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Sidon Fyodor

( The philosopher and theologian.)

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Biography Sidon Fyodor
11/23.2.1805 - 6/18.12.1873

Trivia Graduated from St. Petersburg Theological Academy, where he taught philosophy and theology from 1831 to 1835. In 1835 at St. Petersburg University are. Academician since 1856. Before 1862 was out of favor at the helm of the church. Otctaival need for philosophical studies, the possibility of harmonizing faith and reason.
. Characteristics of views "Influence of French philosophy has not disappeared, and when came the domination of German idealism: for example, Osipovskij translated Condillac, Lobachevsky assimilated the ideas of British empiricism, just as F
. Sidon Popovsky translated Locke "On education". Later, British influence markedly, mainly in the field of psychology: for example, M. M. Trinity English assotsionizm advocated in his book "Science of Mind, A. Smirnov applied it to the field of aesthetics and t. e. ". (Radlov E.L. Outline of the History of Russian Philosophy. Sverdlovsk, 1991.S. 106) But the 'Introduction' Sidonski noteworthy, especially not his optimism about the future of Russia's philosophy, and the idea of 'median' way in philosophy. The idea of 'middle path' - this is not just the introduction to philosophy, but in the 'Russian philosophy'. (Vanchugov In. Outline of the History of Philosophy 'originality-Russian'. M.: RIP 'Pilgrim', 1994. S. 34).
. Teaching Knowledge of nature
. 'In metaphysics should have a much clearer knowledge of the conditional nature, which gives us a transition to absolute, so with all the conviction and with all the clarity of sound mind to say: there is a God, because he acts in the world, this is the essence of his
. Sure, . if, . whenever the formation of ideas and knowledge about the nature of self-existent independent of one; an act of mental powers of our, . without this relationship to an independent life; an act of nature, . would be to finish the case of education ideas, . final understanding bytnogo: - all, . however, . And in that case, . no one can boast of a perfect development of the forces of his understanding, comprehension being the supreme and its relationship to the world for a long time could be scarce,
. But, . as we can not accept, . that in the present mood of reasonable force clarification of our ideas from being the supreme power is not of one mind, . and is prepared and filled by knowledge of the phenomena of existence, . pervosuschee which constitutes its strength, . then, . naturally, . should already have pre-knowledge of the nature of external, . and cognition, . how can, . of correct, . order to ascend to the understanding of the way, . which is shed in her life from the self-existent,
. So, the more perfect the circle of our thoughts and correct to our knowledge of natural phenomena, the development of thought about pervosuschem be perfect '.
(Sidon F. F. Introduction to the philosophy of science. SPb., 1833. S. 87-88).
. Infinitude knowledge
. 'We will rise to infinity in intelligence Truth, . even comprehend it in part pochastnom never failed us! Full contemplation of truth is at rest, they can enjoy one deity; creature all designed to move, . it is given only approach to the rest, it is still waiting for the holy Saturday! ",
. (Ibid.
. S. 126).
Faith and Reason
'Field of the human mind can not be limited odnoyu faith. To wish for such a restriction, and instruct it to Abraham, and perhaps it would be natural then perhaps, . whenever the human mind had its own mood, . on to whom he was supposed to act, . whenever he could not be disclosed to a considerable purity in each indivisible [man] '.,
. (Ibid.
. S. 180).
The nature of philosophy
'Whatever, however, the history or joined relations between ordinary daily life and philosophy, all the fundamental nature of the latter is precisely the elevation of all real, experienced'.
(Ibid.. S. 199).

Major works 1 / On the relation of ideal to reality and back. / / Son of the Fatherland and the North Archive. 1832. T. 26,? 11-12; 2 / Introduction to the philosophy of science. SPb., 1833; 3 / genetic introduction to the Orthodox theology. / / Christian

Works On the relation of ideal to reality and back / / Son of the Fatherland and the North Archive. 1832. T. 26. ? 11, 12;
Introduction to the philosophy of science. SPb., 1833;
Genetic Introduction to the Orthodox theology / Christian reading. 1877. CH. 1.

Christmas Literature NP. Regarding predprinimaegogo edition printing of theological lectures o.Sidonskogo / Christian reading. 1876. ? 9, 10; Spцгth i.i. Outline of development of Russian philosophy / / Op. M., 1989. S. 158-172; Zenkovsky VV. History of Russian Philosophy. L., 1991. T. 1, h. 2. S. 110-112; Vladislavlev MI. Archpriest FF Sidon and its Philosophy. views / / Journal of Min-va nar. Education. 1874. ? 1.

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Sidon Fyodor, photo, biography
Sidon Fyodor, photo, biography Sidon Fyodor  The philosopher and theologian., photo, biography
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