transfer - 56 million. The annual budget of some far from poor English club! And, for example, our 'Spartacus' with the money he could live quietly, 4 and make progress on the European scene. With this transition Figo became the highest-paid player in the world, earning of 3.7 million pounds per year. Taxed the same for him now risen to space numbers - 111.2 million pounds. You can be sure that prior to June 30, 2006 (contract period), the Portuguese will remain in the 'Reale' - is unlikely to find some other kind of crazy president, ready to lay out these fabulous money even if the most outstanding player.

Moving from one great club to another, Luis Figo has quickly become equally influential figure in the field, as in 'Barcelona'. Most of the attacks 'Real' is constructed solely through him. Sometimes even the impression that the players of the Royal Club and think something special on the field do not. For all these do Figo - just give him the ball.
Not surprisingly, the loss of such a player the fans 'Barcelona' can not accept until now. What was going on when their former idol, and now the enemy? 1 came out on the field 'Nou Camp' in this season's shirt 'Real'! Yes, Figo simply not allowed to play! Fanzone his every touch of the ball are extremely insulting shouts and deafening whistles. Poor football - he had probably the worst 90 minutes of my life.
Revenge fans of his former team to have Figo present only in the next year - already on the 'Santiago Bernabeu', when it 'Real' will 'Barcelona'. Meanwhile Figo could easily meet Christmas - in the rank of the best player in 2000. While not official, but no less meaningful title.

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Luis Figo, photo, biography
Luis Figo, photo, biography Luis Figo  Footballer, photo, biography
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