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Fonvizin Mikhail

( The representative of utopian socialism.)

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Biography Fonvizin Mikhail
20/31.8.1788 - 30.4 (12.5) .1854

General Information Since 1803 - in the military. Member of the Patriotic War of 1812. Major-General / 1820 /. Member dekabristkoy organization "Union of Salvation", was preparing a program and charter of the Northern Society of the Decembrists. After the uprising, was arrested and sentenced to 12 years in prison. He returned from Siberia in 1853. Advanced the idea of communal socialism.

Teaching the World Spirit 'But who is he - this Weltgeist? Does having a personality. Or only the global idea, which develops in history? - It is not God only because a gradual improvement - a concrete world-spirit - contrary to the concept of God. Being Infinite, infinite and perfect. If Hegel Weltgeist have an idea of the absolute (the Deity), gradually developing in history, and this view is contrary to the testimony of history. The first step of the ascent of the world of the spirit, when he did not yet have full consciousness and did not reach specific, is, according to Hegel, the world of the East with its theocratic kingdoms. Namely, in one of them - in Israel - the idea of absolute was clean, keeping God conscious and perfect, as freely given through revelation. Without which man would never have come to know God '. (Fonvizin MA. Review the history of philosophical systems. / / From the history of Russian philosophy п╔1п╔ - the beginning of the twentieth century. M., 1969. S. 365). Philosophy of History Hegel ', Hegel does not think 80 million people of Slavic history, perhaps in his mind, intending them to be a foot against a step to climb the world spirit'. (Ibid.). The socialist and communist doctrine 'Defenders of these systems works banned and until we do not reach. But, considering without prejudice, these new teachings, even on the records of their fiercest critics, the basic idea of socialism and communism is identical with the prescribed duties of the gospel of love and brotherly love. If the number of followers of the new political doctrines, there are unbelievers, . Pantheists and skeptics, . it should not be a marvel and awe before the mighty power of grace-words, . carried away, even his opponents speak and act in its spirit and unknowingly spread the Gospel truth ',
. (Fonvizin MA. From letters EP Obolensky. / Izbr. Sotsial-watered. philosopher. Random. Decembrist. M., 1951. T. 3. S. 199-200). Communism and Christianity, 'Of all the legislators Moses was the most radical in the sense of a communist, and for thousands of years before we understood, . the land, . as well as air, . water, . can not be absolutely, . inalienable property of the person, . but that all zemnorodnye have a natural inherent right, . living on it, . its hard earn our livelihood from it ',
. (Ibid.. S. 202-203).

Major works 1 / Op. and letters. V.1-2. Irkutsk, 1979-1980, 2 / On Communism and socialism. / / Utopian socialism. Readings. M., 1985.

Works 1 / Op. and letters. V.1-2. Irkutsk, 1979-1980, 2 / On Communism and socialism. / / Utopian socialism. Readings. M., 1985.

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Fonvizin Mikhail, photo, biography
Fonvizin Mikhail, photo, biography Fonvizin Mikhail  The representative of utopian socialism., photo, biography
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