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Galasy Diamanda (Diamanda GALAS)

( Singer)

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Biography Galasy Diamanda (Diamanda GALAS)
Diamanda GALAS In ancient times it would be a holy fool or a prophetess. There is no doubt that 400 years ago, it would be burned at the stake. Today it - shaman, who lives between the worlds and at the whim of time to take the form of avant-garde singer. Diamanda Galas. Such violent and sincere people like her, and now will not find - possessed an uncompromising attitude to injustice even seems out of place in a world where every other phrase - 'nothing can be done'. In his last visit to Moscow demonic maid introduced a new program 'Defixiones, Will and Testament'. At her concerts are traditionally there are some people who, except Galas, did not bind and can not bind: lovers of the avant-garde, opera, gothic, Baudelaire's admirers and interpreters of the Bible, the Greek nationalists and Satanists. Chetyrehoktavny voice Diamanda authoritatively gathered them around him like a cry of the muezzin. History Galas singer begins in the late 70's, when she studied at the University of California. Its first artistic experiments (as, indeed, and all subsequent) were far beyond the usual singing. In 1979 she came to show their performances in Europe, the famous theater festival in Avignon. They met with the composer Vinko Globokar, offered her to sing in his opera, 'One day, for others'. The opera is built on real case fact, documented 'Amnesty International', when a Turkish woman has been arrested and tortured on false charges. 'What do you call a yacht' ... in the next few years, Ms. Galas has remained in Europe, playing no less extreme in the plot operas and performances. She appears and at home: 'In those years, I messed around with the company street transvestites, I liked that they thought I was the same as they were ... Together, we have tried all the drugs that are only there in the world '. By 1982, her first published work, 'Liturgy of Satan' (reissued on Mute company in 1988). It included a recitation of Baudelaire's poems of the same name and form more like radio play. 'French expresses himself in that part of me that does not speak English' - hinted then Galas on the plurality of their personalities, known in Latin as schizis. To record their second album 'Panoptikon' Galas retired to a real prison last century, built by Jeremy Bentemom and is considered the most reliable in the Americas. Disc recorded on behalf of the prisoner and is intended to convey the monstrous state locked in a stone bag man. For the first time talked about it in 1985, after the famous trilogy album 'Masque of the Red Death', so called by the same name short story by Edgar Allan Poe. Just as Galas and found a demon living in the present time (or they found it?). This is a topic that as much as 10 years, became for her the main. AIDS. All subsequent years Galas invariably returned in his speeches to this terrible disease and everything associated with it. The first album of the trilogy, 'The Divine Punishment', left the firm Mute, that still gives reason to enroll in the discharge Diamand 'independent artists'. It is his voice recites the text of the witch from the book of Leviticus, where instructions are given on the isolation of patients - the words of the ancient Bible suddenly sounded incredibly sinister and urgent. 'Divine punishment' ends with a poem Galas, in which the victim 'agrees' with its role as a cornered criminal: 'I - shit Lord. / I - sign. / I - punishment. / I - The Antichrist'. The first part of three months followed by a second, . 'The Saint Of A Pit', . and another three the tragedy came to the house Diamanda in fact that neither is the real form - her beloved brother Dmitri Philip Galas agonizing death from AIDS in her arms, . already completely blind,
. Diamanda devoted most of later life, understanding the drama, which may itself inadvertently courting their devilish howling. 'The Saint Of A Pit' - a much more minimalist work in style, . than the previous one: a barely discernible noise his incredible voice of Diamanda writes violent and gloomy roulades, . that, . seems, . have physical strength, . as much force curse - the more,
. Even the plague of the XX century it seems petty compared with the power invested in the songs of her. Or, perhaps, on the contrary, these albums are intended to show us the true scale of the problem? The last part of the triptych, 'You Must Be Certain Of The Devil', was completed in Berlin - Diamanda there was a large grant that allowed it to continue. At this time the singer appealed to the gospel - church hymns Americans. 'It is strange - Galas said, - in fact gospel - this is the only thing that could comfort the black slaves, which zamuchivali to death. How is it that now it has become something of a Christmas tunes? " Revenge, pain, anger - feelings with terrifying power of sound in these (and almost everyone else) works Galas. Listen to them - anything, just not fun and not a pastime. And yet many people around the world for some reason do. 'My voice saying all the excluded and suffering of this world. And I do not hope to draw attention to their pain, stop the pain in your face - otherwise, why am I here? " Unlike most ideologically musicians, Diamanda never made a distinction between creativity and real life. In December 1989 and she was arrested for the scandal, perpetrated in the St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York - she from the Department of clergy accused of hypocrisy and silence about the AIDS problem. At the scene, she often went out with a knife, and nobody could say for sure whether she would not let him in the case. Not recorded on any single media program Galas under the name of fun 'There Are No More Tickets To The Funeral', apparently, is one of the most powerful moments of her work. During her presentation at the Cathedral of St. John in New York (the second largest cathedral in the world) Galas bared to the waist, sprinkling with the blood, who knows, maybe fake. The same program was then presented at the World Conference on AIDS in San Francisco. 'Vena Cava', the album in 1992, again devoted to AIDS - all the same that Diamanda completely missing is a sense of humor, but the witches and prophets, and laid. Themes merry: clinical depression, dementia caused by brain cancer - common symptoms of contaminated terrible disease. Again, two grants, including from the Fund of Peace. From the tragedy of his brother Diamanda only slightly moved away in 1993, when a disc 'The Singer', which, like a whisper tell admirers Miss Galas, 'can really listen'. Few who have enough to truly love Galas, the majority of its audience just feels for her timid interest. In this record Diamanda his smashing roar laboratory preparations blues and jazz classics, and her voice while listening to a bit like a colleague to label, Nick Cave. Version 'I Put A Spell On You', the best of existing, then got on the soundtrack 'Natural Born Killers'. At this time starts a short tour Diamanda in the world of show business, which eventually grew bored with it after 4 years. In fact, only after 'The Singer' she became really famous at least in the narrow circles. By this time include its collaborations with gloomy Barry Adamson and Recoil, as well as poppy Erasure - a sense of humor, not otherwise. In 1994 she released her best-known and replicable album 'The Sporting Life', recorded with a strange man, knowledgeable about otherworldly matters, Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones. In Russia Galas familiar with the work mostly in this devilishly energetic recording. Her style - a sort of sepulchral punk-rock, crazy colored power vocals and guitar, once uplifting Stadiums. Response to the singer's follow-up records showed that Diamand not like the glory of the alternative stars like before her indignant pompous epithets like 'opera avangardistki'. 'This, . know, . words, . words, . word ', . as he wrote the classic, . - That the words of a man, . who has a tattoo on the knuckles 'We are all infected with AIDS'? Diamanda released in 1996 album with songs a cappella 'Schrei X Live / Schrei 27', . who were scared to death just acquired fans - in this polukontsertnoy entries interspersed absolute silence and the wild cries (the right word, . even people, . torn into pieces, . not so yell),
. Recording her concert in London, 'Malediction and Prayer' - quite an eclectic collection of songs, which included the singer and old things, and songs based on poems by Pasolini and Baudelaire, some blues standards. It is with this program Diamanda visited Moscow last time. The disc has been highly appreciated by critics, as they say, it is also possible to listen without a big risk for mental. After the publication of the book 'The Shit Of God', a typical sample gloomy New York post-modernism, all was quiet. In a career Galas came another transition. It was his final and had the chance to watch the crowd at the Theater of Gogol September 24, 2000. Dry facts or arbitrarily relish their presentation immediately paled before the fact of visiting the concert Diamanda. In our time, when in the field of pop music did not simply shocking, and even simply a matter of strong emotions, a clash with the work of Diamanda - always an event. You can select any album. You can go to any concert. The uniqueness of the singer, almost from its incompatibility with other famous artists, some of which are listed next to it, separated by commas, is obvious from the first minute presentation - no group, no light, no greetings and farewells. The new program Galas, which, of course, there is no uniform or an old famous song, illuminates the hidden history of European civilization of the twentieth century - namely, an endless series of bloody genocides against the Armenian and Greek in Turkey before the Holocaust. Sometimes Diamanda played along with a piano, several songs sung without accompaniment by the low hum of a synthesizer, and occasionally disembodied voice reading out poems in Armenian. Stated was that the concert is dedicated to the memory of victims of the genocide of Armenians and Greeks, but it sounded and "Death Fugue" Nobel laureate Paul Celan, sung in German by the monotonous sobbing keys. "I was called a witch in every city where I had to act" - says the singer. Oh, how this is understandable - the voice of Diamanda belongs to another world, like the eyes of the saints in icons. But language does not turn to call him the best. Who is she, this large Greek girl, still reminiscent of the transvestite? It seems that the last program comes closest to what will give the answer to this question. The songs in 8 different languages could not perform the same person. Diamanda - only the shell, which lets a demon of hatred and fear, as benshi howling, screaming, as mothers and grinding his teeth, as not even dreamed of Dante. Whisper which goes into convulsive vereschanie - one of the most powerful vocal techniques Galas, and catching up with no less frightened than at its first performances. All the lowly people of Europe said that night her voice. The impression is so strong that it is difficult to define its emotional color. Inexperienced in the art Galas audience (especially the new songs not heard on filmed corresponding album has not yet released) responded, however, rapidly. After the initial ovation Diamanda just quietly appeared on the scene and bent her head. Later still sang another song in French, but because there was an immediate need for a second encore'e, she played the piano a complex combination of blues classics. Flashed chord of "Go Down Moses". And the last phrase was such: "Let My People Go". Let her. Discography: Litanies of Satan (1982) Diamanda Galas (1984) Saint of the Pit (1986) Divine Punishment (1986) You Must Be Certain of the Devil (1988) Plague Mass (1984 End of the Epidemic) [live] (1991) The Singer [live] (1992) Vena Cava (1993) Do You Take This Man? (1994) The Sporting Life (with John Paul Jones, . 1994) Schrei X [live] (1996) Malediction & Prayer [live] (1998),

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  • arfeja for Galasy Diamanda (Diamanda GALAS)
  • I do not have enough information about the Gala. The last time was in Kazakova (Theater. Gogol) (2000). Other loyal! Not lost.
  • arfeja for Galasy Diamanda (Diamanda GALAS)
  • I do not have enough information about the Gala. The last time was in Kazakova (Theater. Gogol) (2000). Other loyal! Not lost.
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    Galasy Diamanda (Diamanda GALAS), photo, biography
    Galasy Diamanda (Diamanda GALAS), photo, biography Galasy Diamanda (Diamanda GALAS)  Singer, photo, biography
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