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( The famous pirate known by the nickname Blackbeard)

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Biography TITSCH Edward
(1680 (?) -1718)
'Fiend' contemporaries called Edward Ticha, known in the pirate world by the nickname 'Blackbeard'. Seeing him, many was frozen with terror, and lose the will meekly surrendered to the mercy of this terrible captain. Although there is already some mercy! He killed without mercy, though, sometimes, depending on the mood, spared his victims. He often said: 'If I have two or three days is not going to kill someone to see me lose respect'. Sinister glory of his 'exploits' thundered in the Bahamas and across the Atlantic coast of the North American colonies of England.

The long thick beard - all of the braids, with knots on the ends, eyes flashing inhuman, predatory gleam. On both sides face down two braids, in which Thich weave tow soaked in saltpetre and lime water. He allegedly set fire to them during the battle. And indeed, well, nothing comes from the underworld?

Villainous appearance of this, as he called himself, 'the servants of the devil', always dressed in a ragged coat and six pistols in his belt, it is quite consistent with his favorite entertainment. On board his ship, he sometimes arranged a sort of purgatory. In the hold, where along with him down want some fun, batten down the hatches and ignited sulfur. Soon everyone started gasping for air and begged them to release as quickly as possible to fresh air. All, but not black beard. He seemed to be poisonous vapors were not care. And then, shut up with some members of the crew in the cabin, the captain palil on him in the darkness at random and once seriously wounded in the knee of his assistant Israel Hands, who became the prototype of one of the heroes of the novel by RL Stevenson's 'Treasure Island'. He remained lame for life.

The treasures, read gossip, Thich hid worthy pirate way. In some desert shore, he and trusted him with their faces had been digging a deep hole. No sooner had omitted in her box with a treasure as Blackbeard killed his assistant. Throwing the corpse along with the wealth of the land, he loved saying: 'Only the devil and I know where they are buried. Who among us would survive, he will be their master. "

Edward Teach was born in Bristol (England) in a family of respectable businessmen. On the early years, Eddie, we know nothing. In any case, his name was first mentioned only in 1713 in the list of British pirates, who attacked the French ships in the Caribbean. He then enlisted in the vessel of Captain Benjamin Hornigolda, cruel and arrogant pirate seizure of slave ships trades. However, in early 1718 Hornigold exchanged full of dangers fate of a pirate on a quiet and prosperous life of the landowner. Since then, Thich already sailed alone on the ship, which took from the French and dubbed 'Queen Anne's Revenge'. Soon, in the vast waters of the Gulf of Honduras to Virginia, he already felt himself the absolute master.

In May 1718, a black beard, organized the blockade of Charleston (South Carolina). Capturing five vessels lying in the roads, he held all the passengers and took hostage the most influential citizens. And then he sent envoys to the authorities of the city - some of Mr. Marx and two pirates. Blackbeard demanded a huge ransom money and drugs. If within 24 hours, the robber threatened to, all this will not be delivered to his ship, he beheads hostages, will not leave the port of a stone, and with local residents sderet skin. Time passed, and the envoys were detained. Blackbeard had already sent the gun to city buildings, and the prisoners began to say goodbye to life, when he finally appeared envoys and brought with them all that they demanded the pirates. It turns out that the authorities have collected a ransom for a long time, are just not able to find a long truce, which brought to drink it in one or the other the tavern, where, as usual in such cases, found his cronies.

. Removing the siege of the city, black beard fraudulently taken away all purchase and with the most loyal people he fled to North Carolina, leaving to their fate their recent colleagues
. There he begged forgiveness from the local governor, Charles Eden, in the twinkling of an eye squandered the loot, he married for the fourteenth time in the 16-year-old girl he soon abandoned. But the black beard quickly got bored with the peaceful life. He held the local population in fear, impunity rob traders who could not find the city council on Ticha: all well aware that the Governor Eden, and his assistant, Tobias Knight were bribed hateful pirate. Remained to turn to the next governor of Virginia, Alexander Spotsvudu, energetic man, honest and vowed to stamp out piracy in the coastal waters. Finished with a black beard, he secretly instructed Lieutenant Robert Maynard, provide him with the two small sloops and 55 people the Coast Guard.

. At night on November 21, 1718 Maynard found a black beard vessel near the island Okroak (North Carolina)
. Thich already knew about the imminent attack from Knight, but he continued blithely riot even when the saw the enemy.

The morning. Maynard raised the royal banner and approached the pirate ship, which, having made an unsuccessful maneuver, ran aground. Started the fight. Blackbeard ordered a volley from all forage guns and threw grenades enemy sloops. Maynard in the first minutes lost 29 people. But he was not embarrassed. Soldiers hidden in the hold, just waiting for the signal to join battle. Blackbeard decided that the enemy suffered heavy losses and it is time to go to boarding. At the same time the sloop Maynard jumped Thich and 14 of his men. Bitter grab-ka, in which the lieutenant and the leader of the pirates were worthy opponents. Robber, shot and wounded Maynard, like a sword to slay an opponent, but one of the soldiers saved the life of his commanding. Lieutenant reloaded and again fired at Ticha, but all in vain - he was still alive. Fell black beard will not soon. Bleeding, he fought desperately, knowing that he would not be spared. Finally he was killed. His body counted 25 wounds, five of them were gunshot. Seven survivors of the pirates surrendered unconditionally.

Maynard ordered to cut off from Ticha head, which long afterwards was put on public display in Virginia. It was said that later in the skull settled bees - a symbol of diligence and honesty.

The news of the death of the villain, the whole year was kept at bay residents of the North American colonies of Britain, was greeted with universal rejoicing. Hart, Governor of Maryland, sent a message Spotsvudu, which warmly thanked him for his resolute action against the pirates.

. Finished with a black beard, Spotsvud intended to do away with all the pirates, harvested in local waters, as well as an action against the corrupt government of North Carolina
. He presented the court with numerous documents attesting to their guilt. Among them was the message, found on board a pirate ship: 'My friend, even if the letter finds you in the port, I was gratified to see you as soon as possible. That night, I'm waiting for the governor, who, I believe, wish to see you before you float away. Your good friend and servant Tobias Knight '. But all in vain. The process dragged on, and associates Ticha has not been punished.

Pirate, who did not drink or smoke and loved theatrical effects

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TITSCH Edward, photo, biography
TITSCH Edward, photo, biography TITSCH Edward  The famous pirate known by the nickname Blackbeard, photo, biography
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