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Zakhoder Boris

( Writer)

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"But flying in the darkness of the universal message ..."

Interviewed by E. Konstantinova

. Remember, . said that his friends greedy at the table, . and then thoroughly stuck in the hole Pooh? "Well, . Since you then at least read me some digestible book, . that can support and comfort the poor bear in a hopeless situation ... ",
. It is such a book he wrote Boris Zakhoder
. Many, many years. It was he who opened the country and the island Voobraziliyu Gdetotam. He told many amusing stories about animals, birds and fish. Translated, told the Russian language of the famous "Winnie the Pooh and All-All-All" Alan Milne, "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll, "Mary Poppins Pamela Travers, the tales of the Brothers Grimm. In general, this "old friend" of children, as he calls himself in verse, he knew "about anyone in the world."
. However, he also once said: "The title" child of the poet "shut me the way into the adult poetry."
. In 1996, the seventy-eighth year of life, was published his first book of poetry for adults - "Almost a posthumous"
. A small brochure with a circulation of 1000 copies. And in the same performance poetry - "Pages". To the 80 th anniversary have been issued "Zahoderzosti". In this, in fact, most full-bodied collection of works by including the fact that it is especially expensive and especially want to see at last in the book. "
Agreeing to the interview, the poet set a condition: the questions will answer and his poems. The conversation took place on Oct. 6, 1998 in Bolshevo at the dacha of the poet, was later endorsed by them.
- Boris, the "Zahoderzostyah" the reader can almost hear your opinion on any subject - from "high" to "low". And yet you, please, some of them again. What is causing your rejection?
. - Quack, of which ninety per cent, in my opinion, is the art of the twentieth century.

. Nowadays everyone has learned,
. In any cobbler,
. Whatever, whatever stitch --
. He was an artist!
. ( "In the bazaar")

. Take art
. It has been proved that any - literally - a beast, if its tail to attach a brush and dipped in a bucket of paint can to paint. In any case, smeared with paint on canvas so as to find enough competent critics, who announced this product in a work of art and put it in a museum. I will not buy any of Pablo Picasso, nor on Kazimir Malevich. "Black box" - is a mockery of common sense! Not so long ago in a newspaper was a charming cartoon: among several painted black squares readers were asked to identify the one that belongs to Malevich. No one dares to say that the emperor has no clothes! Instead, make smart person, admired, feared be untimely, ignorant and t. n.
- I think your judging Malevich quite controversial. Some phenomenon, . including art, . decided to consider the chronological sequence, . is not it? "Black Square" reflected the social consciousness of the time: the wandering minds, . search the ethical and aesthetic ideals and t,
. n., becoming its sublimation. And in this sense, the artist is not only a mirror, but also a hostage of his time ...
. - I repeat, I am not a supporter of quackery.

. When shameless-acrobat
. With the majestic sounds of "Moonlight"
. We demonstrated its ass,
. (As well as the forehead and cast iron);

. When we look at the screen
. And give us screen
. A friend since childhood romance
. In processing graphomaniac.

. A director komprachikos
. "Othello" Othello poses no.
. (Why? Meaningless question:
. This performance will bring glory to him!)

. All this bastard is aware --
. Now, when fragmented atom
. Disable can be an idiot
. And that creates a genius --
. Everything was half-finished!

. - Do not boil.
. Eventually
. One of the fate of all creators!

. Lord endured - and we ordered:
. After all, he - think! - The universe
. For you and I did not regretted
. For exercise mortal thoughts ...
. ( "Postmodernism")

. In the nineteenth century lived a great German poet William Bush
. In 1881 - the year of birth of Pablo Picasso! - He had published, by the way, and he illustrated, "Maler Kleksel", which means roughly "the artist Mazilkin". So, the artist Mazilkin was a certain peculiarity - he was always drawing faces in profile, but with two eyes, he knew that relies two eyes! ..

. Since then, as I opened this mystery
. I lived in a very strange world
. Where everything you need - by chance
. And twice two not be four.

. It weighs only that weightless,
. And always - only intermittent.
. At the time there is clearly not all there
. And, apparently, gone mad space:

. After close only that so far,
. A close - alas, unattainable.
. What the outside, hid background,
. And that is in us, passes ...

. No action is no faith, nor the exact number.
. All messed up - body and soul.
. Here, even the author of "The Triangular Pear" --
. A normal person with common sense.

. World unusual, strange, arbitrary,
. Not snivshiysya science fiction and scientists ...

. And in the black sky shining light black
. He.
. Triangle.
. Quadrangular.

. He is in the center of the world in this strange world.
. Four of its angle
. Alas - four.
( "Four-cornered triangle")

In the art must be able to look with some distance, from the future - to see the overall process. In this review many of the things that recognizes innovation, causes anguish and perplexity. I do not understand why even the toilet paper with a piece of shit Picasso is the artistic value. I say nothing of our modern artists, completely forgotten, the famous ancient Greek adage: "Cacatum non est pictum" ( "to defecate is not meant to draw").

. In the elephant dung bathe lions.
. - Why did they do it?
. - Alas!
. After all, you're not a lion, --
. So you do not understand
. How sweet
. Bathe in the elephant dung!
. ( "About the lion")

. - And in literature, in your opinion, is something like that?
. - There is also plenty of deception and nonsense.

. Oh God, how much we can
. say
. Anyone who does not know how the two words
. tie! ..
. ( "Conceptualism")

. Even my Privy Councilor - HE Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - wrote that an era of quackery
. Sadly, his prophecy came true.
Man - the only biological species, which is itself a parasite on a. Even lice do not feed on lice. In art, in this mockery of his fellow sharpens huge layer-Vedova ": literary critics, musicologists, Theatrical, Film Critics and t. d.

Craftily arranged
White light;
There may be all - any subject --
(From defeat to victory)
And bring benefit and harm ...
Take the food - sometimes harmful.
People talk about the dangers of wine. (?)
Sometimes - and this is no secret --
Love itself is harmful! ..
As if there is no exception.
No, there are:
Literary critic.
Literary critic
Harms --
And the only harm!
( "Exception")

That such a grim joke. Fight "Vedas," is very difficult. They shape public opinion. They immediately adjacent to the so-called snobs and all sorts of rag-tag. And all this - "public"!
. - So you and hid in the literature for children?
. - The title "children's writer," I'm so tired of that one day I decided to have some fun:

. - About you say
. How about a children's poet.
. - But I did argue,
. Dear children?
. (My opinion)

. However, writing for children by grace
. I remained like a child. And, as is known, said: "... if you do not see and will not be like children, do not enter the kingdom of heaven ..." (Mt. 18.3). Incidentally, the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said almost the same thing: "A great man he who saves a child's heart."

. In my Voobrazilii,
. In my Voobrazilii --
. There realm of fantasy
. In all his omnipotence;
. There all your dreams come true
. And our sorrows
. Now turn
. In the funny adventures!

. In my Voobraziliyu
. To get very easy:
. She is extremely
. Conveniently located!
. And only those who clean
. Unimaginative --
. Alas, do not know how to enter
. In its location! ..
. ( "My Voobraziliya)

. - Boris, you've been familiar with Chukovsky? What was the meeting with him?
. - In 1955, I sent Kornei Ivanovich his recently published first book
. And the old-fashioned courtesy, he immediately responded - wrote a charming letter in which he predicted a bright future opportunities, as well as invited guests in. I came to him in Peredelkino. We became friends. Since then, I often visited Chukovsky performed on the famous "stake", he arranged for the kids. Generally, Corneille Ivanovich tried to be the most interesting and useful to children - opened for them the library and t. d. Our communication continued until the last of his days.
He was a complex. In my heart I called him an artist.
. - What?
. - "Heart of beauty tends to change ..." Suppose Chukovskij could make twice the same opinion on one subject - he had to necessarily change the view, sometimes even in polar
. Anyway, I loved him very much, read, and therefore forgave him all available, as mentioned in the "Inspector" Khlestakov, "hills" and "streams". Chukovskij - a great writer. Meeting with him, I always felt a genuine connection with the Russian literature. And Corneille Ivanovich, I think, too, treated me well. I still have a lot of his letters. With great participation and receptive to my writings Lydia Korneevna, I valued her opinion. I continue to be friends with Lyushey, Elena Tsezarevnoy, heir Chukovskogo.
- Your first book, which you mentioned, I saw the light where you turned, I believe, 37 years. Subsequent publication is not always proceeded smoothly. Is the word Chukovskogo could not have contributed to their promotion?
- These matters are not dealt with Corneille I.. But one day he wrote a sympathetic review of one of my first book.
- She helped you?
- I think so.
- The last day of September 1965 Chukovskij made this entry in his diary: "It was Boris Zakhoder. He brought Winnie the Pooh ". And - not a word about his impressions of this book.
- He would appreciate. While at first, when I had just told him that he would like to translate "Winnie the Pooh", reacted to my zatee without understanding: "Why do you need this English spleen?"
In "Winnie the Pooh" was a rather difficult life. In 1959, I brought it in "Detgiz". Seeing the manuscript, the editor of admiration jumped to the ceiling. But the director of publishing Mr. Piskunov flatly stated: "This American literature, we will not publish!" Curious was an instance. In the past, courier. Typical protege. This does not mean that I disparage attitude towards people whose profession is different from my. For example, could not command respect Igor Boronetsky, former saddler - he directed, and very successful publishing house "Kid" before publishing house known as the local industry. This man is very much for the development of children's literature. And it was he, incidentally, the first 38 years ago issued a "Winnie the Pooh". And without any delay.
- What scared "Detgiz" in the fairy stories about Bear with sawdust in your head?
- Basically - own idiocy. Over the years I became increasingly clear that this is a very powerful engine of human life.
- And especially in our?
- No, why? Idiocy has no borders, no oceans did not stop. For example, the Russian proverb "Compel fool pray to God - he will break his forehead" in the Americas operates with the same force that we have. Remember how the whole of America was playing with a history nashkodivshim spouse "Comrade Paramonova" from the song "Red Triangle" Alexander Galich. I mean the characters scandal in the White House, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. So I am far from thinking that we are in this sense, an exception.
. - Fantastic Stories of the Miraculous Forest, . happen to Winnie the Pooh and his company - the boy, Christopher Robin, . piglet Piglet, . old Eeyore, . Owl, . Tigers, . Rabbit, . Mama Kanga and her happy little boy Roux, . - Enough for dozens of animated series,
. But on screen in the years 1969-1972 came only three: "Winnie the Pooh," "Winnie the Pooh comes to visit," "Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day". Shame. Primarily, of course, hurt children to ...
- I also hurt. But ... After the release of these films, the director decided to continue further work alone, the cooperation ended ... But for the shooting he had not started.
- This was due to copyright?
- So the question was not. In the end, "Detgiz" still published my "Winnie the Pooh". And in 1964 or 1965 in America, it reprinted in Russian fotoprintom Publishers Dutton Press, who had all the rights to publish the works of Alan Alexander Milne. On learning this, I wrote the owner of publishing a letter to Mr. McRae: they say, curious about the book, find out whether she enjoys it a success. I received from him a detailed answer. In particular, Mr McRae said that if I wanted to get the money for publication, you must force the Soviet Government to accede to the Berne Convention. And also sent all the editions of "Winnie the Pooh", except in my book.
Fortunately, Mr. McRae thought about books and about children. He arranged for them in their own publishing charming museum, where he presented the toys from a fairy tale. Milne sent him for each birth certificate. Alas, when in 1986 I came to America, from the museum no trace. After the death of his son, Mr. McRae, clean hardhead, quickly sold disneevtsam and toys, and the right for good money. And now, using the names, they produce idiotic, I would even say - blasphemous, forgery and crafts that look and there, and here the poor children.
. - What is poetry, your teddy bear explained as follows: "... this is not the things that you find when you like, things that n and x o d I t at you and all you can do -- is to go where they can find you "
. And he also shared his recipe for writing: "The best way to write poetry - it allows words to become places where they want to". But seriously - as there are poems?

. I

. - In art, friends, no secrets.
. - A mystery?
. - The mystery is,
. - But it is - not a secret!

. II

. It is easy to distinguish
. Secrets and Mysteries:
. Secrets - eternal,
. Secrets - random.
. ( "Secrets and Mysteries")

. - Who is now writing you respect?
. - Fazil Iskander, Alexander Solzhenitsyn
. Despite the fact that Solzhenitsyn too carried away by his "preaching" activities and his recent hit the wrong target, the earlier achievements of this writer before the literature is indisputable - he did such a great thing as "The Gulag Archipelago."
. - For Pushkin the poet - "the sky elected singer" ( "Friends"), "the elect of heaven," "divine messenger" ( "The Poet and the crowd")
. Perhaps such high definition, he emphasized primarily the responsibility that eased the gift imposes on possession of a feather. Not a shadow of ambition, claims, arrogance, clearly sounded a century later: "The poet in Russia is more than a poet."
. - This has became a cruise line, Mr. Yevtushenko (so-called, and his television program) entered into a monstrous contradiction
. Therefore we can not be more than a poet. Otherwise it ceases to be a poet. There is an old anecdote. One trader rabbit skins dreaming: what would happen if he suddenly becomes king? And expressed himself thus: "If I were king, I'd be more than the king. I would be king, and, moreover, would be sold rabbit skins. Hopes of this kind do not take into account the "small": it is impossible to comply with royal dignity by selling rabbit skins. Including poet, recycle their "skins": fables, hymns, poems and stengazetnye t. n.
- Is it a fable and hymns - not poetry?
- A long-standing military regulations read: "The soldier is a common name, the famous. Soldiers called the first general and the last soldier ". So, the word "poet" and the word "poetry" is also the concept of common, famous. And in the verse summarizes all rhymed, unequal length lines, which are in fact neither poetry, nor even poetry are not. And therefore, that those who have nothing to do with poetry is not: poets, rhymester, graphomaniac and t. d. and t. n. When I wrote this poem in the form of dialogue:

. - Can pass for
. Poet
. Eminent,
. Famous
. (You and venerable)!
. Counted to the cream and the elites
. You can be nice, and rich,
. Can be (more than once!) Winner.
. Everything is possible!

. Nobody with
. Not force you
. To be a poet! ..
. The devil then break a leg with your brother!
. ( "Almost unlimited opportunities")

. Reader in all these categories is difficult to understand, and no time
. As a rule, and these are limited.
- Why is someone who can only versifitsirovat often reserves the right to be called a poet? What is it - lack of self-irony?
- The reasons are. Alexander Blok in his magnificent speech "On the Poet", . delivered in the House of Writers in the 84-th anniversary of Pushkin's death, . "for fun" proclaimed three cheerful truth of common sense: "No special art is not available, should not give the name of art to, . that is not so, in order to create works of art, . must be able to do it ",
. This warning - a clear, coherent and - unheard.
- It seems that our lives be compared with the situation described in the famous Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale "about how the storm outweighed signs". You do not find that all these games in HRE, regardless of whether we recognize them symbolic or actual force, or do not recognize, have their consequences are far from a smile?
. - The fact that we, as always with a delay of 30-40 years compared with the western world, are entering the modern
. High culture is replaced by the culture of an idiot. Our signposts are a pervert, half-wit and Ham. This is not my words. They belong to an American writer. He talked about this in the 50's.

. Cheers! Stench and aroma
. We already are in the same price.
. And the market all of our friendlier
. Besides, anyone who sells stink ...
. ( "Pluralism or polyculture)

. Art, particularly poetry, which for centuries was the most beshlebnym affair, married into commerce.

. Known --
. Verses can not subsist, --
. Especially
. If you do not want to disgrace! ..
. (Zakhoder ")

. The fate of poetry was to identify the one who pays - that is, the crowd
. A crowd of Alexander Pushkin invariably called in verse "rabble".

. Poet on the lyre inspired
. Hand scattered praise to.
. He sang - a chill and arrogant
. Around people uninitiated
. He listened to the pointless.
. ( "The Poet and the crowd")

. Alas, this is so.

. The worse you write,
. The worse the paint, --
. The more you audience
. You interested!
. ( "Modern Board")

. - Your Body is dire ...
. - That state, . which today is a biological species Homo sapiens (also known as the human race), . general is in doubt: a man a man? And not only from philosophers and writers (in the end, . a people verbal, . for effect is not what his own father - themselves not regret), . but among serious biologists,
. Example, . founder of ethology - the modern science of the behavior of living creatures - Konrad Lorenz says: "It seems, . people - this is the missing link between apes and human beings "(Konrad Lorenz, . "Das sogenannte Btsse", . in Russian translation - "On Aggression").,
. Poetry, as it is described in its highest manifestation, but it - the main thing that makes humans human, to help people understand that they - the people and thus help them become people
. This is a long process. Charles Darwin warned: "For the evolution of the human race does not need a dozen years, both for domestic animals, and millions of years, both for the wild, because the man was and will forever remain a wild animal" ( "The Next Ten Million Years", Ch. 4).
- That is the chorus of primitive animals from your kinoskazki "Fantik" - is the chorus ... modern humans? "The times have we / Curious -/Primitivnye, . / Pervobytnye. / We ourselves all / Primitive -/Neuklyuzhie, . / Nevospitannye... / Only that we / I saved, . / - Who scratched! / - Who bites! / - Who kick! / Who butt! / - Or who sneak out / guessed! ",
. - Partly because it is
. Marxists argued that the state increased to wither away. Now the same process occurs with a man at all - he is very, very flourishing as a monkey, so that then, obviously, become a man. Or - and this option is possible - to wither away. Sometimes it seems to me that the rights of the old song - the song since my childhood. Several years ago I wrote about this verse:

. Old song ...
. Have not heard.
. It was as though buried in the grave ...
. What a pity!
. Suppose that it is naive and ridiculous --
. But is it a string
. At all times --
. What a pity
. What is not understood by us it
. What a pity that it is forgotten!

. "We dug ourselves a grave."
. That prophetic word about our fate.
. All told --
. Simple and straight.
. Where there
. Nostradama rhymes!

. It's easy!
. Well, just
. One can not understand!
. But we, oddly enough, managed to ...
. 'm Afraid it is too late now to explain --
. I'm afraid we are now at the goal:

. "We were digging the grave of his own --
. Before her, we stand on the edge "--

. But who are these "we"?
. Our hapless people?
. Maybe
. Entire human race? ..
. ( "Old Song")

. Maybe, . for poets and write, . to find true pleasure? Or at least hope, . that the path to it exists? It is my firm conviction, . purpose of poetry - an objective goal, . regardless of the subjective goals of authors, . one - to strengthen the unity of the human race,
. Genuine poetry - it is always striving to create a single genus Homo sapiens.
- Sometimes, in poetry, which, apparently, are addressed to children, people as they grow older opens ever new meanings. Why?
- Lyrics - thing is extremely valued.

Verses us something to say.
But not always.
Not all in a row.
( "Verses")

The word itself is a beautiful miracle. His grammar and the meaning of this immense. After hearing three or four sound, then it is possible to determine what is at stake, to understand how the speaker refers to is talking about, and t. d. The whole experience of humanity is embedded in the most ordinary words. What can be said about the word poetry? Arrays embedded in its vast information. Depending on the context of the same combination of words may mean something else.

- Dark!
- Here the darkness of candles!
- How is the darkness?
No, your language will bring me mad.

Lyrics - the word in its highest development. In my opinion, the most suitable definition of the poetic word is given in the "Adventures of the Good Soldier Schweik Jaroslav Hasek, the great book of the twentieth century, which our literary snobs completely forgotten. Recalling his stay in the madhouse as the best days of my life, Schweik speaks about this institution with extraordinary praise. "They are allowed to crawl naked on the floor, howling jackal, rage and bite ... It kind of freedom, which the Socialists and never dreamed ... In the madhouse anyone could say whatever came into his head, as if in parliament ". So, among hospital patients was a professor, who "argued that the inside of the globe there is another ball, much more outdoor". In the poetic word is entered into more than one ball, and countless balls. And some of them are actually "far more outside.
Over the years, as developing our brains and hearts, we become more and more acutely to see and understand. Therefore, what wonder if the age we find in verse for children is something hitherto concealed? That's my secret advisor once said:

. What is the hardest?
. What seems the simplest.
. Seeing with my own eyes what
. What we look.

. What beautiful simplicity? Infinite complexity
. It allows, if consciousness is ready to penetrate into the subject. For example, the complex has a tendency to keep eyes on the surface. That grille with intricate patterns. You can recognize its beauty, to define the style, era. However, this is all common knowledge - formal, minor. And if you take the pieces of metal from which it was made, and "infiltrate" deep, in the metal itself, then you will inevitably see its infinite complexity, leading ultimately to the structure of the universe. As stated in the Chinese treatise "The word on the painting of the Garden of a mustard seed, has six bases of painting. The last five can learn. The first - the ability to express the essence of things - given from birth. I have about it the following lines:

. Easy
. To get a heavenly star
. Easy
. Hands
. Dilute trouble
. I write poetry.
. It is very simple.
. But it is only necessary
. Is
. Big Growth!
. ( "It's very simple")

. - It seems to be entirely new, while remaining very old - the constant conflict in any creative work, including poetry
. "But whether it is unique, a word / You're older than us, you always new," - wrote in his poem "Infinite" Goethe. In what priority - for the form or content?
. - My answer is the same lines of Goethe:

. Solidifies running events,
. Merge with eternity slowly
. If the form gives a genius
. Contents - soul.
. ( "Eternal in the instantaneous")

. Cope with some form for the poet is not a problem
. She - what is best seizes. Since specific. Its capture even those who usually do not get into the content - literary critics, and so feed. For example, when a group of famous young poets, "tremor foundations" - Andrei Voznesensky, Yevgeny Yevtushenko and others - have come up with rhyming "legs - of the night, terribly glad, and critics say they were the innovators. The fact that "innovation" was at odds with the appointment of rhyme, which was originally designed to help the memorization of poetry, - she was born, as Pushkin wrote, from the echo - it seemed insignificant.

. I

. Write without rhyme and rhythm,
. Even easier than singing with a microphone:
. There's no need to vote,
. But here - and more talent ...

. II

. No rhyme.
. Without rhythm --
. They write with a childlike faith,
. What is it - blank verse.

. What if he --
. Gray?
. ( "Vers libre")

. - And what a scientist crow, which is dedicated to you in the poem "Children's Poet" immortalized Valentin Berestov?
. - Oh, it was mileyshee creation! We took him in chicks, housed in a garden on cherries
. They called Krashen: On the day when the crow came to us, my wife Galya something knitting red yarn, which he immediately drew attention to - shake the ball and hung bits of thread on all the trees in the garden. Played 'Crash the crack of dawn and started frantically yelling out the window, demanding breakfast. The question arose: how do I get it fed itself? On the roof is steep place where you can keep food. But Voronenko ahead of a cat. Galya taught Crush lift cap on banks from the fruit drops, then - open the matchboxes with food. Remarkable was the personality! ..
Generally, the crows - striking birds. Very intelligent and omnivorous. In his time at the biological faculty of Moscow State University went to a joke - is protected by another dissertation on "Once More on the nutritional gray crows". As you know, the crow eats everything. Thus, it has the mass of free time she spends on entertainment. One winter, I watched the crows ride on the freshly fallen snow: they sat on the ass and ottopyrivaya feet, as if afraid to fall, slid down the chute! ..
. - Ironic, skeptical, you - an optimist?
. - My answer is, again, in verse:

. The stars shine,
. Send somewhere light.
. Send,
. As tidings
. Hoping for an answer.

. Or --
. Do not hope to answer:
. Dark Circle
. And she limits - no.

. But flies
. In the darkness of the Ecumenical
. Tidings.
. News that
. In light of the world --
. Eat.

. Stars - light ...
. ( "Stars shine ...")

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. http://magazines.russ.ru/

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