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PACKAGINGS Mikhail Mikhailovich

( Religious philosopher and theologian.)

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Biography PACKAGINGS Mikhail Mikhailovich
7/19.11.1867 - 20.5/4.6.1934

Information Mosk.Duhovnuyu graduated from the Academy, which was then a Professor of Orthodox Theology / 1902-1918 /. Negative attitude to attempts at synthesis of Christianity and secular forms of life, opposed to theocracy Vl.Soloveva. Anticipated the religious existentialism, arguing that the tragedy of human existence is connected with the man belongs to two spheres - the spiritual and natural. Doing T. distinguished from "knowledge", realizing the first as a mystic, intuitive grasp of reality.

Characteristics of views "Tareevskaya concept of Christianity - dualistic and very different from the monism Slavophiles and Vl. Solovyov. We have many loyal Tareeva. He - a strong enemy of theocracy. But he is also the enemy of all of Gnosticism. The kingdom of God is the kingdom of personalities, spiritually free. The main idea of the gospel - the idea of divine spiritual life ". (Berdyaev H. A. Russian idea. / / About Russia and Russian philosophical culture. M. 1990. S. 213)

Teaching basic problem 'for me all religious perspective is a matter of reconciling the reality of religious sanctity, the gospel of reconciliation with the cultural progress and worldly pleasures. Some of the problems revolve all of my theological writings'. (Tareev MM. Basic Christianity. Sergiev Posad, 1910. T. 4. S. 406). Morality 'We must recognize the human right to reject one or another form of religion that does not meet the moral consciousness of man, the right of conscientious obedience to religious authority on ethical grounds. If this truth has not yet found a universal acceptance, in any case have no place reasonable objections to it, it can resist only by mistake '. (Ibid.. S. Criticism of socialism 'Every absolute ideal, and also teamwork, engaging outside his usual sphere of subjective and clothed in the form of social programs, inevitably becomes utopianism in nominal sense of the word'. (He. Socialism (Morality and economy). Tech. 1. Sergiev Posad, 1913. S. 89).

Major works 1 / Basics of Christianity. V.1-4. Sergiev Posad, 1908, 2 / Philosophy of Life. Sergiev Posad, 1916; 3 / Christian philosophy. M., 1917.

Edition 1. Temptation of the God-man as a single redemptive feat of all earthly life of Christ in connection with the history of pre-Christian religions and Christian churches. M., 1898, 2 ed., 1900;
2. Live duscha. Sketch of the moral forces of modern Russia. SPb., 1900, 2 ed., 1908, 3rd ed., 1913;
3. The purpose and meaning of life. M., 1902, 2 ed., 1903;
4. Truth and the characters in the spirit. Sergiev Posad, 1905;
5. From death to life. Tech. 1: Live soul. Sergiev Posad, 1907;
6. Basics of Christianity: A 5 t. Sergiev Posad, 1908-1910;
7. Basics of Christianity: Summary. SPb., 1909;
8. Limit collective. SPb., 1912;
9. The life and teachings of Christ. CH. I: The philosophy of the Gospel stories. Sergiev Posad, 1913;
10. Socialism (Morality and economy). Tech. 1: Scientific socialism, his economic doctrine. Sergiev Posad, 1913;
11. Philosophy of life. Sat. Articles 1891-1916 gg. Sergiev Posad, 1916;
12. Christian philosophy. CH. I: A new theology. M., 1917.

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PACKAGINGS Mikhail Mikhailovich, photo, biography
PACKAGINGS Mikhail Mikhailovich, photo, biography PACKAGINGS Mikhail Mikhailovich  Religious philosopher and theologian., photo, biography
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