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( Muslim educator, a spiritual forerunner of reform movements of the XIX century.)

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Biography SHAH Waliullah DEHLAVI

Mughal Empire, once one of the largest and most powerful nations of the East, to the beginning of XVIII century, almost broke, and appeared on its ruins States led a bloody war between the. Collapsed not just empire - collapsing lifestyle of several generations. The common people, exhausted by poverty, constant wars and epidemics, mourned the crumbling empire, but still provide at least some order, at least protect his subjects from foreign plunderers. Grieved about the Mughal Empire and know-turned from the 'masters of time', as then expressed, in the people of yesterday. Especially hard pressed occurred with the end of 1730-ies, when the Iranian ruler Nadir Shah attacked India and subjected to terrible plundering Delhi, after staging an unprecedented slaughter of Timur.

City somehow restored, but restore it to the old stability was impossible, because the collapsed base - Mughal Empire. The people paid a tearful prayer to the gods, or took up arms, entering the ranks of antimogolskih movements or simply engaging in predatory gangs. Know amused ( 'feast during the plague'), or involved in political intrigues around the throne weakened. Those who have not lost the ability to think, looking for a way out.

In wealthy homes, schools, restaurants and coffee shops Delhi talked a lot about the letters, pamphlets Shah Waliullah Dehlavi, the head of the well-known in India and outside the capital's madrassas 'Rahimiyya'. Shah Waliullah famous deep knowledge of Muslim theology and philosophy, he was the author of several theological treatises. The Muslim clergy disliked the scientist, who was notable for the free-thinking, and even dared to translate the Quran from Arabic into affordable educated Muslims (and Hindus), the Persian language. For every Muslim Waliullah recognized the right of 'ijtihad' - own, . independent view on religious and worldly issues, . advocated the study of exact and natural sciences, . sharply criticized the fanatical and conservative clerics, . calling them 'camel with a rope in his nose',

The tragic course of events has forced scientists to go beyond the walls of madrasas, to write letters, pamphlets to the famous statesman. Pondering the reasons for the decline of the Mughal Empire, . Waliullah reminded of the late Roman and Byzantine, . denounced the violation of 'social balance', . know when, . clergy, . officials and the army only consuming public wealth, . not adding to it, . and people exposed to the increasing oppression,
. Sharply condemning the Moghul aristocracy of idleness, . moral degradation, and cowardice, . Waliullah proposed a program of rescue and revival of the empire, . which included the suppression antimogolskih movements, . Extension von da public lands, . rejection of the feudal land grants, . establishment and strengthening of the regular army, . Bribery in the top.,

. Do not meet with understanding on the part of the Mughal princes and Muslim rulers of India, Waliullah committed an act, which in India, many disputes and disputes
. He wrote a letter to the Afghan ruler Ahmad Shah Durrani proposal to invade India and recreate the empire. There is nothing unpatriotic in this appeal were: Afghanistan has long belonged to the Mughal Empire, . and its Muslim rulers were to Waliullah more compatriots, . than fighting against the empire 'infidels' Sikhs and Marathas, . and especially the British,
. Also does she Mughal Empire was not created as a result of the conquest of India Ferghana ruler Babur? True, . Waliullah excellent understanding, . that offers the patient the homeland too bitter medicine, . so he begged Ahmad Shah hear 'sigh of the oppressed', and not to create any offense to the common people ...,

. It would seem Waliullah lucky
. A year before his death, Ahmad Shah Durrani invaded India indeed. But hardly the last days of the Delhi thinker were painted joy of hope. Ahmad Shah had no case to save the empire, its armies sought only to capture everything that did not have time to loot Nadir Shah. Nothing but violence, blood, destruction, the Afghan invasion has not brought. Everyone gradually became clear that neither the internal efforts, nor the savior from outside does not restore the empire. After the death of Valiulla his spiritual heir was the son of Abdul Aziz, . who translated the Quran in Urdu - the language of the Delhi bazaars and literary salons, . sharply denounced the British colonialists and also encouraged his students to learn from their technical and military experience, . learn English, . but not for, . to serve new masters, . but to, . to get acquainted with scientific achievements in Europe,
. Shah Waliullah and his son honored and revered in India as the first Muslim educators, as the spiritual predecessors of reform movements of the XIX century.

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  • dr irfan tareen for SHAH Waliullah DEHLAVI
  • He was a great leader .He serve the muslims during decline stage.
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    SHAH Waliullah DEHLAVI, photo, biography
    SHAH Waliullah DEHLAVI, photo, biography SHAH Waliullah DEHLAVI  Muslim educator, a spiritual forerunner of reform movements of the XIX century., photo, biography
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