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Comments for Nike V. BORZYH
Biography Nike V. BORZYH
photo Nike V. BORZYH
born May 23, 1972 in g. Moscow. Name Nike Borzov - currently, the same name in the documents is a musician (in the passport and metric). Thus the name he was awarded the originals, parents, and of greatest relevance to the music. Creative career N. Borzov started in 1986 with the organization of the punk band infection, which lasted until 1992 and recorded two albums: 'Masturbation' and 'hole for the navel'.

In 1989, Nike became a member of notorious team Kh.. Zabey, which regularly played and recorded new material and to this day. In addition, Nike Borzov for the entire period of creativity was involved in a variety of different projects as their own and others ':' Mesopotamia ',' Platonic Prostitution ',' Buufeet ',' died ',' Special Nurses ',' Norman Bates Fan Club 'and t. d. Nike began a solo career in 1992 with the album recording 'dive' in 1994, followed by the album 'Private'. 1996 marked the anniversary album 'Take your bitch on his hands', released after a decade of infection: the party of all instruments and vocals were recorded in it Borzova due to lack of country musicians from the aforesaid group.

In 1997, the album 'Dive' was reissued under the title 'Dive. Version 2 '. In addition to the already well-known songs, it includes three completely new and previously unreleased tracks: 'For the sake of love', 'I asked the ash-tree' (Tariverdiev / Kirshon) and 'How are you doing? " (jointly with the British techno group JESUS TRANSFORMER). In the same year re-issued the album 'Private'. From February 1996 to March 1997 recorded a third solo album, 'Puzzle'. Hit with this album 'Horse' was banned on many radio stations due to the use of his text, the word 'cocaine'.

In 1999, Nike signed a contract with 'Snegiri music' on Issue 5 albums. Work on the fourth album - 'Superman' - began in January 1999, at the tone of the studio "Mosfilm" and ended almost a year. As guest musicians participated in the recording of Dmitri Slansky and Alexander Solich (rhythm section Moral Code), the musicians of the orchestra and soloist Mikhail Pletnev Group ARMY Ruslana (backing vocals). Album was produced by Oleg Nesterov, Mikhail Gabolaev and, partly, he Nike. Five songs were mixed tone of the German engineer Brigitte Angerhauzen, permanent partner 'Pyrrhula', and the rest - sound engineer, Vladimir Ovchinnikov. They worked in several recording studios (from the studio "Mosfilm" and a private studio 'Megacity' to the basement children's music school, Mr.. Prominent). In some songs he sang all Nike guitar, drums and keyboards. The record has been used only copy of a cult Italian elektroorganoly 'Farfisa', 30 years pylivsheysya in the orchestra of cinematography and well-known broad audience for the movie 'Operation Y' and 'The Caucasian Captive ".

Particularly known are the songs 'Three Words' and 'Riding on a star', who took the top lines in the Russian charts. Hour song 'Horse' has struck in the summer of 2000, when the 'Snyahir' maxi-single, which included some of the best remixes of the track created by fish species, Radius, in. Afanasova, NetSlov, Finist; version femenino de repende recorded T. Anciferova, AND. Epifanova, P. Eremeeva-Borzov and H. Gatikashvili. Especially for radio stations to present the single version of the song without the word 'cocaine'.

'Horse' immediately hit the charts, the fall of 2000 it had dropped for two successful clip. In December 2000, Borzov in the conclusion of history 'Superman' released Collector's Edition 'SupermEND', including a previously unreleased track 'row' and nrovye remakes, remixes. At the same time Nike began work on the material of the new album, recording the song 'Day as a day'. In 2001, Borzov continued his studies at the pop-jazz faculty of Moscow State Pedagogical University.

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Nike V. BORZYH, photo, biography
Nike V. BORZYH, photo, biography Nike V. BORZYH  Musician, photo, biography
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