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Shchapova Athanasius Prokopievich

( The philosopher and historian.)

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Biography Shchapova Athanasius Prokopievich
photo Shchapova Athanasius Prokopievich
Shchapov Athanasius Mikhailovich was born (5 (17) October 1831, with. Ang Verkholensk district of Irkutsk province, died on February 27 (11 March) 1876 in Irkutsk.

The son of a deacon and the rural peasant - buryatki. In ten years, entered the seminary (Irkutsk seminary), where 'rooms were close and damp, the floors are dirty and proedennye in many places, rats, putrid air, heating, almost was not supposed to, even in winter. The food was very rough and in small doses, so that the boys in the morning small slices of bread snatched from the hands of each other. Man-handling and rods were regarded as the main teaching methods'. Childhood Shchapova devoted the first part of the novel 'Master' M. V. Zagoskina.

In 1846, Mr.. for the brilliant success translated into the seminary, and after graduation among the top students sent to the Kazan Theological Academy, where he studied from 1852 to 1857. and graduated with a bachelor. During student Shchapova in Kazan was transported from the collection of manuscripts Solovetsky monastery, on the materials of which he wrote his dissertation 'Old Believers' schism'.

Already in September 1856. began to give lectures on Russian history in the Kazan Theological Academy. The success of his educational work was so obvious, that on 17 September 1860. Shchapov elected Professor of Russian history at Kazan University. November 12, 1860, Mr.. his first lecture to students at Kazan University, began with the words: 'I'll say in advance: not with the idea of statehood, not with the idea of centralization, and the idea of ethnic and regional I assume the chair of Russian history'. Shchapov openly declared 'Zemsky narodosvetii', the main manifestation of which should be a regional self-government, headed by the regional councils.
. It is known that he was a member of a secret student societies 'Library of Kazan students', was the author of its program
. By this time the true beginning of his disease of alcoholism.

In 1861, April 16 Shchapov spoke at the memorial service for farmers with. Abyss Spassky district of Kazan province, . killed during the peasant unrest: 'Other, . for the people killed! Land, . you cultivate, . fruit which nourishes us, . which now wants to buy the property and who took you to the martyrs in their bowels, . - He shall call this land the people to revolt and freedom: Long live the democratic constitution! ",
. April 30 at the personal order of king for this speech Shchapov was arrested. In the days of persecution Shchapova were written the following lines, addressed to Kazan:
. The town gossip, the city of dust,
. City various fevers,
. City, where I was tried,
. Like a snake, you have become hateful to me!
. Eight years into his arms
. City, you're choking me;
. That in agony, then curses
. The days I spent in writing

. Many tears I shed in thee
. For suffering peasant;
. You're thoughts are not widely understood
. Son of a poor clerk.
. Miserable City.
. Trivia Graduated from the Kazan Theological Academy and for a time was a professor of Russian history at the University of Kazan
. I tried to use 'natural-scientific method' to istorii.Osnovnye works - 'The general view of the history of intellectual development of Russia' / 1868
. Characteristic beliefs "The historian of mental development in Russia Shchapova close to the ideas Pisarev, considered idealist philosophy and aesthetics of the aristocratic and democratic recognized science"
. (Berdyaev H. A. Russian idea. / / About Russia and Russian philosophical culture. M. 1990. S. 162)

Major works 1 / Historical Sketches of the national outlook and superstition (Orthodox and Old Believer). SPb., 1863, 2 / Op.: In 3t. SPb., 1906-1908.

Works 1 / Historical Sketches of the national outlook and superstition (Orthodox and Old Believer). SPb., 1863, 2 / Op.: In 3t. SPb., 1906-1908.

Literature Aristov N.YA. AP Shchapov (Life and works). SPb., 1883; Korbut mK. AP Shchapov as the ancestor of the materialist conception of Russian history.

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  • Sanyok123 for Shchapova Athanasius Prokopievich
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    Shchapova Athanasius Prokopievich, photo, biography
    Shchapova Athanasius Prokopievich, photo, biography Shchapova Athanasius Prokopievich  The philosopher and historian., photo, biography
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