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NAZIR Akbarabad Wali Mohammad

( Great poet, classic Urdu literature)

Comments for NAZIR Akbarabad Wali Mohammad
Biography NAZIR Akbarabad Wali Mohammad
. Agra, once the residence of the brilliant Mughal, second half of XVIII century was only a pale shadow of lost beauty, ruined city of palaces, gardens dried up, deserted bazaars and the poor, deprived of bread and artisans
. It seemed that nothing beautiful can not be born on these streets, where the hosts only a hot wind, forever gone fine craftsman and artists, musicians and poets who had once been proud of Agra.

. But this is a terrible and bitter time, have presented great Indian poet, classic literature Urdu Nazir Akbarabad
. Such poetic pseudonym chosen a Wali Muhammad, a humble teacher, who lived in one of the poorest neighborhoods of the city among the artisans, who idolized the poet, and after the death of Nazir made his home a place of pilgrimage. Unlike many other poets of that time, he did not seek protection or the old Indian nobility, nor the new British rulers, to earn his bread teacher's work and wrote poems that have become folk songs. Nazir boldly introduced in the product themes and images, . that its earthiness shocked fans of 'poetry of roses and nightingales': He dedicated the poem pitcher, . cake, . national holidays and entertainment, . but most described the poverty, . that 'a convict ryadit poor, . driving on the street a poor daughter, . sells for pennies beauty '.,

. In the famous poem 'shocked city' recreated the tragic image of a devastated Agra
. It is a lament for the once great and wealthy city, but dismal for the prayers and lamentations, in the most tragic verses often sounds bitter humor - desperate people wept all the tears and smile faces new woes. Thus, an unemployed cotton carder now scratching their heads, a blacksmith thresher itself on the top, and the impoverished wiredrawer wire 'no wire pulling, tearing his hair', and indeed, it appears, have shaken residents of the city has its advantages:

. Living in the ruins and you can open the door
. Do you want to - go to sleep, you want - watchful, nothing to fear
. No thieves or robbers - they take you?

. Translation EY Vanina

. One of the masterpieces Nazir became the 'Book of Rights' - a small poem, in which the image of man and the world around him are disclosed in their inconsistency, the intertwining of good and evil:

. In this world padishah - people
. And insignificant beggar - a man ...
. In the mosque a prayer person
. And the shoes he steals people.
. Life for man gives man
. And the sword man kills people.
. Precious ruby may be someone
. And the worst of the mud can be a man.
. Who is black as the bottom of the pan - man
. And who is white, as bullion - people.
. O'Nazir, better than anyone in the world - people,
. And Uhud all - a man too ...

. translate EY Vanina

. Poetry Nazir - Democracy, . with its usual lively colloquial language, . was not understood by the literary elite, and his poetry for a long time were not included in anthological compilations - tazkira, . wrote about them with contempt, . but the legacy of the poet-humanist lived and lives in the folk tradition, . songs, and aphorisms,
. He estimated only at the end of XIX century as one of the forerunners of the realistic trend in Urdu literature.

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NAZIR Akbarabad Wali Mohammad, photo, biography
NAZIR Akbarabad Wali Mohammad, photo, biography NAZIR Akbarabad Wali Mohammad  Great poet, classic Urdu literature, photo, biography
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