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Serna Solovyevich Nikolai

( The philosopher, revolutionary democrat, publicist.)

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Biography Serna Solovyevich Nikolai
13/25.11.1834 - 9/21.2.1866

General information In 1853-1859 - in the public service. One of the creators of "Land and Freedom". In 1862, together with Tchernyshevskiy arrested and imprisoned in the Peter and Paul Fortress. In 1865, exiled to Siberia. Defended the idea of laws of social life, the need for revolutionary methods for its rebuilding. Atheist.

Teaching Social Science.
'At every age and every generation of thinking had on his task. The challenge of our time is that presmotret, explain and bring into the general consciousness the idea of social life, changing its conditions, how they benefit the general human welfare. Therefore there is a need for a new, pre-eminently social science. Whatever the fate of her later, but it will rise at the head of the intellectual movement, and will control the course of world events. This is as true as it is also true that the medieval scholastics not return back and not replace him new concepts, won its half-decayed corpse. Attempts to create a social science, . with its global and purely practical value, . long begin to appear, to this end are scientists Events, . congresses, sharing ideas and observations becomes faster and more, . but all this is only one attempt, . which give the feel, . that the need for new knowledge does exist,
. The need for this is caused by a change in human relations, . for which the old concepts are made unsatisfactory, . and so began updating scientific, . techniques and methods of observation, . review and supplement the previous findings are essential,
. Because, . that modern science has been able to stand at odds with the old routine methods of scientific research and severed all ties with metaphysical platitudes, . it attracted to its side the most energetic minds and become better than other sciences to meet the requirements of the present generation,
. I have no doubt that the natural sciences in the future development of mankind will occupy one of the first places, but wrong in thinking our young people that this should stop the work of modern homo sapiens. If science confine itself to scientific findings, not referring to social issues - it falls into the same rut philistine, which hit and abstract philosophy. Therefore, . seems, . between social science and natural science should happen - and, . sooner, . the better - the exchange of the main forces of, . that is, one can borrow from another excellent method and give him, . in turn, . excellent aspirations'.,
. (Sulfur-Solovyevich H
. A. Publicism. Letters. M., 1963. S. 189 - 191).
Legislation history.
'We consider ourselves a chance only because I do not know the laws, by virtue of which they are committed. In fact, every event depends on a number of prior causes itself bound to a number of implications. And these causes and consequences are not accidental and not arbitrary, but necessary as a result of these or other conditions. When life presents us with phenomena that seem irregular and erratic, the reason for this - ignorance of the law and violation of their. Any violation entails the apparent irregularity, which in the physical world causes deformities, as in life - the suffering of both individuals and nations and all humanity. Happiness or unhappiness people, the success or failure of enterprises, prosperity or decline of states depend on unchanging laws. There is a range of causes that contribute to proper development, and the range of other reasons that prevent him. Mutual effect of their controls the progress and outcome of events. It is difficult, almost impossible to see and to understand the correctness of the general movement of history, judging by this or that individual event. Realize it can only by studying the life of humanity in the millennium and century. If we take into consideration all the immensity of this life, some events will be in its microscopic dots, which can only study with a significant improvement of knowledge. But once reaching the knowledge of laws, it is not difficult to check them in individual events. "

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Serna Solovyevich Nikolai, photo, biography
Serna Solovyevich Nikolai, photo, biography Serna Solovyevich Nikolai  The philosopher, revolutionary democrat, publicist., photo, biography
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