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Shelgunov Nikolay

( Revolutionary Democrat, essayist, critic.)

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Biography Shelgunov Nikolay
22.11/4.12.1824 - 12/24.4.1891
Trivia Graduated from the Forest Institute, 50-ies. Member of a secret society, "Land and Freedom" / 60-e gg /. He played for the abolition of the monarchy, called for a peasant revolution. In 1863, imprisoned in Alekseevskii ravelin. In 1884 - was arrested and exiled to Smolensk province. Collaborated in the "Contemporary", "Russian Word" editor "Case". Gravitated towards Marxism. In the aesthetics close Chernyshevsky.

Teaching Matter and force
'Matter is something that moves, and the force that moves. Matter and force are inextricably, and the force has the inherent property of matter. Since there is peace, it had not increased and not diminished any particle. Matter can not be destroyed by any means, and can not re-create a single atom. All that is, only changes its form and shape this change occurs the cycle of life '.
(Shelgunov NV. Vol., Ed. 2. SPb., 1895. S. 772).
'Proud of his powerful intellect, we must, however, confess that he really did not participate in a work of natural objects and works of man. Our minds are not created any of the human body or senses or nervous system, no brain. He and all the activities of the human soul is gradually resulted from the exhausted human form '.
(Ibid.. S. 717-718).
'Consciousness, by producing well-known opinions, concepts, and checking their conclusions, can not create anything outside of the material which he brought to attention, memory and imagination. Verify the findings, it can only say that it is correct only as the result of a certain number of data, but whether he is absolutely correct? And here in the field of thought, we encounter a similar phenomenon. As we do not know the absolute nature, . and know the objects of nature in their main, . external, . changing signs and the extent of experience and observation are gradually changing their ideas, . and in the field of thought, . where we consider ourselves, . apparently, . masters, . we not for one minute do not stop at certain conclusions, . which could take a particularly loyal,
. Experience constantly shoved us new facts on which we must reconstruct their concepts'.
(Ibid.. S. 718).
Integrity Rights
. 'Truly a solid and reliable person, whose sense is in full harmony with his mind, about whom one can say that with a bright mind, he joins an honest, truthful heart in whom the head of his theory is not at odds with his practice of feelings'.
. (Ibid.
. S. 740 - 741).
'Life is happiness only when a person can fully and freely exercise their forces in the expanding direction, and the most full and complete life is the happiest life. A comprehensive life - only the public '.
(Ibid.. S. 833).

Major works 1 / Sketches of Russian life. Spb., 1895; 2 / Vol., 3rd ed. V.1-3. Spb., 1904; 3 / Izbr. pedagogical op. 1954.

Works 1 / Sketches of Russian life. Spb., 1895; 2 / Vol., 3rd ed. V.1-3. Spb., 1904; 3 / Izbr. pedagogical op. 1954.

Literature NK Mikhailovsky. Nikolai Shelgunov / / Shelgunov NV. Op. SPb., 1895. T. 1; Maslin AN. Materialism and the revolutionary-democratic ideology in Russia in the 60-ies. XIX century. , 1960; Slabko A.S. Worldview NV Shelgunov. , 1960; Protopopov M. N.V.SH.: [Rec.] / / Rus. thought. 1891. Kn. 7; Peunova MI. Socio-polit. and Philosophy. views N.V.SH. M., 1954; She also. Ethics N.V.SH. M., 1978; Esin B.I. N.V.SH. Moscow, 1977; Eng. science of re-lit in the late. XIX - beginning. XX. M., 1982.

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Shelgunov Nikolay, photo, biography
Shelgunov Nikolay, photo, biography Shelgunov Nikolay  Revolutionary Democrat, essayist, critic., photo, biography
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