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Jean-Paul Gaultier

( Fashion Designer)

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Biography Jean-Paul Gaultier
photo Jean-Paul Gaultier
Born April 24, 1952, Mr.. in the Parisian suburb of Arcueil. As a child was very fond of movies. He was more interested in visual perception and sensation. His father worked as an accountant, his mother a secretary. They were very busy and gave her son to the upbringing to her grandmother. It aroused admiration of his grandson. It dealt with quackery and ekstrosensorikoy. Visitors to entertain. The boy watched with interest the advent of women, their clothes and manners.

In 14 years, Jean - Paul really fell in love with fashion. He began to draw, send your pictures to all the fashion house. Been received, but my grandmother predicted a grandson of great prominence.
And then, when Gaultier celebrated 18 years, Cardin wanted to meet with a young man. Since then, and began his career. He became a disciple of the great masters. In subsequent years he studied with Jacques Esterel and Jean Patou.
In 24, Jean - Paul Gaultier and his friends began to create their own collections. In 1976, together with Francis Menyuzhem designer has created electronic jewelry. This was followed by a collection of napkins, tablecloths and rugs.
In 1978, Gautier, together with a Japanese Kashiyyamoy showed the first collection of clothing. But fame has brought him only a collection of 1979 / 80 years under the name "James Bond". She looked like a fashionable 60-ies.
In 1981, the House of Jean-Paul Gaultier acquiring a weight among the famous Houses. He never stands still, constantly changing and seeking new approaches to women, for whom doing.
Themes Collection 1982 - 84 years. Paris. Gauthier, "" Dada, "" the last five minutes ". Appear ostrogrudye busts, bracelets made of tin cans.
In 1984, Gaultier creates a menswear collection, inspired by a female character. It is called a bully and mischievous. He becomes popular. In 1985, nominated for the Oscar Fashion. Began a rapid rise.
Jean-Paul Gaultier is an idol of youth, he is always stirring up public. His clothes are made with a great sense of humor. Naked Butts, transparent dress with no panties. The inspiration he finds on the street: the concierge, a prostitute, a bourgeois lady, puritanka. It is adverse to an elite luxury. His fashion is democratic. He comes up with new styles, new ways of wearing clothes Gauthier is shocking, but his clothing is acceptable for life.
The latest haute couture collection combines classic lines and innovative solutions. Gauthier works with natural fur. Mink, he created a striped suit and vest. From scribbles - overalls, and a cropped red fox pelts - evening dress.
In the latest collection of haute couture of his "bride" was dressed in a "grandma" magic pink corset.
Catwalks Pret-a-porter Gauthier presented March 12. It began under the "Tales of the Vienna Woods" by Strauss. In this melody broke songs of different nations. Male model represented by all ethnic. Were presented classical and avant-garde clothing, brocade and flannel, male and female in a female in a male. The combination of the variety of fashion of the East and West, ethnic and urban fashion clothing for all ages.

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Jean-Paul Gaultier, photo, biography
Jean-Paul Gaultier, photo, biography Jean-Paul Gaultier  Fashion Designer, photo, biography
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