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Nesmelov Viktor Ivanovich

( Religious philosopher, developed the problem of anthropology.)

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Biography Nesmelov Viktor Ivanovich
1/13.1.1863 - 6.1937

Trivia Graduated from the Kazan Theological Academy and then was her professor on the faculty of logic and philosophy. Continued to the Socratic philosophical tradition in opposition to Aristotle. Developed psychological evidence of the existence of God, deriving from the absolute beginning of human existence outside of the absolute. Preceded by existentialism H. Berdyaev.

Characteristics of views "Work of Professor. V. Nesmelova "Science of Man" (Kazan, 1898) is divided into 2 volumes, first described in personality psychology, the second metaphysics of life. In the analysis of mental phenomena mind is the universal form of expression, . and the analysis of mental activity, it is the process of their formation, due to this provision opens the possibility of transition from physiological psychology to the analysis of psychic phenomena spiritualisticheskoy.Pri idea was not taken into account, . the analysis of psychic activity, it is a living process of communication of psychic phenomena and the only process of psychic life that is given the transition from Associate of psychology to the psychology of the living spirit of,
. Man opposes himself as a free cause, as the figure of the outside world. Analyzing the content of consciousness, Nesmelov sees in it the fundamental expression of human consciousness, which in itself may not be included in the content of external self-determination, and therefore may not be an element of self -. Consciousness, however, lies at the basis of mental activity and represents the only condition in virtue of which may be the mental development. All the explanation of spiritual development lies in the fact that the person exists as a simple thing of the physical world and the real nature of his personality shows in the world the absolute essence of. In the second part of Professor. Nesmelov examines the religious and metaphysical questions, as, for example., The problem of evil. This remarkable work is a return to the traditions of religious and philosophical thought, so close to Schellingism and at the same time, and the Orthodox spiritual and academic philosophy. "(Radlov E.L. Outline of the History of Russian Philosophy. Sverdlovsk, 1991. S. 170-171)

Teaching origin of the idea of God 'image of the absolute reality of being given to man by nature of his personality'. (Nesmelov VI. Science man. Kazan, 1906. T. 1. S. 246).

Major works 1 / The Science of Man. T. 1. Kazan, 1898 / 3rd ed. - 1905 / T. 2. 2 ed. 1907; 2 / Faith and knowledge from the standpoint of epistemology. Kazan, 1913.

Edition 1. Dogmatic system of St. Gregory of Nyssa. Kazan, 1887;
2. The question of the meaning of life in the teachings of the New Testament revelation. Kazan, 1895;
3. Science of man: In 2 m. Kazan, 1898-1903, 2 ed., Corr. and additional. Kazan, 1905-1906;
4. Faith and knowledge from the standpoint of epistemology. Kazan, 1913.Belgorodsky MM. Solve the mystery man. On the philosophical heritage of VI Nesmelova. 1863-1937 / / Soviet bibliography. 1992. ? 1. S. 113-121; Science of Man. At 2 m. Kazan, 1994.

Literature Florovsky G. Ways of Russian Theology. Paris, 1937 (Vilnius, 1991). S. 445-450; Belgorodskii MM. Solve the mystery man: On the philosophical heritage of VI Nesmelova. 1863-1937 / / Soviet bibliography. 1992. ? 1. S. 113-121; Shaposhnikov L.E. Russian religious philosophy of the XIX - XX centuries. N. Novgorod, 1992; Anthony (Khrapovitsky). New experience in teaching on the knowledge of God / / Full. cit. op. T. 3. Kazan, 1900; Berdyaev N.A. Experience of Philosophy. Nesmelova "Science of Man" / / Rus. thought. 1909. ? 9; Glubokovsky NN. Eng. theology in its historical. development and the latest status. Warsaw, 1929; Zenkovsky VV. Russian History. Philosophy. T. 2. Paris, 1950, Nikolaev A. Theological Works of Professor. V.I.N. Zh. Mosk. patriarchy. 1937. ? 8, Konstantin (Gorianov), Bishop. Life and Works H. / Man. 1992. ? 2.

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Nesmelov Viktor Ivanovich, photo, biography
Nesmelov Viktor Ivanovich, photo, biography Nesmelov Viktor Ivanovich  Religious philosopher, developed the problem of anthropology., photo, biography
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