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A.T Mann (Mann)

( Modern astrologer USA.)

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Biography A.T Mann (Mann)
(p. 18.08.1943, 18:45 GT, Auburn, New York)
In 1966, Mr.. graduated from Cornell University, "Architecture". He worked as an architect in New York, Rome. At the turn of the 1960 - 70-ies. traveled extensively in the East, was in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India. At the same time became interested in astrology, as well as the ideas of Gurdjieff. Since 1972, Mr.. works as a professional astrologer. Since 1973, Mr.. lived in England, and from autumn 1991. - Copenhagen (Denmark). M. - Member of the Association of Scandinavian AFAN and professional astrologers. His wife, Lisa-Lotta Mann also an astrologer. They have a growing daughter Ptolemies.

In astrology, M. draws primarily a problem of time. He put the concept of biological time, and the philosophical system of G. Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, and R. P. Collina to astrology. This has resulted in a logarithmic time scale associated with the fact that the aging man changes his perception of time. Under the system of Moscow, home horoscope characterize the stage of human development, from the moment of conception. The very moment of conception is related to the cusp IX home, . the period from conception to birth is connected with IX - XII houses (there are echoes here with the idea of SG), . moment of birth is linked to the Ascendant, . I - IV describe the house under the age of 7 years, . V House - Childhood's End, . from 7 to 12 years, . VI house - the choice of their place in the world, . from 12 to 23 years, . VII house - Partnership, . age from 23 to 42 years, . VIII house - mid-life crisis, . which is about 42 years,
. During the three periods - pregnancy (IX - XII at home), children (I - IV at home) and maturity (V - IX homes) - are respectively the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Fourth period - transcendent octave (from 42 years), which represents the highest level of influence of pregnancy. This concept is described in the book "Life Time Astrology" (1984).
Thus, for M. Astrology - a combination of psychology, on the one hand, and biology - with another. This combination has led to the creation of a unique method of treatment at a distance through the horoscope, called "astroradionikoy" (Astro Radionics) and described in the book M. "Astrology and the art of healing" (1987). M. put the principles of the logarithmic scale of time and the historical processes and the mechanism of reincarnation in his work "The Divine Plan: Astrology and Reincarnation (1986) and" Eternal Return "(1993). The concept of M. Astrology is used as an organizing principle for understanding the structure of the universe, from the subatomic level to the astronomical.

Studying the relationship of astrology and tarot resulted M. the development of "Mandala Astrological Tarot" (1987), which were drawn by M. Each card is correlated with the planets, signs, element or dean's office and is shown as a circular mandala using the Eastern, medieval and symbolic images. Knowledge of a professional architect inspired M. the creation of the books "The Art Circle" (1977) and "Sacred Architecture" (1992). Another area of interest M. - The study of ancient prophecies, in particular, the apocalyptic. This topic is devoted to the book M. Prophecies of the end of the Millennium "(1992).

Selected works:
The Round Art: The Astrology of Time and Space. - New York: Mayflower, 1979.
Life Time Astrology. - London: Allen & Unwin, 1984. (rus. Lane.: Mann A.T. Astrology "Life in time". / Per. from English. K.T.Melik-Akhnazarova. - M.: Urania, 1997. )
The Divine Plot: Astrology and Reincarnation. - Rockport, Massachusetts: Element, 1991 (rpt. of 1986).
The Future of Astrology. - London: Unwin Hyman, 1987.
Millenium Prophecies. - New York, 1992. (rus.per.: Prophecy of the end of the century. Head of the book. / Per. from English. T. Gurinovoy. / Urania. - 1992. - N 5 / 6.)
The mystery of time: the relative within us. / Per. from English. T. Maksimova. / Urania. - 1996. - N3.
1. Lewis JR. The Astrology Encyclopedia.
2. The seven aspects: astrologers of the world about yourself, about astrology and about Russia. / Urania. - 1992. - N 2 / 3.

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A.T Mann (Mann), photo, biography
A.T Mann (Mann), photo, biography A.T Mann (Mann)  Modern astrologer USA., photo, biography
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