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Kirill Grigorievich Razumovsky

( Last Hetman malorossiysky)

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Biography Kirill Grigorievich Razumovsky
(1728 - 1803)
younger brother Alexei Razumovsky. As a child, tending his father's cattle, and after "case" brother probably got the rudiments of education. In 1743, Mr.. brother was sent for training, incognito, in Germany and France, accompanied by the adjunct of the Academy of Sciences Nat. N. Teplova. In 1744, Mr.. Razumovsky was erected in graphs Russia Empire. In Berlin, he studied under the famous mathematician Euler, then attended lectures in Gottingen, toured France and Italy and in 1745, Mr.. returned to St. Petersburg, where he was made a valid Chamberlain. Trip abroad it quite pereobrazovalo: "He was handsome, . - Wrote about him Catherine, . - Original mind, . very pleasant to use and intellect far superior to his brother, . which, . however, . was generous and charitable of his ",
. He was very fond of the court, he enjoyed particular success in women. In 1746, Mr.. He was appointed president of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, "in the argument of discretion in it especially ability acquired in the sciences and arts", he was only 18 years! The Empress arrange a marriage Rasumovski his grandchildren E.I sister and maid of honor. Naryshkin. In 1750, Mr.. Razumovsky was elevated to the rank of the hetman of Little Russia, for it was restored abolished before the hetman's dignity. Regarding the election in hetmans Razumovsky Lomonosov invented idyll. In 1751, Mr.. Razumovsky settled in Glukhov, where he lived potentates, surround yourself with the court, bodyguards, then were given balls and even played out the French comedy, had been built a new palace to hetman, and his office became the ruler of his former mentor Teplov. The first steps of the Razumovsky filed a complaint on the fair ground and the displeasure of the sovereign: he began to use his power to enrich his family. In 1754, Mr.. Hetman was in Moscow to the court, at the same time held a decree on the abolition of internal customs duties (the so-called inductive and evekty) on the border of the Great and Little Russia, and heavy taxes imposed Samoilovich and Mazepa. In St. Petersburg, where he moved after the empress, he lived very openly. Things were not going well at the Academy, and her troubled strife academics. At that time, was issued several decrees, . restricting the power of the hetman: malorossiyskie cases were transferred from the College of Foreign Affairs to the Senate, the hetman was forbidden by his own power to appoint colonels, when it was appointed composed a special resident of the generals, . to eliminate the irregularities, he was forbidden to have a foreign correspondence,
. Only in 1757, Mr.. Hetman returned to the Ukraine. How it was possible he defended the old law Malorussia before the Senate and procured an increase of salaries for the Zaporozhye Cossacks. Also in 1757, Mr.. Razumovsky returned to the court and worked on the one hand, the Academy's affairs, and on the other - a project of the University for the establishment of Little Russia in Baturin. In 1760, Mr.. Hetman returned to the Ukraine and began to seriously pursue cases; this time are his reforms related to the court and distillation. At the time of Elizabeth's death, he again came to St Petersburg. He took an active part in the coup in 1762, Mr.. with Izmailovsky Guards regiment, which he commanded. Then Razumovsky remained at the court, using the full confidence of the new empress. In 1763, Mr.. He returned to the Ukraine and began fervently for an end to the reforms undertaken. The Cossacks were drab uniform, in the shelf was introduced regular system; were restored antique "Gradski, . rural and podkomorskie "courts; raised was the question of heredity in the genus hetmanship Razumovsky, in this sense was compiled and filed the petition Empress, . is very angry and at the same time decided to destroy the hetman of Little Russia,
. Getman was summoned to St. Petersburg, where it is warm, especially intrigued against him, greeted him with open arms, so that present at the graph G. Orlov said: "and Lobzov, it also betray". Empress has demanded his resignation; Razumovsky hesitated, but finally had to obey, 10 November 1764, Mr.. place an order to destroy hetmanship. Razumovsky was given the rank of Field Marshal and a lot of estates in Little. Office Razumovsky, the revocation of the modern historian of Little Russia, "was more painful for malorossiyan all his predecessors, though, perhaps, the last hetman was the best man of the whole number of its rulers XVIII century. Despite its origins, Razumovsky knew sore spots of his country and the direct superintendence edge entrusted sergeant ... "more rigorous review and is probably not quite fair. The situation in the Commonwealth Razumovsky, however, deteriorated further, but Little Russia, and knew the worst of times and the worst of rulers. Razumovsky spent most of his time in St. Petersburg, . little interest in the affairs entrusted to his care region and too much reliance on the foreman, but he could hardly do anything substantial for the region, . for more or less autonomous region, . Is that the same assignment to the hetmans was an exceptional act of grace of Elizabeth to his brother Alexey,
. More difficult to do its position in the reign of Peter III, and especially Catherine II, which has consistently sought to reduce and destroy the political osobnosti all suburbs, including Malorossiyskoy. The last years of his life Razumovsky held near Moscow (in Peter-Razumovsky), and then in Malorosii (mostly in Baturino), where he died. See. Vasilchikov "Family Razumovsky" (Volume I); Bantysh-Kamensky "Biography of Russia's field marshals"; Bantysh-Kamensky and Markevich, "History of Little Russia". D. B-st.

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Kirill Grigorievich Razumovsky, photo, biography
Kirill Grigorievich Razumovsky, photo, biography Kirill Grigorievich Razumovsky  Last Hetman malorossiysky, photo, biography
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