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Samarin, Yury Fyodorovich

( The philosopher, social activist, ideologue Slavophilism.)

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Biography Samarin, Yury Fyodorovich
21.4/3.5.1819 - 19/31.3.1876

Trivia Graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy Department of verbal Mosk.un-ta. Western materialism and idealism in opposition to the integrity of the spirit. Participated in the implementation of the agrarian reform in Rossii.Trudy S.: "Introduction to the passage of the notes Khomyakov about world history," Concerning the views of "Russian Herald" about the study of philosophy ... ". Unpublished work on the development of personality in the beginning of the Christian world ... " / 1843 /.
. Characteristics of beliefs is particularly important for the characterization Samarina his letter to Herzen, in which he nastaivaetna freedom of human will, and reveals the inherent contradiction in the thinking of Herzen (Rus, 1883, N1)
. (Radlov E.L. Outline of the History of Russian Philosophy. Sverdlovsk, 1991. S. 132)

Teaching of Social Philosophy.
'Tocqueville, Montalembert, Riehl, Stein-Western Slavophiles. All of them, on the basic beliefs and to end their claims, closer to us than our westerners. As we, . and in France, . England, . Germany at the forefront of one question: whether lawfully autocratic sovereignty of reason in the device of the human soul, . civil society, . State? Whether a sanity break and distort spiritual beliefs, . family and civic traditions - in short, . correct in his own life? The tyranny of reason in philosophy, . faith and conscience meet to practice, . public life, . tyranny of central government ..,
. Power belongs to the society as a reason for the human soul. Legitimate sense of longing and satiation induced despotism of reason and the government, lies at the basis of the aspirations Montalembert, de Tocqueville and the Russian Talks. But the difference: Tocqueville, . Montalembert, . Riehl other, . defending the freedom of life and legend, . treated with love for the aristocracy, . because the historical data in Western Europe, the aristocracy of the other parties has a better standard of Toryism ... On the contrary, . we appeal to the common people ..,
. because we keep people ... freedom of moral inspiration and respect for tradition. In Russia, the only shelter Toryism - a black peasant's hut ... In Europe and Toryism, and vigizm grown from one national roots ... We vigizm immunized outside ... it ... was not and never will be a creative force ... Thus, the struggle vigizma with Toryism of faith, philosophy and administration, we are much more complicated than in the West, because in Russia it captures in its range yet another struggle with a national household beznarodnoyu, abstract civilization. "(Samarin S. F. Op. M., 1877. V.1. S. 401-402).

'Defending the economic community - we have in Russia - and now, I am, however, did not give her impeccable form and generally. Communal land ownership has significant discomfort, which I did not hide. In it lies the inherent contradiction, showing that this form can not be eternal, but must be changed by the free development '. (Samarin S. F. Op. T. 3. S. 169).

'The Savior and the Apostles established the Church and gave mankind the doctrine of man's relation to God, but they do not constitute state forms and writing constitutions'.
(Samarin YU.F. Op. M., 1877. T. 6. S. 557).

Op Works. M., 1877-1911. T. 1-10, 12;
Restoring order and polit. freedom / / Moscow. Vote. 1906. ? 2;
What should I do with the upcoming TSerk. Cathedral? MA, 1912;
Benefit of reading Six Psalms. ? 1899. Can Zemsky Sobor lead us out of our present situation? (Correspondence with A. Kireev) / / peace work. 1905. ? 4;
Initial KHrist. church in Jerusalem / / Relig.-Philosophy. Bk. M., 1908. Tech. XVI; Izbr. Random. M., 1996.

Literature Koshelev AI. Notes. M., 1991; Barsukov NP. Life and works of MP Pogodin. Petersburg. Kn. 7: Theory of the State in Slavophiles. SPb., 1898; Vvedenskii S.N. The main features of philosophical ideas Samarin. Kazan, 1899; Nolde B.E. Yuri Samarin and his time. Paris, 1926, Struve P. Yuri Samarin: The experience of performance and assessment / / Rebirth. 1926. 13 June; Dudzinskaya EA. Social and economic activities Slavophile Samarin 40-50-ies of XIX century. / / Historical note. 1984. ? 110; In memory YU.F.S. SPb., 1876; Cavelin K.D. Mosk. Slavophiles forties / / Our mental system. , 1989; Miller On. YU.F.S. Experience characteristics / / Slavianstvo and Europe. SPb., 1877; Hucke G. Jurij Fedorovic Samarin: Seine geistesgeschichtliche Position und politische Bedeutung. Muenchen, 1970.

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Samarin, Yury Fyodorovich, photo, biography
Samarin, Yury Fyodorovich, photo, biography Samarin, Yury Fyodorovich  The philosopher, social activist, ideologue Slavophilism., photo, biography
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