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Jos Stelling

( Director)

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Biography Jos Stelling
Jos Stelling was born in 1945 in Utrecht, Netherlands.
The world-famous film director with a reputation as "cult".
In 1981 he established the National Film Festival, and until 1991 it was the permanent president.
Films directed by Jos Stelling received numerous awards mezhdunarodnychh. Among them, four Dutch "Golden Calf", "Golden Rose of Montreux," Golden Griffon "in St. Petersburg, for his contribution to cinema in Roterville (USA).
He owns: copyright movie theater and cafe "Springhaver" in Utrecht.

Friday 13 October, Cinema Center in Krasnaya Presnya held a press conference.
I do not know what was waiting, did not want to ask. Why, if his films tell much more about it without deception and guile? Just really wanted to see the director who is so unusual to see the world and takes such fantastic, tragic and hilarious at the same time funny movies.
. Some of his works are a hundred masterpieces, filmed in the history kinematogrofa - "The Illusionist" and "Switchman".
. He has long been considered a recognized genius, but geniuses are not like ordinary people: they are not in themselves a little
. Maybe I was waiting for some good madness.
Jos Stellin looks simple, not pretentious, he has now so easily come up and ask "How are you?". He was then concentrated and serious, then an insinuating smile, and smoking.

. Stelling, shared with reporters that, based on his personal experience, the best press conference - is a funny, subtly hinting that he is not configured to very serious questions
. However, at the same time he admitted that journalists are very hard to laugh.

- Many people think that art very seriously. But humor incredibly wide - it is incredibly difficult and important. Humor makes people unarmed, and in this state in terms of human drama is better to act.

Recently, the director made two erotic film for the German producer Regina Ziegler and her series "Erotic stories". One of them, "Filling Station", was screened at the opening of the retrospective at Cinema Center.

- I admit that humor can not get along with erotica. To prove it, here's what I would like to advise you: "Tonight, when you make love, try to laugh, and I think you will get is not."

Well, I do not know, perhaps this is true, I personally do not agree. You can try and check.
According to Stelling, in different countries quite differently shoot erotic films. For example, in India are of great importance characters. It turns out that there are pigeons in a very erotichesy meaning, and therefore in the film there were an enormous number.
Director spoke about his latest work on the film "Filling Station":
- Very difficult to make erotic films for women and men. A woman can play clothes, for men are much more difficult. I chose a cynical view of men. I am very pleased that the women of this film in a much more enthusiastic than men.
- I am very interested in the space between the extremes. Film - this space, the tension between something. Actors are not so important, it is important that the actors cause in the relationship with other actors. If you choose between different poles, you can choose between the present and the past, day and night, but I choose between a man and a woman.

Humor - is something that is present in all films directed by, even the most tragic. For example, if someone in two words describe the contents of "The Illusionist", just want to cry. Well Stelling takes so that the whole audience laughing.

- Comedy and drama are very close to each other, - says the director.
- You can weep with laughter. I always begin with the drama, but after a while there comes a time when it is possible for another look at the drama and humor has been. Comic actor - best. If the comic actors play a dramatic role - it is always great. Humor is given by nature, and if you have this gift, then you can all but very difficult to work with the comic actor.
Stelling believes that humor - it is a very serious matter.

For the director of great importance are the audience for whom he creates his films.
- Film - is only half of the experiment. The film moving frame, and other moving frame, and at first glance there is no connection between these frames. But in the auditorium in darkness, this relationship arises, there is action. Always talking about the quality of the film and never talk about as a spectator. Together they must create this film.

. Stelling have a very interesting look not only at the cinema, but for life.
. - For me life - it is a very long goodbye, and this can only talk with humor, and nobody will come and watch.

. With regard to the erotic gaze directed at, . here it is very rasreposchen, . despite, . that the boy lived in a boarding, . where women can only be seen on TV, . He also told, . in its twelve years of thought, . that children are born to women from a place in the middle of his chest.,
. Stelling against the taboo of sex on screen: he believes, and this is very true noticed that, if there if necessary for what to monitor and impose restrictions, it is the violence.
. But some element of the forbidden always creates some kind of mystery that exists between a man and a woman, otherwise there would be no eroticism.


. 1974 - "Marike of Nijmegen"

. 1975 - "Elkerlik"

. 1977 - Rembrandt, the year 1669 "

. 1981 - "The Ringer"

. 1983 - "The Illusionist"

. 1986 - "Switchman"

. 1995 - "Flying Dutchman"

. 1997 - "waiting room"

. 1999 - "No trains, no planes

. 2000 - "Filling Station"

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Jos Stelling, photo, biography
Jos Stelling, photo, biography Jos Stelling  Director, photo, biography
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