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Steklov Alan Alexander (Alan Alexander Milne)

( Writer, author of `Winnie the Pooh ')

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Biography Steklov Alan Alexander (Alan Alexander Milne)
photo Steklov Alan Alexander (Alan Alexander Milne)
A Scotsman by birth, Alan Alexander Milne spent his childhood in London, where his father worked in the school. His early education is largely determined by the influence of teachers Youths X. J. Wells - much later Milne wrote about Wells as "a great writer and great friend". He continued his education at Westminster School and Trinity College, Cambridge. Subsequently, he presented the original manuscript of his book "Winnie the Pooh" and "House at Pooh Corner" Library of the College. While a student at Cambridge, he edited the "Grant" (as I understand it - stud. magazine) and his first literary efforts were published in the humorous magazine "Punch". A month after his dvadtsatichetyrehletiya, Milne began work in Punch as an assistant editor until the First World War.
In 1913 Milne married Dorothy Daphne de Selinkot, from this marriage was born one son, Christopher. He is a born pacifist, Milne was drafted into the ranks of the Royal Army and served in France. His famous anti-war work "peace with honor" was published in 1934. This book has found an enormous response in the interwar era, but in 1924 Meffin published Milne's famous stories, "When we were young, some of which have been published previously in" Punch and was well known to regular readers of the magazine.
. Two years later, in 1926, the first version of Bear with sawdust in his head (in English - Bear-with-very-little-brain) "Winnie the Pooh"
. The second part of the stories "Now we have become six" appeared in 1927 and, finally, the final part of the book "The House at Pooh Corner" was published in 1928. Milne thought he wrote something like a well-selling detective stories because his book immediately earned two and a half thousand pounds. Even after the staggering success of Winnie the Pooh Milne was in doubt, about his literary talents. He wrote: "All that I wanted - it is to escape from this glory, as before, I wanted to run away from Punch, as I always wanted to run away ... But ... "
. In 1922, he actually wrote the mystery "The Secret of Red House," which was published Meffinom in 1939, along with 25 other plays, stories and autobiography Milne's "Now is too late."
. Milne always acknowledged with gratitude, and repeatedly emphasized the key role of his wife, Dorothy, and his son, Christopher, in writing and the fact of the appearance of "Winnie the Pooh"
. The history of this book really is full of mysteries and contradictions, but the fact remains - books about Pooh Bear has been translated into 25 languages and have taken their place in the hearts and on the shelves of millions of readers.
. The first chapter of Pooh "in which we first encounter with Winnie the Pooh and the bees" was first published in a London evening newspaper on Dec. 24, 1925 and broadcast on BBC radio on Christmas Day, Donald Kalfropom
. Winnie the Pooh was first published Meffinom in October 1926, and has been for many years Milnovskie books - is a recognized classic of children's bookshelves and Disney cartoons.
. The irony is that Milne was convinced that he did not write any child of prose, or children's poems
. He appealed to the child inside each of us. He never read his stories about his son, Pooh, Christopher Robin, preferring to raise Christopher on the works of his favorite writer Wodehouse. Woodhouse Milne subsequently returned the compliment, saying that "Milne - his favorite children's writer."
Books Wodehouse continued their lives in the house Milne and after his death. Christopher Robin read these books to his daughter Claire, the bookshelves in the room which is literally bursting with books of children's author. Christopher wrote to his friend Peter (actor): "My father knew nothing about the specifics of the market of books, knew nothing about the specifics of sales, he never wrote books for children. He knew about me, he knew about himself and the Garrick Club (literary-artistic club in London, note. Helen-Troy, I know from the literature) - and he just did not pay attention to everything else ... Except, perhaps, of life itself ". Christopher Robin first read poems and stories about Winnie the Pooh, 60 years after their first appearance, when I heard a recording of Peter on the plate.
The Adventures of Winnie the bear cub loved by both adults and children. A survey in 1996. survey, hosted by British radio show that this book took 17 place in the list of the brightest and most significant works published in the twentieth century.
Worldwide sales of Winnie the Pooh since 1924. by 1956. exceeded 7 million. As you know, when sales rose past million - publishers stopped counting them.
Since 1968 the publishing house Muffin has sold 500,000 copies annually, with 30 per cent of expenditures in the "new countries - Australia, South Africa, New Zealand. By 1996, it sold nearly 20 million copies, and only published by Muffin. This does not include publishers in the United States, Canada and English-speaking countries.
In 1985, Winnie the Pooh has been brilliantly translated into Russian by Boris Zakhoder (Here error. Whether out of ignorance, whether sealed. In fact, Pooh has been translated B. Zakhoder in 1960. (note. Tigers)). Anyone who owns two languages, can confirm that the transfer was made with refined precision and brilliant inventiveness. Generally Winnie translated into all European and almost all world languages.
In the world-famous Winnie the Pooh, Alan Alexander Milne is known as a playwright and novelist. His plays were a success on the professional stage in London, but now are placed mainly in amateur theater, but still draw full houses and raise public interest and the press.
In 1952, Milne became seriously ill ... He had to postpone a serious operation on the brain. The operation was successful, and after Milne returned to his home in Seksese, where he spent the rest of his life reading. After a long illness he died in 1956, 31 January.
Shortly after the release of "Winnie the Pooh, AA Milne wrote in The Nation:" I think that each of us secretly dream of immortality.. In the sense that his name will outlive the body and will live in this world, despite the fact that the man himself moved into another world. "When Milne died, no one had any doubts that he discovered the secret of immortality. And it's not 15 minutes of fame, is now immortal, which, contrary to his own expectations, he brought not the play and novel, and a little teddy bear with sawdust in his head.
. In 1996 Milne's beloved teddy bear was sold in London at auction house Bonhama unknown buyer for 4600 pounds
. (Approximately $ 7400 (note. Tigers)).


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    Steklov Alan Alexander (Alan Alexander Milne), photo, biography
    Steklov Alan Alexander (Alan Alexander Milne), photo, biography Steklov Alan Alexander (Alan Alexander Milne)  Writer, author of `Winnie the Pooh ', photo, biography
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