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Biography Andrew SHAROV
photo Andrew SHAROV
Andrei Sharov - designer, production designer and costume designer, and this is not an exhaustive list of occupations, which he owns. Member of the Association of High Fashion and prцLt-ц=-Porter, author of numerous collections of clothing, personal exhibitions of paintings and drawings. Costume and set designer, he has released around thirty performances in the major metropolitan theaters. Member Rossiyskogo Union of Artists. Today, Andrew was able to successfully combine and utilize all facets of his talent in new projects, not only on the podium, but also in film, theater, circus, television and in art.

Andrei Sharov awarded "The Seagull" 1997. for theatrical costumes for the play "Dear Friend" Theater of. Mossovet. Performance Recognition adventurer Felix Krul "Theater-studio p.r. O. Tabakov was presented in the next year in the same category. Diploma of the Moscow Government and the English Club A. Sharov awarded for a musical project Ludmila Gurchenko Bureau of happiness "(November 1998). The play "Nijinsky - God mad clown", staged at the Little Theater Bronnaya, in a poll conducted by the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, was named best performance 1998. Among his theatrical works - "The Collector" in the Roman Theater Viktyuka, "Suddenly Last Summer," "My Poor Marat", "He came" in the Theater. Moscow City Council, "The field of battle after the victory belongs to the looters" in the Theater of Satire, "Mad Dog" in "Snuff-Box," Nina "(" Enterprise, ")," Pena Day "in TYuZe," The Merchant of Venice "and" Black Bride "directed by Andrew Zhitinkin (Theater. Moscow City Council).

First of September this year at the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya held next prime Sharova, set designer and costume designer - "Portrait of Dorian Gray" directed by Andrew Zhitinkin. On the day when on the podium of a concert hall "Russia" will be showcased his new collection of haute couture, November 23, Malaya Bronnaya have Zhitinkin be another Sharovskaya premiere - the play "Lulu". December 20 at the Theater of the Moon Andrei produces a musical set to music by Alexander Zhurbin staged by Sergei Prokhanov. December 23 at the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, will premiere - a benefit known actor Leo Durova show called "Meteor".

The following season, along with Andrew Zhitinkin Sharov, formulation of plans to "Anna Karenina" by Leo Tolstoy.

Andrei Sharov designed the two big projects in Russia the state circus company - performance Tamerlane Nugzarov "I love you, Russia and the avant-garde staging" parallel world ". Despite the apparent success in the theater, Andrew realizes himself a fashion designer, and costume designers and stage designer does not.

Sharov at various times participated in numerous fashion projects (Assembly untamed fashion in Riga, the competition of young fashion. Hope Lamanova, festival Alta Moda in Kiev).

Exhibitions of paintings by Andrei Sharov held in different parts of the world: in London (1991), Prague (1992), Cologne (1993), Kiev (1992), as well as repeatedly in Moscow. Pictures Andrew stored in private collections of art lovers around the world.

Sharov - author collections "Tik-Tak", "Queen of garbage dumps," "Not so simple", "Aix", "Joke", "Tais", "White Sun", "Spring Appeal". A special place in the work of a designer is the creation of collections for fashion week in Moscow. The first large collection - "Taisa" (1996) - distinguished by the exuberance of bright, aniline colors, fluffy skirts and shoes with long noses.

Second - "Big and small human weakness" (1997) - demonstrated the bizarre brilliance of metal, items of clothing and footwear from forks, spoons, knives and other cutlery, as well as the famous "winking" dress.

Third - "It's all for you" (1999) - was familiar to all of the Russian national crafts materials: birch bark, gems, pavlovoposadskih and Orenburg shawls, embodied in skirts, trousers, corsets, tops and caps. Symbol Collection - points of their own design from Pear, apple and cherry, a unique process, without a single metal. Fourth - "Zoorum" (2000), where each model was made from the material collected "Every little helps". Patent leather ostrich skin pony and antelope from Italy, a lama of Mongolia, the finest French and Yelets lace, shawls pavlovoposadskie and Ural gems.

Over the past after the seventh fashion week in Moscow, Andrei Sharov year opened a boutique in the author's Smolensky Passage, austere design which is "composed" himself. It sold most practical ever devised Sharov things. Hit this season - jackets and coats of buffalo skin.

Collection prцLt-ц=-porter Spring Appeal ", shown in April 2001. Was the most industrial of all that designer showed previously.

In December, the collection "Spring-Summer 2002" Ball will celebrate the birthday of its new brand "BUREAU 365". Although lower in small letters is written: "Ball for men and women" to provide guidance to the buyer, his name is now Andrew will give only "kutyurnym" and the client things.

Sharov fully aware of all the complexities of life industrial designer and an inspired new collection demonstrates Haute couture.

About the collection "White Sun", which was recently shown Andrei Sharov, to write man. Show, held in Smolensky Passage, is designed precisely for this half of humanity.

Guests gathered relevant Slava Zaitsev, Vladimir Zubets, Anatoly Klimin, Sergei Kapitsa and other famous men. Although women also displayed a spectacle of some interest - after all it was a women's clothing.

This collection of calls in warm countries. There you can directly go to the streets of semi-transparent tops and dresses, combining lace, leather and jersey, to show the beauty of tanned body and dream about the romance of sea travel.

The costume must match the mood. Much love to the sailors was reflected in the headgear. The desire for freedom - in frank low-necked tops and skirts. Love of comfort - in luxury leather dresses and trousers 'capri'. The desire to attract attention - in a set of small bright flowers, lavish embroidery and the extravagant shoes. Naturally, the author has not forgotten about the actual 'pea' and used it in light pants and apron.

Showing looked pretty juicy, models are artistically depicted towering beauties. But photographers caught the right moment for the beautiful frame.

After the show the audience thirsting for more communication in complete darkness drank champagne and enjoyed the view of the dynamic nightlife of Moscow with a bird's-eye view, that is, with 16 floors and quickly dispersed - to promote Russia's fashion to the masses held. The opinion of many guests, it was approximately the same: 'balls - he is Sharov'.

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Andrew SHAROV, photo, biography
Andrew SHAROV, photo, biography Andrew SHAROV  Designer, photo, biography
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