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ENGELMEYER Peter Klimentievich

( Engineer, author of the philosophical concept of technology and work on the psychology of creativity.)

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Biography ENGELMEYER Peter Klimentievich
29.3 (10.4) .1855 - 1942

Trivia Graduated from the Imperial Moscow Technical School / 1881 /. In the first period of creativity was influenced by E. Mach.
. Teaching Intuition
. 'There is a window into the personality, . in the window space flows into the identity and enters into it, not as a foreign element, . but as a necessary part of integrating, . something like that, . like the sea water, . that of the surrounding ocean deliberately pumped into the lowest empty boat and the keel is the so-called ballast, . without which the ship does not float, . but overturns,
. Since at this point the identity of one with the cosmos, it is very clear that the factor of intuition sees things as they are in themselves. It is a pity that the word "see" is not entirely applicable: a factor of intuition - it is a blind instinct. However, he holds the tip of the cosmos, he their probe, but it is completely dark. That's why it turns out, . that although it is here that originate any knowledge, . and can be thought, . that originate even knowing things in themselves, . but all these carnal knowledge, . instinctive; from them to reach consciousness only echoes, . hints, . hypothesis, . assumptions and hunches,
. Yes, "I have a feeling". The creative personality endowed with foreboding, and there is nothing in the Hereafter. Once the space and identity are one whole, within the microcosm of personality reigns same laws that govern nature and macro-cosmos. Here, as if in a small optical chamber reflected the universe, and not only reflected, but she comes like an ocean in a small bay. That link, which connects the events there, outside, and extends through our personality. Is it any wonder that under such circumstances, we are more or less successfully running ahead of events'.
(Engelmeyer P.K. Evrologiya ... / / Questions of theory and psychology of creativity. T. VII. Kharkov, 1916. S. 80).
. Reason and intuition
. 'Without any desire to belittle the importance of the mind has to even say this: the mind at first appeared only as a substitute for intuition, . as her deputy and appeared to, . that person before the vital task was the disposal of some reserve capacity for action,
. Then, over the centuries, the importance of this tool for action has become increasingly expand: mind noticed that he was a beacon of space, but inside the person he saw himself its master, the arbiter of its destiny. But he was often a great mistake: he did not notice that, . that every argument, . even most of - apparently driven, . proving to be sewn intuition, . why go, . that our compelling arguments fly, . fluffy, . breath of passion and habits, . that some - a buzzing fly prevents think correctly (Pascal), . that proof and conviction - two different things, . sometimes wiser to act contrary to reason, . surrendering worldly instinct and "intuition" '.,
. (Ibid.
. S. 83).
'All these arguments lead us to the view that consciousness is a network of "incomplete automatism" as the reason is "incomplete intuition" that the ideal of every activity is a reflex to the abolition of the mind and consciousness'.
(Ibid.. S. 87).

. Culture.
. 'Artificial macrocosm, . which man himself surrounded, . this is the artificial nature, . within which the cultural life of mankind holds, . and himself, which penetrates through, . and penetrated to such an extent, . that even the whole person of culture is its own creation,
. This is the same artificial product, as prize horse, sheep, wheat, brewer's yeast, gidrohinny developer, sewing machine. Of course, those members of this series, which ends very significantly different from each other. However, a number that can be filled with intermediate members before any kind of continuity, and then compared with the sewing machine did not seem a paradox. And where is the paradox? Is not artificial language, . reckoning, . writing? Did the thought inseparable from the word, . figures, . symbol? People come up with rules and forms of social life, . created for themselves gods in their own image and likeness, . invented methods and the very purposes for perception of their own kind,
. Goodness, fairness, justice, progress, patriotism, nation, family ... It's all the same a human, what Hamlet Plyushkin, electron, space attraction, like a bicycle and a penknife. "
(Engelmeyer P. K. Evrologiya ... Problems in the theory and the psychology of creativity. T. V. Kharkov, 1914. S. 154).

Major works 1 / The theory of creativity. , 1910, 2 / Philosophy of technology. Tech. 1.4. M. 1912-1913, 3 / How are we, and how not to reinvent. M. 1925.

Works Economic importance sovr. Technology. M., 1887, Theory of Knowledge Mach / VFiP. 1897. Kn. 3; theory of creativity. SPb., 1910, Philosophy of technology. Tech. 1.4. Moscow, 1912-13; Problems of Philosophy Technology / / Byul. Polytechnic. ob-va, 1913,? 6; experience of building evrologii, or the Universal Theory chelov. Creativity Vopr. theory and the psychology of creativity. T. 5. Kharkov, 1914; Electrification of the RSFSR. Baku, 1921; Do we need a philosophy of technology / engineering work, 1929,? 2; About technicism our era Vestn. Engineer, 1929,? 11-12.

Literature Golovanov P.K. Philosopher-engineer PK Engelmeyer / / tekh. M., 1927. ? 8. S. 368-369; VG Gorokhov. Russian mechanical engineer and philosopher Peter technique Klimentievich Engelmeyer / / Questions History of Science and Technology. M., 1990. ? 4. S. 51-60; Hesse K. Peter Klimentievich Engelmeyer (K philosophical heritage of Russian engineer), ibid. S. 60-70; Mitcham C. Que es la filosofia de la technologia? Barselona, 1989. P. 32-35.

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ENGELMEYER Peter Klimentievich, photo, biography
ENGELMEYER Peter Klimentievich, photo, biography ENGELMEYER Peter Klimentievich  Engineer, author of the philosophical concept of technology and work on the psychology of creativity., photo, biography
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