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Borinzher Roman (Romane Bohringer)

( Famous French actress)

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Biography Borinzher Roman (Romane Bohringer)
The famous French actress, virtually unknown in our country. It is removed primarily in the so-called 'independent' or copyright movies and played leading roles in many films, of which several - the world-famous. For example, she played the wife of Verlaine in the film 'Total Eclipse' with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role. The film was shown on our TV countless times, and those who remember him, must admit that a beautiful actress Roman.

Roman Borinzher was born August 14, 1973. She is the daughter of the famous French actor Richard Borinzhera, probably familiar to many on the film 'Underground' by Luc Besson or comedy 'left of the elevator' with Pierre Richard. Not surprisingly, the Roman film career started quite early - at age 13 she played in the film 'Kamikaze'. But the truly novel became known after the movie 'Wild Night' ( 'Savage Nights') in 1992. This is a very emotional and tragic film, staged by director Kiril Kolarov (Cyril Collard) in his autobiography. 'Savage Nights' once shown on our television late at night, tk. film is full of sex and violence. This is a frank and sometimes shocking story bisexual 30-year-old man who learned that he was HIV-positive. He continues to meet with his friend, but also maintains relations with the love in his 17-year-old girl who had played and Roman. Many actresses would refuse to take part in this film, especially in the very beginning of his career, but Roman has played a role with full dedication. In 1992, the 'Wild Nights' received 4 awards 'Cesar', one of which went to Roman law, as best new actress. Shortly after the premiere Kiril Kolar died of AIDS.

After 'Wild Nights' at the Roman had no problems with roles, and to the current 27 years she has been in the portfolio of over 20 films. In the film 'L'Accompagnatrice' ( 'Accompanist'), she played in a pair with his father. Usually Roman offered the role of girls obsessed with a passion ( 'flat') or very unhappy in love ( 'Total Eclipse'), although she acted occasionally in films and entertainment ( 'Le Ciel est ц═ nous' - gunman in the spirit of Tarantino).

Another novel 3 times nominated for 'Cesar' (for the films 'Mina Tannenbaum' (1993), 'Le Colonel Chabert' (1994) and 'L'Appartement' (1996)), but so far she has only one statuette. Unlike his partner in the film 'L'Appartement' ( 'Flat'), Monica Bellucci, Roman virtually unknown outside of Europe. Perhaps this is partly to blame for its nonstandard appearance. The novel is not pretty, and it is unlikely to be invited for the role of some girlfriend of James Bond, while on screen, it is sometimes beautiful. She has a very lively person, which seems, can express any emotion. She is not afraid to be ugly or ungraceful, for significantly the role played by Roman capable sacrificed. She does not hesitate to withdraw naked, . Nature endowed her with a very good figure, . and breast size might have envied, . probably, . herself Pamela Anderson (anyone can verify this, . typing the name of the novel in any foreign search engine - craftsmen nasnimali actress on the screen during the erotic scenes in different movies),

Roman wants to work with the best European directors, it has established itself as a very delicate and emotional actress. In movies, she has successfully played in the theater in a famous play by Tennessee Williams 'Glass Menagerie'. The role of the shy, sensitive and a little crazy, like all heroines Williams, Laura seemed specially written for the Roman.

If at first to Roman Borinzher treated with caution, as each daughter of famous parents (by the way, it is very similar to his father), now has it as an actress, however, if not more famous than his father.

Recently on our screens released movie 'The King is alive' ( 'The King Is Alive'), in which the novel has played a major role

. Filmography

. Le Petit poucet (2001; or "Tom Thumb", site http://www.petitpoucet.net/)

. He Died with a Felafel In His Hand (2000)

. The King Is Alive (2000; or "Dogme 4", http://www.kingisalive.com/)

. Rembrandt (1999) (movie site http://www.rembrandt-lefilm.com/)

. Il suffirait d'un pont (1998; or "It Would Only Take a Bridge")

. Quelque chose d'organique (1998; or "Something Organic")

. Vigo (1998; or "A Passion for Life")

. La Femme de chambre du Titanic (1997)

. Le Ciel est ц═ nous (1997)

. L'Appartement (1996; or "The Apartment", site http://www.chez.com/lappartement/)

. Portraits chinois (1996; or "Shadow Play")

. Total Eclipse (1995)

. Les cent et une nuits (1995; or "A Hundred and One Nights")

. Le Colonel Chabert (1994)

. Mina Tannenbaum (1993)

. ц─ cause d'elle (1993; or "Because of Her")

. L'Accompagnatrice (1992; or "The Accompanist")

. Les Nuits faves (1992; or "Savage Nights")

. Ragazzi (1991)

. Kamikaze (1986)

. TV Movies

. Deux femmes ц═ Paris (2000)

. Anna en Corse (2000)

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  • suldi for Borinzher Roman (Romane Bohringer)
  • Name of film director "Wild Nights" Cyril Collard, and not Cyril Kolar!
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    Borinzher Roman (Romane Bohringer), photo, biography
    Borinzher Roman (Romane Bohringer), photo, biography Borinzher Roman (Romane Bohringer)  Famous French actress, photo, biography
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