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ARN, Thomas Augustine (Arne Thomas Augustine)

( English composer.)

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Biography ARN, Thomas Augustine (Arne Thomas Augustine)
Born March 12, 1710 in London, in the family upholsterer. His father sent him to Eton for the legal profession, . Arn but secretly began taking violin lessons in M. Festing and took up composition - composed the music for the opera Rosamond (Rosamund) libretto by Dzh.Addisona (was a huge success in the theater 'Lincoln's Inn'),
. Then Arnould-father had to come to terms with the fact that the son will become a musician, and daughter, Susan Mary (who also participated in the formulation of Rosamund) - actress. Subsequently, the famous David Garrick named Susan Arn (in marriage Sibber) the greatest tragic actress of his time. Arna was invited to the theater 'Drury Lane', with whom he worked most of his life. Working together with Garrick, he composed a musical comedy and songs for Shakespeare's plays, which so far have not been forgotten by the bright and expressive melodies
. In 1738-1740 Arn created three large masks (specifically English genre of dramatic play with music): Komus (Comus), . Court of Paris (The Judgement of Paris) and Alfred (Alfred); the latter contains an ode in honor of Britain, . became known worldwide under the name Steer, . Britain (Rule Britannia),
. These three masks along with more recent writing the same genre - Magic Prince (The Fairy Prince, 1771) - form the basis of heritage Arna; great success and the opera seria of the Italian style Artaxerxes (Artaxerxes, 1762). The top of the composer - oratorio Judith (Judith, 1761): excellent choruses, beautiful arias, dramatic workshop of this work put him on par with major works by Handel in the same genre. True, . Unlike Handel, . Arn was a Catholic and therefore not composing music for the Anglican service, but that the tracks of his Catholic, . then the two masses have been lost, . and retain only a very expressive little choir Libera me Domini of the funeral service, . Arnom composed on the death of his friend,

In 1759, Oxford University conferred a doctorate in music Arnould. Arn died at his London home March 8, 1778.

Of great interest are the works of Arna in the instrumental genres: 6 clavier concertos, 8 overtures, 8 exercises for harpsichord, 7 sonatas for two violins and basso continuo. Great help to the composer in his creative work has a wife, Cecilia Young, whose lyric soprano English music historian Charles Burney praised above all known him singing voices of the time. In general, Arna can be considered the largest and most influential English composer since Henry Purcell, among other things, . Bernie, . a comparison between, . in secular genres preferred Arnoux - for ease, . elegance of writing and a variety of musical content,

Innate gift for melody, combined with Arna with inventiveness and an unerring instinct drama - as in comedy and in drama. He was also a skillful contrapuntist, his overture contain excellent fugues. Probably Arn - the only professional actor among composers: in 1744 in Dublin, he acted as Henry, Prince of Wales, in Shakespeare's Henry IV (Part Two).

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ARN, Thomas Augustine (Arne Thomas Augustine), photo, biography
ARN, Thomas Augustine (Arne Thomas Augustine), photo, biography ARN, Thomas Augustine (Arne Thomas Augustine)  English composer., photo, biography
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