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Ern Vladimir Franzevich

( The philosopher, religious leader of the church renovation of the century.)

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Biography Ern Vladimir Franzevich
5/17.8.1882 - 29.4/12.5.1917

Trivia Graduated from Moscow. Univ. At it was influenced Slavophiles, Vladimir Solovyov, L. Lopatin, S. Troubetzkoy, Plato and Platonists. Criticized Western culture for its lack of spirituality. Phenomenalism European thought opposes holistic doeth logo, opening the individual through mythology, art, the Christian religion and philosophy. Sobornost - the basis of a just society without private property - a church-religious community. Bright critic of Kantianism.

Characteristics of views "Basically Ern struggled with Western European rationalism and the tendency to mechanize the whole system of life and subject her to Technology. He contrasted these factors logos ancient civilization of Christian philosophy. This logo is a concrete living being, the second ipostat Trinity, incarnation, and welcoming in the historical process ". (Lossky N.O. History of Russian Philosophy M. 1991. S. 415). "In. Ern, who did not manage to fully express himself, as soon died, most were close to sophiology on. P. Florensky and. S. Bulgakov. All of his criticism is often unfair, was directed mainly against the German philosophy, which makes it particularly popular among the Russian philosophical Youth. (Berdyaev H. A. Russian idea. / / About Russia and Russian philosophical culture. M. 1990. S. 259)

Teaching Logos
'This is not subjective human principle, but objectively divine. En arche en ho Logos (In the beginning was the Word). In him were created all things, and therefore there is nothing that would not have been inwardly, secretly itself, permeated They. Logos is a principle inherent to things, and all the res (thing) is fraught with hidden, secret word. And at the same time, the Logos exists eternally in Himself. Creation in the world views it symbolically marks the hypostasis of the Son, stretching into the mystery of the Divine prisnosuschuyu. Hence the ontological concept of truth, is extremely characteristic logizma. Truth is not some sort of line for something with something, like thinking rationalism, converting with subject and object of cognition in two Meon (not inherent in). Truth ontological. Knowing truth is conceivable only as an awareness of their existence in the Truth. Any absorption of the truth is not theoretical, but practical, not intellektualistichno and volyuntaristichno. The degree of knowledge corresponds to the degree of tension will digestible Truth. And on top of cognition are not scientists and philosophers, and saints. Epistemology rationalism static - hence the fatal limits and impassable boundary. Anyone who is always limited by what some horizons. Theory of knowledge "logizma" dynamic. Hence the infinitude of knowledge and lack of horizons. But anyone who wants to infinity reference, who seek unlimited actual contemplation, he should not just go and go up '.
(VF Ern. GS pan. M., 1912. S. 20-21).
Erotic thoughts
'The thought, possessed by Eros, ceases to be merely human, and, catching the divine, she is divine. In thought, possessed by Eros, the divine is not given simply as something external and ready, but descends and infects an inwardly assimilable and overwhelmed as a problem, as a feat. "(In Ern. F. Op. M., 1991. S. 103).

Major works 1 / Christian attitude to property. M., 1906, 2 / Nature of scientific thought. Sergiev Posad, 1914, 3 / From Kant to Krupp. / / Problems of Philosophy, 1989,? 9, 4 / Op. M., 1990.

Works Christian attitude to property Vopr. Life, 1905,? 8-9; seekers for Grad. M., 1906 (Joint. with VP Sventsitsky) Christianity and the world. Answer Merezhkovsky / / Living life, 1907,? 1; and the revival of the sacrament of the Church / / TSerk. Update, 1907,? 9, Socialism and Society. outlook. Sergo. Posad, 1907, Epistemology Solv'yev, Sat. first. O Vl. Solovyov. M., 1911; GS pan. Life and teachings. M., 1912; Nature of Thought / / Theologian. Vestn. 1913? 3-5; Rozmini and his theory of knowledge. M., 1914; Sword and the Cross: Articles sovr. events. MA, 1915; Philosophy Dzhoberti. M., 1916; Letters on Imiaslavie / KHrist. thought, 1916,? 9; spread the Message of the Holy Synod on the Name of God. M., 1917; Supreme comprehension of Plato / VFiP, 1917, Prince. 137/138; against Tolstoy Tolstoy. Sat. second. Religion by Leo Tolstoy. M., 1912; nature of scientific. thought. Sergo. Posad, 1914; the magnificence and skepticism (A Characterization adogmatizma) / / KHrist. thought, 1917. ? 3 / 4; problem stories (Apropos of dis. GG Shpet 'history as a problem of logic) / / ZhMNP. 1917? 6; Op. M., 1991.

Literature Askoldov C. In memory of Vladimir Frantsevich Erna / / Russian Thought. 1917. ? 5-6; Bulgakov S.N. Memory of VF Ern / / Christian Thought. 1917. ? 11-12; Florensky P.A. In memory of Vladimir Frantsevich Erna ibid; Polyakov L.V. Teaching V. Ern on Russian philosophy / religious-idealist philosophy in Russia, XIX - early XX century. , 1989; Scherrer S. Neoslavyanofilstvo and Germanophobia: Vladimir Franzevich Ern / / Problems of Philosophy. 1989. ? 9; Marchenko OV. In search of uniqueness of Russian philosophy. VF Ern / / Philosophy in Russia, XIX - early XX century.: Continuity of ideas and the search for identity. Moscow, 1991; He. On the criticism of "ratio" V.F.E. / / Philosophy and Culture in Russia: Methodology. problems. Moscow, 1992; Staeglich D. Vladimir F. Ern (1882-1917). Sein philosophisches und publizistisches Werk. Bonn, 1967.

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Ern Vladimir Franzevich, photo, biography
Ern Vladimir Franzevich, photo, biography Ern Vladimir Franzevich  The philosopher, religious leader of the church renovation of the century., photo, biography
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