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David Ginola

( Footballer)

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Biography David Ginola
Footballer how talented, is just as complicated and people. But could it be otherwise when it comes to gifted players? No. All the great athletes in nature - not sugar (due to this, probably, and they are making great strides in their field). Still Ginola - a special case. To his "on-the talented, yet mixed with a heavy character and a sense of envy. Envy him not only because of the fact that it looks great on the field, but not less than perfectly outside. Nature has generously awarded Ginola beauty - it's favorite women, attracted by his impressions of famous clothing designers, to him standing in a queue advertisers shampoo and car. From that and envious at this "perfection" sea - everyone is trying to find him some kind of flaw, in the case of needle. And another "lack of" a football player is that he can not keep his mouth shut and used to talk about everything openly and aloud. Because something and not get along with all. Or with anyone? Himself as a David Ginola characterizes as: "I am passionate and shy man. Although a little and vain ". And in this he is not shy to admit.
KING - club, Outcast - The TEAM
He changes clubs like gloves, also not from the good life. After playing at home for "Toulon", "Racing", Brest and Paris Saint-Germain, "David, like his other compatriot - obstinate and willful, Eric Cantona, he waved through the English Channel and made himself a name is already present in Britain. Two seasons at Newcastle, three - in Tottenham and then, most recently - the signing of the contract with Aston Villa. Ginola at Foggy Albion became the idol. In 1999 he was recognized the best player, speakers in this country. Moreover, recognized as professionals and colleagues, playing against him in the Premier League. And it is expensive - to be the best in one of the most powerful and prestigious European tournaments.
A similar recognition he received in 1994 - at home. But it was the last one bright spot in his "French" biography. After the memorable match against Bulgaria in the framework of the selection round of the World Cup Ginola has become a pariah in his homeland. That defeat left France behind the World Cup in the U.S., have written off per person - Ginola. And since the way for this incredible player in the team was commissioned. It is a pity, because the level of skill he had in no way inferior to those in the past three years, and became world champions, and champions of Europe.

"Houllier almost ruined my life"
A recently published autobiography came out of David Ginola, published in installments in the British "Daily Mail". It footballer frankly tells about all the mishaps that occurred during the years of his career. Especially from it goes to the former France coach, mentor and now Liverpool's Gerard Houllier. The player said that Houllier ruined his life, making because of one mistake in the match against Bulgaria in 1993, Ginola almost the villain of the nation. "The next day after that memorable game I got a call one friend, journalist and said that I should probably include a TV, - recalls football. - I began to switch channels, but no matter what button is not pressed, anywhere in the frame adorned Houllier. He said something like: "Only one player has destroyed our team, as if it was a drop of corrosive acid: it has launched military rockets in the heart of the French football: he has committed a crime". Those words will sound in my head the rest of his life. I think my place will be on the weaker man, he would not be able to withstand all. It felt as though my head was put on the guillotine and lowered the hook that holds the blade at a height. All my relatives were crying at the time - and a wife, mother and father, and even friends. Particularly badly affected by the words Houllier on my grandfather, who almost died from the pain caused by his family. This man (Gerard Houllier) did everything that I carried the stigma the rest of her life ".
Ginola and then explains why, after resigning as coach of Newcastle United Kevin Keegan for him did not start a happy period in this team. "When I learned that Keegan will replace Kenny Dalglish, I realized - for me to come the dark days. So, as he treated me, you might think that I slept with his wife Marina. It is this idea, I somehow told the press. The next morning, we just do not grappled with each other in training - well, that we had time to separate the sides players Newcastle. Sheds light on the player then, . why he has not developed relationships with leading scorer in Newcastle and former England captain Alan Shearer: "I have the impression, . that Shearer did not like me from the very first day of my arrival in Newcastle,
. Shearer - this widely institution. I have no time to talk about him as a man, but as a player, I certainly respect him ".

"Coach Irritating my individuality"
Ginola paced and instructor Tottenham Hotspur FC George Graham. That he "must" football that this summer had to leave the London club and move to Birmingham's Aston Villa FC. "Sometimes I think that George Graham had been specially sent to this earth that would give me trouble - wrote Ginola. - He was the only person who ever criticized anything in my game. And he did it, most likely to ensure that I have lost respect from my teammates. Tottenham - was my life and that allowed to me Graham, touched me particularly strongly. Perhaps it is too irritated my personality, my image and popularity among fans. He wanted to show a strong guy and why he behaved with me like this ".
Well now, Ginola 33, and he is on the decline of his football career. Perhaps with this and relate it so bold and strong statements against those with whom he had previously worked. Now, after signing a new contract for $ 3 million with Aston Villa all his thoughts are on this team. "I am well settled at Villa Park (stadium, where it plays Aston Villa - note. AG) and my new partner complacently took me. All my thoughts now are associated only with this team, and I dream of her win new trophies "- summed up David Ginola.

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David Ginola, photo, biography
David Ginola, photo, biography David Ginola  Footballer, photo, biography
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