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Alexander Matrosov

( soldier of the Great Patriotic War)

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Biography Alexander Matrosov
photo Alexander Matrosov
This story, like the entire history that preceded it, easily achieved us uneasy. And to publish material, perhaps it would be appropriate at the end of February next year, marking the 60 anniversary of the deed. Although ... If a tribute to the brave people to give only the dates for the round - it would be the height of ignorance. Especially in relation to such as Alexander Matrosov. Even with today's many forgotten pages of history, including the most difficult associated with the Great Patriotic War, his memory is sacred.
Just make a reservation: everything will be discussed below - the fruit is not my laborious search. It was not I sent out packets of letters in different parts of the country, do not I have met hundreds of people who were personally acquainted with Alexander, did not I went to the countryside and villages, where we discovered the trail ... And it is not belongs to me right to say that I found the real name of Alexander Matrosov.
Someone, probably, will ask: why, when narrower and spots something white was nearly empty, and those that appear blurred due to old age ... For the republics of the former Soviet Union, home to some streets and squares, bearing his name, where museums have documents about it - it really does not need. But for the Bashkir people and the small village Kunakbaevo Uchalinskiy district official recognition that the name of Alexander Matrosov Shakiryanom Muhamedyanovym - equivalent to find the son. And one of the most worthy in its history.
Price of his achievement of this does not diminish one iota. But behind Salavat Yulayev he will become the second national batyr Bashkiria. Nobody is going to speak for the renaming of streets and squares, with the formal procedures for the return of the hero's real name. Just let everyone know ...
. Yunus Yusupov, . despite his disability (he has fought in the Civil War and came back without feet), . always had smartness, . therefore, no surprise the fact, . that he married one of the beauties kunakbaevskih on behalf of Muslim, . which was much younger than him,
. In 1924, they had a son, whom he called Shakiryanom. And in the book of acts of birth (this was the order), recorded on behalf of his grandfather - Muhamedyanov Shakiryan Yunusovich. Shakiryan turned brisk and nimble small - a father and mother often repeated: "grow well done. Or, by contrast, is a thief ... ". Despite the fact that because of the extreme poverty of their son is always worse than the other was dressed, he never lost heart. Sailed better than anyone, and when with the boys, to see who, how many times married, let the water smooth pebbles, he always came out more than all "brides".
He skillfully played the grandmother, great strumming a balalaika. When his mother died, Shakiryanu was no more than six or seven years. Accurate data can not be established because no Kunakbaevskom village hall, or in Uchalinskiy District Registry Office is not a large part of documents: they were destroyed by fire. After some time my father brought to the house of another wife, who has had his own son. Lived still very poor, and often Yunus, taking his hand a son, trudged from house to house: cadge. That and fed. Shakiryan knew little about their native language, because my father spoke more in Russian. Yes, and go begging because it was convenient.
In the meantime, Yunus has appeared the third wife, and Shakiryan away from home. Time was heavy, hungry, little boy, perhaps he decided on this. There are, however, doubt: they say, do something stepmother, to get rid of an extra mouth in the family.
Where then got to Shakiryan hard to say: papers of all children's homes Bashkir ASSR early 30-ies are not preserved. But it is possible that he was in a children's home-distributor by the NKVD, from where he was sent to Melekess (now Dimitrovgrad), the Ulyanovsk region. There, they say, and it appeared "the first traces, and there he was Sashka Matrosov. Among the homeless had their own laws, and one of them read: if you are not Russian, and National, you will never believe and otherwise will be shunned. Therefore, getting in an orphanage and the colony, adolescents, especially boys, tried hard to change their family names and names in Russian.
. Later, when he was in the Ivanovo regime colony, Sasha laughing candid, like, settling in an orphanage, called his native place of the city, which had never been
. This somewhat lifts the veil, where all references and encyclopedias appeared Dnepropetrovsk city as the birthplace of Alexander Matrosov.
. In Ivanovo colony he had several nicknames: Shura-Shakiryan - someone, . apparently, . knew his real name, . Shura-Matrogon - he liked to wear a cap and sailor form, . and Shura-driver - it was due to the fact, . he traveled, . and that he was sent to the stations to catch the runaway settlers,
. Another Sasha teased Bashkiriya. Another remembered that he knocked the great tap-dance and was able to play the guitar.
In Ivanovo Regime orphanage Sasha Matrosov was taken Feb. 7, 1938. (Incidentally, from that time his life was more or less, you can restore the documents. - VS) From the first days he is there something not like it, and he fled back to Ulyanovsk children's home. Three days later, he still returned.
After leaving school at the orphanage in 1939 Matrosova sent to Kuibyshev on Car Repair Plant. And there - soot, smoke ... It was not for Sasha, and after some time he went out in English. Saying goodbye.
Last native Kunakbaevo Shakiryana seen in the summer of 1939. By the time he finally Russified and all seemed to Alexander Matrosov. Nobody does not specifically asked to repeat "why" - it was not customary to ask many questions. Sasha recovered, was neatly dressed: in the head - peakless cap, a shirt could be seen singlet.
While still in Kuibyshev, together with his friend was taken to the police, accused of "violating the passport regime". Again traces Matrosova surfaced in the autumn of 1940 in Saratov. As is evident from the surviving to the present day instruments, People's Court of the 3rd section of the Frunze district condemned his Oct. 8 article 192 of the first Criminal Code of the RSFSR to two years imprisonment. Sailor was found guilty in the fact that, despite this they sign an exit from the city of Saratov in 24 hours, and continued to live. Looking ahead, I will say that only 5 May 1967 the Trial Chamber of the Supreme Court was able to return to the nullification of the case and the conviction was overturned.
Matrosov sitting in a labor camp, in the old Ufa (in the picture: so he looked at the time). He served a term "from bell to bell" - this can be gauged from the fact that at the end of September 1942 a group of other recruits, he was in Krasnokholmsky military infantry school at Orenburg. The course was then six months, and the autumn collection, which was Alexander, in March 1943 was supposed to go to the front lieutenants. The school Matrosov accepted into the Komsomol. This fact could not recall, but then at least two of the museum (do not want to say what) presented as an exhibit the original of the Komsomol ticket Hero. Only one was written: "He lay down on the firing points of the enemy", on the other - "to combat" ...
. The situation at the end of 1942 turned out, that in January the 43rd Cadet of the entire school was sent to the front rows on the replenishment of parts
. Matrosov was enrolled in the lists of 91-th Pacific Volunteer Marine Brigade of the Stalin February 25. And two days later, with the capture of the village of Nigella, he stepped into immortality, covering the body from the embrasure of the enemy machine gun.
. And it does not matter that later, after Stalin's order, the day priurochat February 23 - 25-year anniversary of the Red Army, and that "feat Matrosov, before this had already been carried out by other characters, more than 70 times ..
. But at least seven thousand! Breast shield his comrades from death by paying with their lives - here a little courage. And at all times, all peoples are valued and will be valued higher than a feat.
... Yunus babay lived to this day, and, hobbling through the village, proudly told everyone that his Shakiryan - a real hero. The old man, though not believed, thought rave - which is not the case with the disease. But he insisted: "The rights of a Muslim, well done son grew up ..." Umer Yunus, without seeing the Gold Star of Hero-son, and, taking the secret of all transformations Shakiryana Muhamedyanova in Alexander Matrosov.
From the author. The article is based on the book Rauf Nasyrova, materials Bashkir newspapers, as well as on the basis of the data that were collected by the young pathfinders.

. Source:
. http://www.pnp.ru/

. I was falling to Alexander Matrosov embrasure bunker?
. Alexander Matrosov was not so, who they say they gave

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Alexander Matrosov, photo, biography
Alexander Matrosov, photo, biography Alexander Matrosov  soldier of the Great Patriotic War, photo, biography
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