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Kar-Wai Wong

( Screenwriter, director, producer)

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Biography Kar-Wai Wong
One of the most extraordinary artists of Hong Kong film industry. After six paintings by recognized as the most striking Asian author and one of the most influential filmmakers of modern cinema. Western critics call it "Godard era MTV" and put on a par with such meters today's independent cinema as Lars von Trier, Quentin Tarantino, Luc Besson and others

Born in 1958 in Shanghai. When Wong was five, his family immigrated to Hong Kong. He received a degree in the Hong Kong Polytechnic, studying graphic design, and soon became an assistant director on TV. Worked on numerous TV miniseries and later began to write screenplays. It is this tremendous experience building high-quality scenario construction, . the ability to tell the story comprehensible allow Kar-vayu in the future, . already on his directorial career to become the owner almost unheard of in modern cinema luxury - to make films without a script, . Guided by the work of a more emotional sense of design,
. Actually the script with his plot, plot, character interaction and pr. from Kar-Wai's finally maturing already a mounting table, and not flowing to the paper. In the record of the Kar-wai, screenwriter - the literary basis for the ten comedies, detective stories, and even melodrama, including the film "Final Victory" ( "Final Victory", 1987), directed by his mentor, Patrick Tam (Patrick Tam). He also produced his directorial debut Kar-wai - "As Tears Go By" ( "As Tears Go By", . 1988), . offering debutant first opportunity to work with the actress Maggie Cheung (Maggie Cheung), . already considered an international star after the triumph of the world's "Police Story, Jackie Chan in 1985,
. This work has yielded Kar-vayu recognition at the Cannes Film Festival, where he was recognized as the best in one of the nominations of the program.

. In 1990, Kar-wai gathered together the best of Hong Kong young actor for one of his most ambitious film "Days of Being Wild" ( "Mad Days")
. Despite the fact that the film won several prizes at the Hong Kong Film Festival, including the award for best film, he is not popular with the public. So the second part of the film, which half has already been removed, and left unfinished. Kar-wai was badly shaken by this result, and this is a dramatic effect on his future career. He began work on an extravagant historical drama, in which consciously defied all laws of the genre. Filming lasted for two years, delaying the development of the careers of eight leading actors involved in the film. However bloody fable "Ashes of time" ( "Ashes of Times", 1994) led the audience in confusion. Thoughts about the bisexual nature of the crime of hiding a vivid visuals in the style of advertising perfume and demanded from the viewer samurai concentration. Film distributors do not get rich, but I got one of the prizes at the Venice Festival. This time the filmmaker has taken steps, . to "cover" himself: during the post-production "Ashes of times", he withdrew and released the same year on the screens of my best at the moment the film "Chungking Express" ( "Chungking Express") - a super-modern, . dynamic and easy, . allowing the director received the title of "Chinese Quentin Tarantino" in the European press,
. Later, he has repeatedly reaffirmed this status in his films.

In 1995 went "Fallen Angels" ( "Fallen Angels) - a film based on the idea of an outline written for" Chungking Express ", which last time was left. Next - "Happy Together" ( "Happy Together") - quite unexpected for Kar-Wai's courageous film about two Chinese homosexuals, who had fled to Argentina on the eve of the transfer of capitalist Hong Kong Red China. This film received the award for Best Director at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival.

In the same year, Kar-wai to start the next project - "In The Mood For Love" ( "Mood for Love"), while preparing for the launch of sci-fi tape ( "2046"). Once justified itself tactics of "parallel" to the natural semokprivodit interpenetration of work: some scenes from different movies were filmed in some scenery.
"Mood for Love" was in the work of about three years. The plot grew, long time thinking up the ending, any problems with the rights to the music chosen by the director as a musical theme: Selectors Cannes Film Festival in 2000, literally tore the picture from Kar-wai. It was shown in competition in draft form - an interim version of the installation and working sound. Yet the new work by the master roused a storm of enthusiasm from critics and audience-lucky. Two Cannes prize - for best actor and best visual solution - consolidated for "Mood for Love" status cinematic masterpiece.

. Kar-wai - winner of numerous film awards - including the Cannes International Film Festival prizes, awards "Golden Horse" festival of Chinese cinema in Taipei, the European Film Academy Award "for best non-European film"
. Has a chance to get an Oscar - his last painting "Mood for Love" launched by Hong Kong Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. Perhaps the Chinese fortune favors the director also because its a family hieroglyph "Van" (Cantonese pronunciation - "Won") "encrypted" ancient princely title?

. Filmography
. 1988 As Tears Go By As Tears Go By
. 1991 Days Of Being Wild Days Mad
. 1994 Ashes Of Time Ashes of time
. 1994 Chugking Exspress Chungking Express
. 1995 Fallen Angels Fallen Angels
. 1997 Happy Together Happy Together
. 2000 In The Mood For Love Mood for Love

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Kar-Wai Wong, photo, biography
Kar-Wai Wong, photo, biography Kar-Wai Wong  Screenwriter, director, producer, photo, biography
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