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Kuva Oleg

( St. Petersburg artist, author Illustration about Masyanya)

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Biography Kuva Oleg
If you came to work one morning, you find that your direct reports are due, among a puppet voices, often repeating the word 'hryundel' and stupid while giggling - it means that up to your office got Masyanya. Say thank you if your proposal to explain what is happening here, sotrudiki not answer you new winged words 'Fuck you in the f ..., the director'.

. Petersburg Style
. Masyanya - the heroine of the most popular cartoon network in the country, which we must look at Mult.ru
. Its popularity came from nowhere: the son of an engineer told about her son at school programmer, website showed that parents are throwing the link in the corporate newsletter from the office to the office rushed message on ICQ, and rushing up to now. Masyanya born in autumn last year. Three months later, her day looking for more than thirteen thousand people - it is not 'feed', but almost Strana.ru. Slowly but surely Masyanya turns in the same strong cultural brand and a symbol of St. Petersburg as Mitka - only, unlike Mitkov, it is not advertised Grebenshchikov and nothing about it in newspapers.
. All cartoons about Masyanya from beginning to end, making only one man - St. Petersburg artist Oleg Kuvayev
. With a kind T-shirt with no way resembles neither he created a lively girl, nor her dull boyfriend: it is solid, not too thin man with a ring in your ear. When, however, you begin to talk to him, after a while you begin to realize that somewhere you've already heard this tone, the timbre and, especially, the chuckle.
Oleg Kuvaeva thirty-four. Before, . as Masyanya managed to lay his hands on, . he has worked in St. Petersburg Studios Animation Magic, . where he designed the game about NASCAR racing for the American Papyrus, . and small companies 'Totem', . which belongs to the game site Premium Internet Games,
. Last fall Kuvaev understand what makes for himself than for the company, and went into free-lances, becoming a freelance designer.
. According to Oleg, do Illustration for the Internet, he wanted a long time, but was not allowed to objective reasons
. A few years ago afford to watch videos on the Internet could alone large holders of dedicated channels. Then, when he appeared Flash, everything became much simpler: the current animation, even when connecting over a slow modem is loaded in five or six minutes. Masyanya emerged as the first of a series of characters, of whom wanted to make films Oleg, but after a while it seemed she completely captured the web site, and nobody else is not going to let.

. Audiences love the ears
. In terms of fine art cartoons about Masyanya not represent anything special: it is not 'Winnie the Pooh' and not 'Hedgehog in the Fog'
. Simple geometric forms, smooth colors, different words and mouth movements, pulling movements of the characters - all this in itself could hardly attract the love of the masses. The main thing in cartoons about Masyanya - this, of course, a dashing and very funny voice, which makes Oleg Kuvayev with bad microphone (to us, he happily reported that he had just bought a 'new, good') and a package for sound processing Sound Forge. Phrases from 'Masyania' are slogans. Their take on the note, and then use the smoking room. 'And here I am in Soviet times п+п+п+п+п+ ...', - said, choking with laughter, one fan to another. 'And here I am in Soviet times uuuu ...', - replies pryskaya in a fist, he. Saying thus, that the tastes of the author and his audience the same can not. Anyway, . favorite cartoon Kuvaeva - 'Gap' - with character, . represented as' Peter, . Your native town ', . Winnie the Pooh and Piglet on the sidelines and Chaplin's music behind the curtain - a philosophical cartoon! - Is in the voting at the penultimate position.,
. If you look for analogues 'Masyania' in the West, . then the closest hit is, . perhaps, . South Park - primitively drawn cartoon with a delightful voice-overs and, . main, . full otstutstviem even hint at least some political correctness,
. Success Story South Park - embodiment of the Hollywood dream: two non-monetary student Trey Parker (Trey Parker) and Matt Stone (Matt Stone) is glued into the basement of a small cartoon about the fights of Jesus with Santa Claus, . He caught the eye of the desired producer, . and now the former debtors several banks bought a large house on the outskirts of Los Angeles,
. Although the Comedy Central show South Park almost twice a day, the heroes of this series continues to go without moving your feet, and the background always looks as if it was cut from paper of seven children.

. Money down
. Will California Masyanya repeat success in Russia is not clear, but work in this direction have already come
. How many different projects, Masyanya began 'garage' - without hope even for self-sufficiency. Now one only cost of hosting the cartoon surpasses a thousand dollars - it is true, this amount is offset by a barter advertising. Meanwhile, it is clear that if you put it as it should, Masyanya is fully capable of bringing money - how to give their sites such as Atomfilms and AnimationExpress. Oleg Kuvayev recently hired a manager and now registers a legal person 'Mult.ru'. High probability that this legal entities will enter into a contract with any of the television companies - such as MTV, from which Oleg had already received informal offers of love and friendship. The author, however, looks at the TV skeptical: he thinks that making video - this is a completely different genre, and it would be better Masyanya forever remain online persona.

. The full version of this article was published on 4 February in the journal "Expert North-West '.

. Source:
. http://www.toster.ru/
. Oleg Kuvayev on Masyanya
. Silly cartoon an idle Masyanya storm captures the attention of young Russians

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Kuva Oleg, photo, biography
Kuva Oleg, photo, biography Kuva Oleg  St. Petersburg artist, author Illustration about Masyanya, photo, biography
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