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Biography FRIDRIKSSON Fridrik Thor
Fridrik Thor Fridrikscon was born in 1954 in Reykjavik. While studying in school, Fridriksson friends organized a club of film enthusiasts, the projector which is provided for the American embassy, and films - Soviet. In four years at the club was shown around 600 films. Fridriksson himself stood for overhead projectors, and each film watched an average of six times. These four years and the director calls his film school. The first black and white film Fridriksson withdrew in 1975 at age 21. "He was the tribute to Russia's cinematography," - said the master. - In Latin his calling is as follows: "The name does not necessarily". I would like the title because every movie that I do. "

Fridriksson was the founder, editor and critic of Iceland's first magazine about cinema.
In 1978 he organized the production company "Icelandic Film Corporation". Almost ten years in documentary and television films, and in 1987 created his first feature film "White Whale" (White Whales / Skytturnar).
In 1989, Fridriksson first visit to Russia, where he achieved his long-held dream - personally saw the famous Odessa staircase.
The attention of world public opinion director drew in 1991, his second film "Children of Nature" (Children Of Nature / Bjorn Naturunnar), which was nominated for an Oscar and received more than twenty festival awards. Painting with great success at the international box office. With the money Fridriksson has acquired the necessary film equipment and became a producer of films go to Iceland.

In 1997 at the International Festival in Sochi was a retrospective of films Fridrikssona. Today, the director embodies the image of the Icelandic film and found it the undisputed leader. Almost all his films, there are mystical reasons. Supernatural things are part of everyday life of his characters. He himself says: "I do not want to invest in his films the real meaning. Our understanding of some things is very limited. As for our feelings, they are limitless ... "

In his works Fridriksson said himself a master stunning landscapes, which is famous for Iceland. The charm of his films contributes peculiar director melancholic humor. At the last festival in Karlovy Vary Fridriksson presented his latest film "Angels of the Universe", together with the crew - Five burly Vikings, . something quietly talking among themselves and pay attention to representing their film Czech woman only to, . to pinch her ass,
. Sam Fridriksson was like Taras Bulba, aged and became Tolstoyan. It is something past the microphone and joked as he laughed softly to himself mustache. Recently Fridriksson traveled all the main points of the festival and today is the character of international culture, making it unique Icelandic paint.

. When you see movies Fridrik Thor Fridrikssona, get in a poetic and majestic atmosphere of his ancient country, to the charms which it is impossible to resist
. In the center of his films are always outsiders, oddballs and people who are outside of society. Their stories - myths that are full of this amazing country, which are interwoven with reality, drowning in a dank, overgrown with strange plants and landscapes of the island. Every character films Fridrikssona guessed a long history of Iceland: its isolation from Europe, its strong literary tradition and the remarkable beauty of its landscapes. Fridriksson opens the supernatural in the most ordinary, and then the usual course of events suddenly changes and the characters suddenly evaporate from under the nose overtaking the police ( "Children of Nature"). Such is his artistic device that creates an unusual atmosphere of the depth of films that could be called magical realism. One of the heroes Fridrikssona - the old man of the "Cold Fever" - so is the director credo: "Only fools believe only in what they themselves can see and touch".

After several documentaries Fridriksson withdrew his first fictional film in 1987. This was the film "White Whales" (White Whales). The name of the movie talks about what he was looking for a movie: as the white whale ruthlessly pursued their kinsmen, and their two-legged counterparts are victims of their environment.

. His second film "Children of Nature" (Children of Nature, 1991) was the opening of international festivals
. This is a love story of two people who escape from the gloomy house for the elderly to return to the fjords of his youth. This film, according to the director himself, was withdrawn by them not so much for someone, but for himself. But what happened: the film showed more than 70 festivals, handed a lot of prizes, and in 1992 was nominated for the Oscar.

"Days of Cinema" (Movie Days, 1994). The title Fridrikson parody of "Days of Radio" (Radio Days), Woody Allen, but the movie itself is considered American influence in so different way and style of life of isolated Icelandic society. The film is based on his own childhood memories Fridrikssona when, in the early 60's, in Iceland did not even have a television and American films were the only window into the world, which at that time was the Cold War.

. At the heart of tapes "Cold Fever" (Sold Fever, 1995), made in conjunction with America and Japan, the idea to look at Iceland by
. The protagonist - a young Japanese workers Atsushi Hirata, who came to Iceland to perform the burial ritual of his parents, who died here 7 years ago. From the clash of two cultures, a comparison of the two opposing traditions - the harsh north and the exotic east - is born movie.

. "Island of the Devil" (The Devil `s Island, 1996) again turns to his favorite topic Fridrikssona: the life of an outsider in a society that does not accept it, and itself strives to emulate the brilliant America
. The film is based on the famous trilogy Einar Karassona, a childhood friend Fridrikssona, in which he brilliantly describes the life of slum postwar Iceland fifties. In the center of events - a small group of people who live in huts, abandoned after the Second World War, U.S. troops. Before us are two brothers who are trying different ways to get out of this camp castaways. Here they are surrounded by strange unforgettable characters - a clairvoyant, a boy, performing opera arias, swindlers and charlatans. The eldest of the brothers, Buddy, went to America with her mother, who recently went there married. He returned a hero, at a brand new sports car, with hair like Elvis and dismissive attitude towards his family and former neighbors. Younger brother, more vicious, it is a pilot. That's what I said about this work itself Fridrikson: "In this movie, I hoped to show a hidden world, whose existence in Iceland in the postwar years, few people suspected.

. Last work Fridriksona "Angels of the Universe" (Angels of the Universe, 2000) charged on the novel by Einar Mar Gudmundsson
. In it he describes his brother Paul, who was once an incredibly gifted teenager. But fantasies have taken him so far from the real world, that in the end he was in hospital for the mentally ill. But despite the tragedy of his position, Paul suddenly discovers that this is his freedom. His lips, apparently, thinks he Fridriksson: "Schizophrenia stems from most of the Icelandic soil - all these tales about elves, trolls and enchanted creatures proof."

. In the next draft Fridrikssona the Falcons' first act takes place outside Iceland
. Having lost his farm, Dua, who loves animals more than life, falls into a mental hospital, where she helps run another "crazy" - Simon. Together they flee to Hamburg, where Simon wants to sell the valuable Icelandic falcon, which he had brought from his country, but Dua, finding support among homeless people in Hamburg, frustrating his plans. Producer Sokolov speak Peter Rommel (Peter Rommel Productions, Berlin), which was koprodyuserom Fridrikssona all movies starting with "Days of Cinema."

. The question "what distinguishes the film from the usual standing?" Fridriksson said: "For me, a good film - is one that evokes emotion
. To the audience, leaving the theater, was in love with the movie or hated it, but, more importantly, that he touched them. "

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FRIDRIKSSON Fridrik Thor, photo, biography
FRIDRIKSSON Fridrik Thor, photo, biography FRIDRIKSSON Fridrik Thor  Director, photo, biography
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