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Steffi Graf

( The greatest tennis player of all time)

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Biography Steffi Graf
photo Steffi Graf
Full Name: Stefanie Maria Graf (Stefanie Maria Graf)
. Born: June 14, 1969
. Homeland: Mannheim, in Germany
. Height: 176 cm
. Weight: 64 kg
. PERMANENT RESIDENCE: Las Vegas, that in the U.S.
. Husband: Andre Agassi
. Parents: Heidi and Peter Graf (Heidi and Peter Graf)
. Brother: Michael (b. 1971), married, two children
. Hobbies: painting, photography, music, literature
. Household pets: dogs Max, Dino, Dusty, Joschi

. Since 1984 - Ambassador of World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
. In 1998 founded his own foundation "Children for Tomorrow"
. Since 1999, the first ambassador WORLD-Exhibition in Germany "EXPO2000"

. This Gretchen
. Stephanie (and easier - Steffi) Graf, the greatest tennis player of all time, also the first time took the racket at the tender age - a year in four
. Initiator, as usual, was her father, Peter.
Generally, tennis parents - the subject of a separate story. Typically, . are people, . not have achieved in my life a great success, . but very much hope to put together capital (it is not just about money) at the expense of their children, . but because they start belabour from infancy, . denying the simple joys of childhood, . depriving education,
. It is unlikely that they could be called mentally normal.
Mothers Martina Hingis and Anna Kournikova, rolling around with their babies in all tournaments - so nothing wrong with those not staged. There is a veritable monster - the father of Mary Pierce, who hires security guards to scare away lovers daughter. What, however, did not prevent frantic Frenchwoman to do their lovers themselves Bodyguard.
In principle, against this backdrop that Peter Graf - a loving and caring parent. That is acting solely by carrot. When little Steffi successfully cope with tennis lessons, he always brought her favorite treat - a hot strawberries with ice cream.

. Peter delivered a daughter of champion of tedious financial affairs, and began to multiply its condition, banal without paying taxes
. For that and landed in jail. It consisted of his father's 170 folders, and the indictment of 237 pages. Peter tried to hide from taxes of about 45 million marks. Failure to pay this sum amounted to 19,6 million marks. He simply could not accept the fact that honestly earned money to the daughter should someone else to share. So either receive fees for his daughter in cash, or transferred them to the accounts of bogus companies around the world. There was even the case (and it is unlikely the unit), when Peter the tournament in Frankfurt made 450 thousand stamps. Do not save in the box from the photocopier.
But the reputation of the most Steffi This story does not actually affected. Something like Caesar's wife. All her biography consists of solid evidence of the exceptional goodness. And for this there was no need to be called "the last virgin in Germany". She has never commented on his personal life, and journalists did not profiteer sensational details of the relationship Graf and her boyfriend, race car driver Michael Bartels.
. Reporters arrange for me to hunt only in order to catch me with someone in the arms
. Can he tell that I have already been men, but was not near anyone with a camera. I understand that the paparazzi is wildly disappointed, but I'm not going to help them. "
. It is, of course, has never been seen in the pink pleasures, like many female companions of the Tour.
. She was a friend of Princess Diana and her sons gave tennis lessons.
. She met with presidents and prime ministers, and Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov begged her not to leave tennis.
. She runs a charity, but a foolish waste of money (and in its bank account more than 30 million dollars) is not seen
. "Of course, I know that is very rich. But I do know is that there so much poverty. The thought I keep holding back, makes think.
It is elegant and does not admit to any clothing blatancy. "My favorite color - black calm. I love olive and gray. I can not stand medley. Outfit Agassi early in his career, in my opinion, was simply monstrous. Nothing more than tasteless, I could not see.

It is called "tennis machine". In fact, she just learned to repress his feelings perfectly. And a lot of work to achieve perfection, which outwardly seem mechanical.
She - a real Gretchen. Very respectable German lady.
Mutual sympathy between Agassi and Graf emerged long enough. Initially it showed itself in innocent Christmas gifts to each other. And last year, Agassi was seen coming out of the house Steffi. Early in the morning. It was a time when Andre went to the first rows with Brooke Shields and Steffi began to tire of its indolent connection with Bartels.
Incidentally, engagement to tennis and race car driver was scheduled for the end of 1998. But, apparently under the impression from his meeting with her passionate Agassi Steffi deferred. Interestingly, this incident did not cause much excitement in the press. And apparently, this tidbit ... We do not know that there have played a role: whether an impeccable reputation for Graf, or simply a fantastic, incredibly similar connection - all would find such information for the scandal.
. And just finally freed from his former "partners" Agassi and Graf yavili itself to the world as a happy couple in love.

. The most superficial explanation - opposite poles attract
. Sensitive Andre tired of absurd whimsical women, whom he was interested solely as a holder of a solid bank account. Steffi tired of the surrounding gray and mad tension in recent years. And who Agassi brighter?
You can think of a version of a stellar mixed doubles. Steffi announced this summer to complete his brilliant career. Agassi also nearing retirement. After a few years they will be interested in less and less. Is it easy to reconcile with these people who used to be in the limelight?
And being together, you can continually throw reporters hot topics and many years to be thick tabloid favorite characters. Yet in such subtle calculations of our heroes could not be suspected.
Let us not deny them the most basic human emotions. Just love, such. They're not to blame for that celebrity.

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Steffi Graf, photo, biography
Steffi Graf, photo, biography Steffi Graf  The greatest tennis player of all time, photo, biography
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