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Sergei Bubka

( Athlete)

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Biography Sergei Bubka
photo Sergei Bubka
Heroes are not born, heroes go, often posthumously. Such is their destiny. And not because they died just before his heroic deed, or chose to remain in the shadows, the whole thing in it - human nature and envy. There are people, glory not, and vice versa.

But, thank God, on sports this axiom does not apply. There everything is determined by the numbers and integrity of judges. Won the match - receive a prize. Set a world record - ahead of the new. We Sergei Bubka is exactly what happened: as much 35 world records in 10 years! At this point do not close your eyes, and to one side does not turn away. And if they do, then get yourself the worse. Not surprisingly, last Sunday celebrated countryman, who has decided to "engage" with a great sport, honored to the fullest.
Surprised everyone, once again, the truth, pleasant, Leonid Kuchma. His Decree of 4 February this year he was awarded the title Hero of the Sergei Bubka of Ukraine. As time (during the life of yet!), Moreover, that a monument to the legendary shestoviku has long occupied pride of place in city center. Now we can say: everything fell into place. And man is, and the glory of recognition, and the monument. But not every hero can not see himself in a stone form.
Probably Bubka - elected! This only happens in fairy tales or in the good American family movie with the obligatory happy ending. And what happened on Sunday at the Sports Palace "Friendship" - a visual confirmation of. Formally, there XII International athletics tournament "Zepter - pole stars", but actually - Sergey Bubka last appeared before the public in shorts and a sixth in the hands of. He left with a great sport, but promised to return to it in a new capacity. For those who do not yet know: last fall, a multiple world record-holder became a member of the executive committee of the International Olympic Committee. What heights he will reach there, only God knows. One thing is clear - there is no limit for Sergei!
Why not tell about the other star of the sixth. They "shine", but not fly 6,15. And as noted by another Donetsk "jumper" - Vadim Pisarev, in his welcome and congratulatory speech: "The above can only be Bubka Bubka". In any case, at the XII tournament miracle happened. Six meter line has not been overcome by any athlete. Although they tried to cool. Some pulled their personal records. Charges option successfully jumped over 5.60 meters, almost all. It seemed that the competition may be delayed for a long time. But when a bracket to rise above 10 centimeters, as iksiki "loomed on the scoreboard ( 'x' means that the athlete did not take the height). And with the height of 5,8 m mastered only one shestovik, Israelis of Russian origin, Alexander Averbukh, and, with the first attempt.
Personally, I liked it jumps. It seems that he was the sixth of a whole. And when they have to "give up", a farewell overflowing tenderness, a special grace and fluidity of movement (please do not argue, it is a subjective opinion, besides amateur). Hall sincerely wanted the victory and the conquest of Alexander the six-meter turn, which he commissioned. However, record-Israel unlucky. Sportsman himself admitted that he was not yet ready for the six stations: "Mentally, I jumped this height, but in practice did not work".
But turned out at FC Shakhtar Donetsk. By coincidence, the day he spent 2 match in Israel and presented a pleasant surprise: 5:1, 4:2 in their favor. That such castling!
Second place in the tournament got our countryman Denis Yurchenko. At his Sergey Bubka has high hopes. Third place was satisfied Okkert Brits of South Africa. Its colorful appearance and the figure does not leave indifferent local girls, for that matter, and the boys. South Africans' zabombili "scraps of paper and pens. With this task Okkert handled much more successfully, though not without the help of police, ousting "avtografiruyuschihsya" in its place.
Saga Bubka
... And then it was show. Laser beams have replaced the usual spot on the big screen came a familiar silhouette. Once the smoke clears, the track seemed Sergey Bubka. He made his last jump at around 6.15, but not really. And those who saw him will never forget, because it put Sergei whole soul, the pain of parting with sports and spectator appreciation for the sincere and heartfelt support.
. Then the famous athlete, together with pupils ran their own schools under the dome of the Palace of lucky star, the light from which must illuminate the way for future talents of the Donbas and Ukraine
. Then Bubka on a barrage of congratulations and wishes. On "Hero" Bubka nearly cried: too much emotion ...
One fan admitted that during his recent wedding came to lay flowers at the monument is not Lenin or T.G. Shevchenko, and the monument to Bubka.
No fewer words of thanks were recited by the participants of the tournament: "For us, these competitions are very important, and we are always happy to participate in them, tk. this competition Sergei. If there were no transport to get to them, we would have arrived even on bicycles. Try to be worthy and similar to Sergei Bubka.
When the scene came Ani Lorak, I had expected that she will sing on ". However, "Vivat the King, Vivat!" (this song Tamara Gverdtsiteli Oleg Blokhin dedicated in honor of his retirement) in the hall sounded. Spectator "ate" "mirrors", etc.
. In his acceptance speech Sergey Bubka said his plans and dreams and things are still associated with a large sports: "As a member of the executive committee of the International Olympic Committee will promote the development of sport in his native province, in our country
. Ukrainian land is generous gifts. I have no doubt that in the new millennium, the names of our countrymen will be adequately represented on the world sporting Olympus! A deep bow to you and many thanks, dear countrymen! ".
Thank you, Sergei!

PS. Mayor Volodymyr Rybak promised that he would do everything to the Day of the city, local residents have received athletics stadium "Lokomotiv

. Source material MK-Donbass? 6
. (150) 10-17 February 2001
. Bubka has made a leap in science

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