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Spth Gustav

( Philosopher-gusserlianets.)

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Biography Spth Gustav
25.3/6.4.1879- 16.11.1937

Trivia Graduated from the historical-philological faculty of the Kiev Zap. Prof.. Mosk. Zap / 1918 /. Since 1921 - full member, in 1923-1929 - Vice-President of Russia Academy of Sciences of art. The reality, according to S., is composed of "phenomena" and "meanings", followed by opening "Eidos". Denied the existence of the world "things in themselves" / phenomenological "age" /. Central to W. were problems of history, in which the strong influence of Hegel. The interpretation of the teachings of Humboldt on language.

Teaching Effectiveness - is the first and last task of the positive philosophy. Based on the combined experience of reality, it should return to it and justify it, confirming a direct conviction of common sense in the real world. Solving the problem of reality (ie. problem of a positive justification of all things), . as a means of solving, . is also part of reality, . in connection with which a positive philosophy can not be reflective of a science, . positing as objects of his own reason to justify,
. (Moses in. in the book.: Russian Philosophy. Small Collegiate Dictionary. M., 1995. S. 604).

Major works 1 / wisdom or reason? / / Sat: Muslim and the word. Vyp.1. M., 1917, 2 / skeptic, and his breathing. / / Sat: Thought and word. V.2. P.1. M., 1921; 3 / theater art. / / Skill Theater, 1922,? 1, 4 / Op. M., 1989.

Edition 1. The problem of causality in Hume and Kant. Answered question whether Kant on Hume? Kiev, 1907;
2. Consciousness and its owner / George Ivanovitch Chelpanov of the participants in his seminars in Kiev and Moscow. 1891-1916. Articles on philosophy and psychology. M., 1916. S. 156-210;
3. History as a problem of logic. Critical and methodological research. CH. 1: Materials. MA, 1916;
4. Appearance and meaning. Phenomenology as the basic science and its problems. MA, 1916;
5. Wisdom or reason? / / Thought and word. Philosophical Yearbook. 1917. T. 1. S. 1-69;
6. Skeptic and his soul. Study on the philosophical interpretation / idea and the word. Philosophical Yearbook. 1919. T. 2. CH. I. S. 108-168; cm. also: Philosophy of Science. 1991. ? 9. S. 85-136;
7. Outline of development of Russian philosophy. CH. I. Pg., 1922;
8. Venous Samples. I-III. Pg., 1923;
9. Introduction to ethnic psychology. Tech. I. Moscow, 1927;
10. The internal form of the word. Etudes and variations on the theme of Humboldt. Moscow, 1927;
11.Istoriya as a problem of logic / / Historical and Philosophical Yearbook - 88. Moscow, 1988;
12. Hermeneutics and its problems / / Context. Literary-theoretical study. 1989. M., 1989. S. 219-259; Context. 1990. M., 1990. S. 231-268; Context. 1991. M., 1991. S. 215-255;
13. Op. , 1989;
14. Work on the philosophy / / Beginning. The religious-philosophical journal. 1992. ? 1. S. 31 49.Mityushin AA. Bibliography GG Shpet / / Beginning. The religious-philosophical journal. 1992. ? 1. S. 89-91.

Literature Shpetovskie reading in Tomsk. 1991; Svasian K. Gustav Spth / Literary Gazette. 1990. ? 7. S. 5; Polivanov mK. Essay biography GG Shpet / / Beginning. 1992. ? 1; Kalinchenko VV. Gustav Spth: from phenomenology to hermeneutics / / Logos. 1992. ? 3; Chubarov IM. Spth in Gottingen, ibid; Rodi F. Hermeneutic phenomenological logic in perspective: Georg Misch, Hans Lipps and Gustav Spth, ibid. 1995. ? 7; Beginning. 1992. ? 1 (shown bibl. Works W. and lit-ra about it).

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Spth Gustav, photo, biography
Spth Gustav, photo, biography Spth Gustav  Philosopher-gusserlianets., photo, biography
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