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Tamarisk Boris

( Singer, guitarist and leader of the `Aquarium`, songwriter)

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Biography Tamarisk Boris
photo Tamarisk Boris
How famous?
If you do not understand what is at stake, then the last 25 years you spent in a lethargic sleep.
Brief biography:
In 1953, Mr.. November 27 in Leningrad engineer dad and mom-lawyer son.
Childhood BG went to the Altai Street, Building 22. In the next gala lived Toll Gunitsky, which in these years is familiar.
Boris and George were together in school 421 of the Moscow Region. Only BG to the class under. 1968 BG: "The guitar I found in a garbage. A grandmother taught to play - I think the first thing I learned to play was an old Russian romance.
. 1969 composes and sings in English in the school team, based in Avtovo.
. 1972 With George conceived and implemented the "Aquarium"
. The first part of "Aquarium": BS, George, Valery scorched - machine. Bass - Alexander Tsitanidi. On keyboards was Alexander Vasiliev. More rehearsals deal did not go.
Further biography is expressed in albums, CDs, compilations, CD, etc.. Its better to look here.
What drink?
BG. I do not want to get me tossed, and you want to get me relaxed. So I prefer alcohol. Which - depending on day and mood. I'm just very nice people. Today - Sake, yesterday - vodka, tomorrow - whiskey, the day after tomorrow - Cognac. Just for different times need different sensations ...
All good wines are good. But usually we prefer the French ...
After the concert, drinks champagne with a choice: Roederer, Veuve Clicquot, Bolinger or other - but certainly Brut. Recently, we discovered Novyi Svet Champagne ... Another discovery from the past - Massandra wine. I drank bottles of port for fifteen years, and then began again (but should beware of fakes - in this Massandra - cork from the cork). As an aperitif Pernod drink with ice, as digestives Fernet Branca.

Biography "Aquarium"
The "Aquarium" was formed in summer 1972. singer-guitarist and drummer Boris Grebenshikov Anatoly "George" Gunitsky. Early 1973. to the Aquarium is joined by bassist Michael Feinstein, better known as "Fan", he later changed his name and is now called Mikhail Vasiliev. Later came multi-instrumentalist Andrew "Dyusha" Romanov, who acted as a keyboardist and flutist.
In this part of the quartet made their first record, unfortunately, lost.
1974. - Family album "Count Diffuser, concerts, familiarity with Mike Naumenko, later participated in many recordings of. In 1975. the "Aquarium" appeared Vsevolod Gakkel, together with him Grebenshchikov recorded the album "From the other side mirror glass.
Winter 1976. departed George on drums was replaced by first Sergei Plotnikov, and then Michael "Michael" Kordyukov. In the same year, the first tours in Tallinn and, after meeting with Andrei Makarevich, Moscow. In the spring the group came Alexander Alexandrov (later - "Sounds of Moo"), who bore the nickname "Fagot" by reason of possession of the instrument.
Early 1977. sostayalas another trip to Estonia, this time in Tartu, where the "Aquarium" was made in the acoustically. In that year the group also visited with concerts in Kuibyshev and Arkhangelsk. As part of drummer Eugene Guberman. In 1978. was invited by guitarist Alexander Lyapin. 1979. - Concert with "Time Machine" in the magazine "Young Guard" in Moscow.
Since 1980. started Apparent Life "Aquarium. In February, a joint statement with the "resurrection" in the village of Tsaritsyno, and later at the invitation of Artemia Trinity team went to the famous festival "Spring Rhythms" in Tbilisi.
. For musicians Aquarium's appearance at the event turned on the one hand a major scandal with all the consequences on a national scale, but on the other - gaining fame-Union
. Recording took place as part of the festival performances in the circus the city of Gori was included in the album "Electricity", together with the later studio recordings.
. In August of that year in Leningrad, with the direct participation of the "Aquarium" held a concert in memory of Vladimir Vysotsky
. In the fall practice started in residential concerts.
In January 1981, Mr.. studio Andrew Tropillo was recorded first full magnitalbom Aquarium's "Blue Album". Under drummer Alexander Kondrashkin. At the same time opened the Leningrad Rock Club, and the Aquarium of the first was included in its ranks.
. In May, in Leningrad, was a remarkable rock-marathon, in which except for "Aquarium" was attended by famous rock groups of the time "Picnic," "Myths" and "Argonauts"
. At the end of the year in the team was invited Sergei Kurehin. In early 1982, Mr.. again a change of drummer: in the place came Peter Huberman Troshchenkov.
Despite the opposition of the authorities, the total number of concerts entitled "Aquarium" has risen dramatically - the group traveled to Yaroslavl, mnogkratno performed in Moscow. Led by musicians Grebenshikov Aquarium's begun to have a strong patronage of Viktor Tsoi, in particular - help in organizing concerts and the joint record of the first album "Cinema".
May 14, 1983, Mr.. hosted the first festival of the Leningrad Rock Club, where, of course, has already made has become famous "Aquarium". Appeared in the fall of Alexander Titov, who succeeded to the position of bass player gone for a year in the "Zoo" Feinstein. In early 1984, Mr.. team went on tour in Sverdlovsk, then gave several concerts in Riga. Later in the violinist Alexander appeared Kussul. Speech "Aquarium" opened a series of programs "Musical Ring" on the Leningrad television.
Winter 1985. group took part in the festival Riga Rock Club. Autumn "Aquarium" played at the opening of the first exhibition in Leningrad Mitki. 1986. marked for the group transfer to the legal existence - there were several large-scale concerts, talks began with the firm "Melody" on the disc recording (LP "Aquarium (The White Album) was released a year later). In May last successful performance at the festival "Lituanika-86". In the same year tragically killed Alexander Kussul.
In 1987. the peak of popularity "Aquarium". Unit demanded everywhere - continued involvement in television, an incredible number of concerts (including at the biggest venues of the country), the first vinyl was swept from the shelves within a few days. At the same time came the film "Assa", with songs "Aquarium". At the same time, and Grebenshchikov, and other musicians had time to do side projects: the end of the year BG solo concerts, visited the U.S., and Dyusha and arranged parallel to the fan group "Shamrock".
In the summer of 1988. activities "Aquarium" was suspended because Grebenshchikov again went to America to work on his album.
In 1989. team also worked with interruptions caused by the constant and frequent departures BG abroad, but, nevertheless, the group conducted several rounds of touring the USSR. In the summer of that year on the western channel MTV has been shown a biographical film about the "Aquarium" "Long Way Home". Summer 1990. - Performances in Finland in October participated in a concert dedicated to the memory of Victor Tsoi.
In 1991. Grebenshchikov announced the dissolution of the "Aquarium" and the creation of their own group called "BG-Band". But in the end of 1992. "Aquarium" was revived in seduyuschem composition: Boris Grebenshchikov, Alexander Titov, Oleg Sakmar, Sergei Shurakov, Oleg Goncharov, Alexei Zubarev, Andrei Vikharev, Alexei Ratsen, Andrew Surotdinov. Resume active concert activity, and vnoyabre 1993. released a new album, "Favorite Songs of Ramses IV". 1994-1996,. - Concerts.
In March-April 1997. took a tour of U.S. cities. In June of that year there was a series of speeches on the 25 th anniversary of "Aquarium". Later, the band have Titov, and at some time in the new line-up appeared Lyapin. In late 1998. formed a new composition ( "New Electric Dog"), which was recorded last to date album Aquarium "Psi".

. Source:
. http://www.vredno.ru/
. http://mutagen.narod.ru/bg.html

. Discography
. Interview: BG Millennium

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Tamarisk Boris, photo, biography
Tamarisk Boris, photo, biography Tamarisk Boris  Singer, guitarist and leader of the `Aquarium`, songwriter, photo, biography
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