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Paul Poiret

( King of Paris fashion)

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Biography Paul Poiret
Paul Poiret - one of the creators of haute couture. His name - it's modern turn of the century, Oriental motifs, the image of female flower.

Couturier Poiret began his career in the most prestigious Paris Salon beginning of the century - at the Jacques Doucet. However, there is a long time he has not completed. His ideas were not suitable for such a conservative institution. Quite quickly Poiret moved to work for competitors Doucet's studio Worth. However, and there he could not hold for long. As a result, in 1904, Poiret created his own company, and in 1912 establishes the most shocking magazine of the time - 'Gazette du Bon tone' (Journal of exquisite tone ").

. Pose conqueror, whom he had been able to convincingly take the years of its most successful, was an integral part of life and style of this most dynamic of all the fashion of the time
. The speed was a vital necessity for Poiret, Poiret No wonder the name associated with the creation of a youth style.

Its lush, exotic, explosive colors were inspired by the paintings of those times. While Poiret and adhered to in the art position, directly opposite the most fashionable at the time the ideas of Picasso, but, as noted by all, something of their own. Perhaps the talent, adds a Poiret. Both, and Poiret, and Picasso, sought to work quite differently than their predecessors. But if Picasso drew on the philosophy of primitivism, the fantasy Poiret drew his themes in exotics.

. In his memoirs, "modestly" entitled 'Dressing era', Poiret noted a strong influence on his works of Russian theater art, especially painting Bakst
. How decorator Russian Seasons, Bakst stylising antique and oriental motifs, creating an exquisitely decorative fantastic spectacle. This "spirit of the passing epoch, and became the nutrient solution, which grew and blossomed creativity Poiret.

At the beginning of the century in Europe triumphed Nouveau. This elegant style has changed everything: architecture, painting, music, poetry. , Who first noticed it and brought modern art to wear, was Poiret. He burns designs evening dresses designed by him in the cabin Worth, and offers a whimsical and non-permanent Paris his new collection.

. Instead of traditional, which are old soreness long black dresses, flowing from his shoulders hopelessly sad folds, Poiret takes the podium girls in the most exotic Oriental dresses
. As the Paris newspaper wrote: "odalisques of Poiret's harem has caused such excitement among our ladies, that now even the venerable couple of politicians willing to drop everything and go to the Sultan of Turkey, just to have those clothes."

. Thought Poiret is not sleeping, feeling that its time has come, it creates a draft of another one insane
. In his sketches, alternate Japanese kimonos, bright Persian embroidery, colorful batik and oriental turbans with fur and brocade.

. Poiret ever introduced in the European women's fashion a sort of Japanese kimono: free long robe with wide sleeves, belted with a wide belt, which was called "Poiret-obi"
. Interestingly, the idea of the kimono occurred Poiret by developments of Russian-Japanese war! Not knowing for sure what happened there, Poiret developed the story, wanting to please his Russian friend Diaghilev.

. Creativity Poiret - a new era in fashion, this is a final rejection of a corset which is opposed by doctors, philosophers and reformers since the French Revolution
. Great fashion instead of bulky suit jacket suggested cut a woman's dress without a corset, cut for everyday wear, which, in somewhat modified form, is used now.

. Style Poiret ruled in vogue until the end of World War I
. But his fame has been very short-lived, he too quickly became not fashionable, his model proved to be too elaborate for the post-war Europe, and adapt to the democratic revolution in the world of clothes he wanted and could not. In 1927 the company had to close Poiret.

. The wild, powerful man, whose work has always had a raid of theatricality, whose fabulous festival is an event in social life, did not want to understand that after the First World War, the time has gone ahead and had "overstepped" through it

However, many of its competitors could not adapt to the changed situation. Time pretentious fashion for the sake of fashion is over, it was time for the fashion people.

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Paul Poiret, photo, biography
Paul Poiret, photo, biography Paul Poiret  King of Paris fashion, photo, biography
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