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Rekhem John (Handsome Jack)

( One of the most famous pirates of the first decades of the XVIII century)

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Biography Rekhem John (Handsome Jack)
Calico Jack - was the name of one of the most famous pirates of the first decades of XVIII century, John Rekhema, paraded around in striped pants from an expensive fine silk. Favorite of women, frequenter of taverns, he was respected in the pirate world, not one year, successful industry buccaneer. In the secret places in the Caribbean islands, he hid from pursuers and, as rumored, hid the treasures. Calico Jack was not afraid of anyone. Once he even took to boarding the ship, John Hayman, pirate bold and fearless. No wonder his motto was: 'There goes John Hayman - grabbed it, if you can'. No one could, but Handsome Jack did.

However Rekhem famous not only for its fashionable trousers and a rare daring. His name is related to history, more like a picaresque novel, which has everything: a fervent passion, and dressing, and a duel.

. Illegitimate daughter of a wealthy planter from North Carolina, Anne Bonny girl grew up spoiled and unbridled
. She was not and 14 years, when, angry at her maid, she had wounded her with a kitchen knife that she died in agony. At age 18, Annie fell in love with a sailor, smuggler, and secretly married on with. Enraged father simply drove his daughter from the house. But while she was disappointed in his friends, the more so as it turned out he was a secret informant for local authorities. And soon she met Annie his fate - irresistible John Rekhema. A desperate young thing so fond of Calico Jack, that did not want to part with it for a minute. Dressed in male attire, she shared with him all the hardships of the dangerous life of a pirate. Nobody in the team did not even suspect that a young sailor - pet captain - his wife.

Only a pregnancy caused Anna to time to escape in one of the safe havens Rekhema Cuba. But a few months she was again beside her husband. Although this time her attention was attracted by handsome beardless sailor, who was first on board was not.

One day at midnight, Anna made her way cautiously to the deck to meet again with a new friend. They met. Talked. Anna did not know that for them, tormented by jealousy, followed Handsome Jack. Noticing that his wife flirted with young man, Rekhem in a rage drew his knife and lunged at an opponent. Wipe hands - a frightened scream! The boy narrowly escaped death ud-ra. However, the sharp blade cut his clothes. It? What was the astonishment of Anna and Jack, when they saw before them ... woman. She immediately confessed that her name was Mary Reed, and spoke about his unusual, full of adventure fate.

Her mother raised her, a young and merry widow, teaches his daughter, who promised to be very pretty, wearing boy's clothes. In 13 years, Mary ran away from home and was hired as cabin boy on a warship. Then became a soldier in an infantry regiment stationed in the Netherlands. Distinguished during the fighting. Fell in love with a young officer of cavalry, and opened it. At their wedding, noisy and fun walking odnopolchane. Young couple bought the inn 'Under the three horseshoes' in the city of Breda and healed peacefully and joyfully.

Unfortunately, Mary's husband after three years fell ill and died. Things went badly from her. Selling the inn, Mary again dressed in male clothes, and enlisted in the infantry regiment, which soon was sent to the Dutch West Indies. Near the Antilles their ship seized Rekhem. Pirates were in need of sailors and joyfully welcomed those who wished to join them. So was Mary in the team of Jack.

Anne and Mary are friends now. Armed with pistols and swords, they as men rushed to the boarding and the first to jump on the deck of an enemy ship.

One young sailor, lover Mary, quarreled with a very strong pirate, a virtuoso who owned weapons. The argument they had, according to the custom of the pirates, to decide on the shore. Was almost an hour duel. Mary, knowing that her chosen one is not very skilled fighter, intent to injure a dangerous enemy to fight with him the most. The upshot was that she stabbed the enemy's sword.

It was autumn 1720. Once in the morning the ship Handsome Jack bumped into the British military ships that were hunting for pirates. Skirmished. Not having had time to recover from a drinking binge on the occasion of the eve of the captured prey, the pirates were unable to provide decent resistance. Only Anna and Mary, sending curses cowards, men who fought fiercely and fearlessly.

Captured pirates were taken to Jamaica, where a court decision, most of them were hanged. Anne Bonny was condemned by all, but saved her intercession of some influential relative. Said that when the execution of her husband, she said the terrible words: "If Jack was a real man, he would not give a hang, as the last dog '. Well, the court preserved the life of Mary, though, as it turned out, not for long. Soon after she died of fever.

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Rekhem John (Handsome Jack), photo, biography
Rekhem John (Handsome Jack), photo, biography Rekhem John (Handsome Jack)  One of the most famous pirates of the first decades of the XVIII century, photo, biography
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