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Nostradamus (Michel de Nostredame)

( Grand predictor)

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Biography Nostradamus (Michel de Nostredame)
photo Nostradamus (Michel de Nostredame)
Michel de Notre-Dame, better known as Nostradamus, was born December 14, 1503 in Saint-Rц╘my (Provence, France) in a family of baptized Jews. Initial education received at home, and this education included in the classic literature, history, astrology, medicine and traditional medicine. He graduated from the University of Avignon, where he studied philosophy, grammar and rhetoric.
Thank doctor came to him when he found a remedy against the "Black Death" - the plague, which ravaged Europe in the sixteenth century. This medicine "consisted" of fresh air, clean water and vitamin C; through drug Nostradamus were rescued dozens of people - but that's to save his wife and two children Nostradamus failed. They died in 1537, and Nostradamus left Aachen, where he sojourned, and launched into a journey that lasted six years.
Around this time he felt in his "awakening" prophetic abilities. In 1547 Nostradamus had settled in the town of Salon, where re-married and where he was born six children - three daughters and three sons. The upper floor of his house in the Salon, he turned to the laboratory - with a magic mirror, astrolabes, barbecue and a tripod, constructed in the image and likeness of the sacred tripod in the temple of Apollo at Delphi.
. In 1550, after much deliberation, Nostradamus published an anthology containing twenty-four prophetic quatrain (quatrains)
. The popularity of the almanac of the public has surpassed all expectations of the author, and the end of life Nostradamus was just forced to issue such almanacs every year.
. By the famous "Centuria" he began in 1554, a year later published the first four parts, each of one hundred quatrains
. Last, the tenth part "centuriae", was published in 1558. It is believed that one of the quatrains of Nostradamus predicted that his own death. Legend has it that evening July 1, 1566, he said to his assistant wished him good night: "In the morning I will not be alive". And the next morning he was found lifeless on the floor of the cabinet.
. In accordance with the testament of Nostradamus was buried in the cemetery of the Franciscan monastery, on the gravestone is written: "Here lie the remains of Michel Nostradamus, . only mortal, . heaven any award of grace to write about his divine pen events coming years. ",

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. Nostradamus ABOUT RUSSIA
. Author: Penza AA
. (the magazine "Russia and the Modern World")

The era of the late Renaissance, is rich in famous names of astrologers and fortune tellers. Richard Russ, Tommaso Campanella, Paracelsus, Rabelais, Cardano was not only the science and art, but also large occultists. Astrology fond of such political figures as Catherine de Medici, Suleiman Kanuni I, Ivan the Terrible.
. Among these names takes a special place Michel de Notre Dame (in romanized form - Michael Nostradamus), the most famous Provencal physician, alchemist, astrologer, scientist, poet and soothsayer
. His book "The Prophecies of Michel Nostradamus Masters" (later the name - "Centuries") still enjoys immense popularity and sparked controversy.
. Biography Nostradamus studied well enough, although some "white spots" in it are
. Born future predictor, 24 December (New Style) 1503 g. in the town of Saint-Rц╘my to a Jewish family, shortly before he was born a Catholic. After graduating from the University of Montpellier, Nostradamus became a practicing physician and won several major victories in the fight against epidemics.
. However, having returned from another trip, he learned that his wife and two children died from an unknown illness, in addition, they became interested in the inquisition (this was about too much free utterances of a young doctor at the church).
. Nostradamus left his home and at seven or eight years disappeared
. According to some researchers, it saved the intercession of King Francis I of France and the friendship with Rabelais, with whom Nostradamus spent this time in Italy, carrying out orders of French intelligence.
. Returning to Provence, Nostradamus takes part in the fight against a new epidemic
. Apparently, he was the first in the history of medicine, suggested disinfect contaminated areas and surmised the existence of pathogenic bacteria. Won the plague, Nostradamus settled in Salon-de-Crau-en-Provence, married (the second marriage he had been born six children).
Nostradamus was interested in politics, history, religions, occultism. In its breadth of interests, he was a true son of his century - the century of the Renaissance. He was familiar with Calvin, Morozov's Rabelais, major political figures of France in the mid-XVI. However, Nostradamus became famous not as a doctor or theologian.
In 1555, Mr.. came the first edition of "Master's Prophecies of Michel Nostradamus". They are interested in the Queen Catherine de Medici. Nostradamus called in Paris. Since then, he became confidant of the queen (evil tongues even asserted that he was her lover), and their oracles shot to fame of a talented astrologer. Pierre Ronsard dedicated his poems, and Charles IX of France awarded him the honorary title of Life-medic.
Nostradamus died in 1566, Mr.. in his salon. Despite close contact with the royal family all his life he tried to stay away from the powerful and did not interfere with the palace intrigue (maybe that's why he died a natural death). By the way, his legacy was 3444 crowns, which translated into today's price is equal to half a million dollars.
The artistic heritage of Nostradamus is large. Here and medical treatises, in which the various prescription drugs are combined with the recommendations of a cosmetic nature and with memories. Here and artistic works ( "The interpretation of hieroglyphs Horapollo", "Paraphrase of Galen"). Here, numerous astrological calendars, almanacs, as well as extensive correspondence (though poorly known and even not fully published). However, the main difficulty Nostradamus was and remains famous prophetic book - "The Prophecies of Michel Nostradamus Masters.
. What is of itself a creation? This is about a thousand quatrains (quatrains), incorporated in the chapter (centurion) of 100 quatrains each
. In addition, the book includes two prose prophecies written in the form of letters to his son Cesar and the message to King Henry II. By the way, the message was issued only after the death of Nostradamus, in 1568
Quatrains vague in content, they are very few specific dates, the chronology is not respected. However, quite often they find dating astronomical nature, such as: "When Mars, Venus and Mercury will be retrograde movement ..."," When Mars and Saturn will be equally burned "(t. e. combination of these two planets will be in a certain aspect to the point of a solar eclipse). But even if not at least approximately a year to establish the nature of the events is still unclear, before it come to pass.
Most modern scholars who have studied the prophecies of Nostradamus, believe that in these quatrains "something is". Loyalty predictions estimated by them at about 70-85%. Especially "failed" Nostradamus predictions about the future of the UK - here their accuracy approaching 100%. The reasons, as they say, is unknown.
Himself in a letter to Cesar Nostradamus wrote that the predictions cover Europe, Asia, and parts of Africa and spread over the period up to 3797 g. Studies text prophecies revealed that the date 3797, Mr.. - Rough camouflage, cover up in 2242, Mr.. - Year VII Millennium "from the beginning" of the Old Testament chronology, the year of onset, according to Nostradamus, the end of the world. Judgment happen even later - at 3242g.
In addition, modern scholars believe that their prophecies Nostradamus predicted the future of the United States, Japan, Australia and almost Antarctica. However, these countries just mentioned predictor America ( "USA", "West, free from the British Isles", "New Earth").
And Did Nostradamus predictions about Russia, the reader will ask. Yes, of course, and quite a lot. It should only take into account that the future of individual countries, Nostradamus was interested only in the extent to which it affects the whole future of Europe in general and his native France, in particular. In addition, the same country in the "prophecy" appears under different names. For example, France, he refers to as "Nersaf", "Gaul", "Babylon", as well as the names of individual provinces.
. Such masking is explained by the reluctance of Nostradamus's prophecies, joined to the readers who are not interested in anything except the exact dates and places.
. Russia - not the exception
. Her Nostradamus calls "Borysfen (Dnipro)," Slavs "," Slavic people "," region Boreas "," New Babylon "(USSR)," A country with a climate opposite to Babylon "(t. e. Country Aquarius - Russia), "North Pole". Mentioned in the prophecies and Sarmatians, and Alans, Armenia (North Caucasus and Transcaucasia), Tartary (Central Asia). But most Nostradamus refers to our country Aquilonia - the area north wind.
This concept actually existed in the geography of the XVI century. Under Aquilonia understood huge sector, which included, as a disciple of Nostradamus wrote Shavini, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Livonia, Gothia, Sweden, Norway, Scandia, oceanic islands, Muscovy, two Sarmatia ". Germany and Poland are considered by Nostradamus under their own names, as Sarmatiya. History of the Baltic states are poor enough any significant developments. It is obvious that in most cases under Aquilonia Nostradamus knew Russia.
. Why not Muscovy? Most likely, he foresaw that the term "Muscovy" soon disappear, and the words "Russia" or not "spotted" in the future, or prefer not to call - for all of the same mask
. Perhaps he was surprised to learn of his magical calculations on strengthening the state with a mixed Christian-Muslim religious way of life. So sometimes he calls the Russian "Easterners" as Turks.
. Chronologically, the first is the prediction of the burning and destruction of Moscow by Crimean khan Manly-Girey in 1571:

. At sunrise, they see a big fire,
. Noise and light extended to Aquilonia.
. Inside the circle - the death and cries.
. The sword, fire and famine - death awaits (II, 91).

. This prediction can not fit under the other fires in Moscow, as they are not accompanied by a mass beating of the Muscovites, the inhabitants of the "circle" (Moscow, as is known, has a concentric structure).
. By the reign of Peter I include two quatrain:

. Much earlier - such machinations
. Easterners lunar valor.
. In 1700, many will be taken away,
. Almost subordinating Akvilonsky edge (I, 49).

. In 1699, Mr.
. Peter I defeated Turkey. Constantinople world August 8, 1700, Mr.. secured for Russia Azov and the mouth of the Don. August 9, Peter I declared war on Sweden. In the quatrain is said about these events is extremely vague and confusing, but one thing is clear - 1700 g. will be a watershed in the history of Russia, the East and the rest of Aquilonia. Happened.

. The efforts of Aquilon will be great:
. The door to the Ocean will be opened.
. Kingdom on the Island will be restored.
. London tremble, helpless before the sail (II, 68).

. This refers to the three asynchronous events: the restoration of the monarchy in Britain in 1660, breaking through the Dutch fleet in the Thames in 1667, Mr.
. and, finally, prorubanii Peter I "window to Europe" - "the door to the Ocean". Some commentators believe the prophecies that the next quatrain it comes to series of palace coups in Russia, as well as its military successes in the second half of XVIII century.:

. Slavic people, thanks to military success,
. Rises to very high
Change emperor. Will be born a provincial.
The army will rise in the sea and the mountains (V, 26).

It is not clear just about any question provincials. This quatrain could come to the events of 1917, but at that time, Russia could not boast any military successes.
. At least four quatrains Nostradamus devoted to Russian-French war of 1812-1813 gg.:

. Roman land, on the interpretation of augurs,
. You will be greatly disturbs Gallic people.
. But the Celtic nation, but fear the hour
. When her army would move too far in the region Boreas (II, 89).

. Akvilonsky wind force to lift the siege.
. A wall will throw ashes, lime, ashes.
. Later on - rain, which give them a nice trap.
. Last aid - in front of their boundaries (IX, 99).

. Approaching army, coming from the Slavs.
. Deadly destroyer destroy the old city.
. He sees his Romagna in great grief
. And not be able to put out a great flame (IV, 82).

. Like Griffons come kings of Europe,
. Accompanied akvilonyanami.
. He will lead a large army of red and white,
. I speak against the king of Babylon (X, 86)

. In these quatrains is really quite neatly describes the war of Napoleon ( "a deadly destroyer"), the leader of the French army ( "Gallic people," Celtic Nation Army ") against Russia (" Slavs ")
. Red and white - it is the British and the Austrians. Romagna - Empire of Napoleon, and the King of Europe, like Griffin - none other than Alexander I (as we know, the griffin is depicted on the emblem of the House of Romanov). Incidentally, the Romanov dynasty established itself in Russia almost 60 years after the death of Nostradamus! The next quatrain points to the emergence of Marxism:

. A new group of philosophers,
. Despise death, gold, honors and riches,
. Not limited to the Germanic mountains.
. Walking behind them will receive support from the crowd (III, 67).

. Another quatrain refers to the victory of communism in Russia, the successor to the medieval utopias:

. See how the doctrine Mora comes in decline
. Before the other, much more tempting

. Borisfen fall first
. Before more attractive gifts and language (III, 95).

. Civil war and revolution in Russia were reflected in the following quatrain:

. Songs, stories and complaints of the Slavic people,
. Abandoned by the princes and the ruler in prison
. In the future, headless idiots
. Be seen as divine speech (1, 14).

. In a country with a climate opposite to Babylon
. There will be great bloodshed,
. This is that land and sea, air, the sky will be the damage.
. The factions, famine, government, disaster, confusion (I, 55).

. The blood of innocents, widows and virgins.
. So many crimes because of the great Red.
. Holy image loaded into the burning wax.
. All paralyzed horror (VIII, 80).

. Stalinist terror:

. To support the ailing mantle (power - A
. P.)
And to clean it, will make the Reds.
Family burden himself with death.
Red-red destroy (just) red (VIII, 19).

In the middle of the great world - rose (silence. - A. P.)
. For the sake of new achievements shed blood of the people.
. If you say the truth, you shut your mouth.
. Long-awaited come too late (V, 96).

. Very interesting the next quatrain, describing the European political situation in 1918-1939.:

. Against the red factions unite,
. Fire, water, iron, peace alliance disintegrate.
. Schemers on the brink of death
. Except for one, which will destroy completely (old) light (IX, 51).

. "Rogues", apparently - Chamberlain and Daladier, to balance between peace and war, as well as the Nazi government of Germany, whose leader - Adolf Hitler - indeed in the end caused enormous damage to Europe.
. Many quatrains mentioned the term "red"
. At the time of Nostradamus' so called Spaniards (though very rarely).
However, at the first reading of the prophecies it becomes clear that nothing to do with Spain, they do not have. It is difficult to say that Nostradamus was referring to, but the context is absolutely clear that the main "contenders" in the title are precisely the Bolsheviks. Another quatrain, so-called "one hundred percent accuracy":

Included in the Greater Germany
Brabant and Flanders, Ghent, Bruges and Boulogne;
False Truce. Grand Duke of Armenia
Will advance to Vienna and Cologne (V, 94).

At the time of Nostradamus was not the notion of "Great Germany" was the Holy Roman Empire, which included almost all of the territory. So there was no need to again include them in the Empire. However, the Holy Roman Empire collapsed in the 1939-1940. territory referred to in the second line were indeed either annexed or occupied by Germany. "False Truce - of course, the Soviet-Hitler pact. "The Grand Duke of Armenia" - none other, as. V. Stalin! Cases that at the time of Nostradamus was not the notion of "Georgia" - all Christian Transcaucasus was called Armenia. Vienna was taken by the Soviet Army. Cologne same - Cologne-on-Spree, the oldest district of Berlin and its old name.
The successes of Stalin's forces in Europe in 1944-1945. (Stalin himself is mentioned in the first line):

. The great Pontiff of the party of Mars
. Conquer River Danube
. Chase iron cross with curved ends.
. Prisoners of war, gold, rings, jewels more than 100 000 (VI, 49).

. Interesting description of the swastika - a cross with curved ends.
. The post-war devastation, famine, the colonial wars, nuclear weapons tests (configuration of the planets mentioned in the first row, took place in 1947):

. In the year, when Mars and Saturn will be equally burned
. Strong drying air, long meteor.
. Secret incandescent lamps burned a vast area.
. Little rain, wind, heat, war, invasion (IV, 67).

. Very interesting quatrain referring, apparently, to the recent developments:

. Such a long famine of disastrous waves
. From a long rain over the North Pole.
. Samarobrin (winged wand
. - A. PA) in 100 leagues above the hemisphere,
Live outside the law, free from politics (VI, 5).

The first two lines indicate, obviously, to the Chernobyl disaster. "Winged Wand" - or "Speysshattl", or space station, which is usually fixed at a height of about 400 hm (1 league = 4,444 km). The end of the Cold War:

. One day two of the great leader will become friends.
. Their great power to approve.
. New Earth will be at the top of its power.
. Bloodthirsty will tell about the number (II, 89).

. "Murderous" could be Saddam Hussein.
. Quatrain containing predicted the fall of communism:

. In places and times where and when the flesh gives way to fish
. Municipalities Act meets opposition.
. The old man will stand firmly, and then thrown from the stage.
. Rule of "Do all things in common friends" will remain far behind (V, 32).

. In the first line it is a country of Aquarius - Russia
. The second and third lines are quite clear. In the fourth line mentioned the ancient formula of communism - "At the friends all share."
Finally, extensive prophecy about the "New Babylon", which many researchers attribute to the Soviet Union (1917-1991), is contained in a message to Nostradamus Henry II. It indicates not only the time of the Soviet Union, but some of the stages of its history:

. "... This will be preceded by a solar eclipse, the most dark and twilight since the creation of the world before his death and passion of Jesus Christ and for this event - to the present
. And in the month of October happens a great move, such that seem as though the earth has lost its natural course and plunged into eternal darkness. This will happen after the spring time, when after the emergency changes, rearrangements in the government, there will be great earthquakes ... Grow new Babylon, miserable offspring, energized an abomination in the first sacrifice. It will last only 73 years and 7 months ... Unite kingdom of Madness, who will pretend to be wise ... after the great dog comes the greatest guard dog, which will destroy everything, even things that were destroyed earlier ... Areas of the cities, kingdoms and cities and provinces, which will go from their original ways to become free, slaves themselves even more, and the secret will be angry with their "freedom". And losing the perfect religion, they begin to beat the left to return to the right ... And, approaching a new ruin, and while it will be in full swing, climb rulers and military forces, and taken away from him (the dog), two swords (armiyu. - A. PA), and left him only banners (propaganda - A. P.). Attracted by their curves, the people make him (the dog) go straight, refusing to accept the enemy with his vskinutoy hand ... "(Epistle, 24-29).

. It discusses and Lenin (Mad) and Stalin (watchdog), and the revolution, the regime and opposition movements, and even the Nazis with their greeting (vskinutaya hand), and losses at the beginning of the war (the defeat of two armies - the loss of "two swords")
. Apparently, Nostradamus believed that only the people's enthusiasm will serve as the main force victory.
As for the prophecy of 73 years and 7 months, then it turned. June 12, 1991, t. e. After 73 years and 7 months since the October Revolution, was elected the first president of Russia.
Beli is measured from January 1918, Mr.. - Dispersal of the Constituent Assembly - that we come to August 1991. There is probably no need to remind you that this month happened.
. Before we proceed to describe the future events, once again turn our attention to the fundamental paradox of Nostradamus - predictions become clear only after the occurrence of the events described in them
. This rule is almost never knows the exceptions. But it is in quatrains about Russia contained many fairly clearly set out the facts. This enabled a number of researchers to make predictions (and correct) on the future of our country long before the realization of the predictions.
. The American scientist E. Leoni suggested Honor quatrain of "winged stick" at a height of 100 league belongs to space research, published this assumption was in the first edition of his book in the early 1950's
. E. Chithem, English nostradamoved, based on the prophecies of Nostradamus predicted in the early 70-ies the imminent collapse of communism in the USSR and the end of the Cold War. V. Zavalishin, Russian nostradamoved-lover, who published his book in 1974. in the United States, predicted the collapse of communism in the USSR in the summer of 1991
"Do not dream come" even predictions of Aquilonia is not too much, however, until the end of the world, according to Nostradamus, there are only 250 years. Obviously, it makes sense to bring a whole block of predictions concerning, as most researchers believe, to this last period.

. Easterners will leave his residence,
. To pass through the Apennine Mountains and visit Gaul
. Pierce the sky, water and snow,
. And every surprise her with a rod (II, 29)

. From Evksinski Pontus and great Tartary
. Some king comes to see Gaul.
. Pierce through Alania and Armenia,
. And in the Byzantine Empire left a bloody wand (V, 54).

. Year 1999, the seventh month.
. From the sky will come a great King of terror,
. To resuscitate the great king Angolmua
. Before and after Mars edit kindness (X, 72).

. In Foy is king in a blue turban.
. Protsarstvuet less than one revolution of Saturn (29.5 years).
. King in a white turban, expelled Byzantine heart.
. Sun, Mars, Mercury, near Urns (Aquarius) (IX, 73).

. More than 500 years will take into account
. Togo, who was the ornament of his time (most of Nostradamus
. - A. P.)
Then, suddenly come to enlightenment,
What will make them very happy with this age (III, 94).

World is close to the last period.
Saturn slowly returns (end of XXII century. - A. PA).
. Empire moved to the Black nation.
. Hawk pulled out of his eyes Narbona (III, 92).

. When approaching the great seventh number
. There will be games Hecatomb,
. Shortly before the year, crowning a thousand,
. When the buried will come out of their graves (X, 74).

. Shining accomplishment of the newly exalted elder.
. Would they be so great with the help of the South and Aquilon,
. His sister brought up the tribes
. Killed while fleeing into the thicket Ambellona (X, 69).

. The new empire in ruin,
. Her change akvilonsky pole.
. From Sicily comes excitement
. And prevent the enterprise tributary Philip (VIII, 81).

. Between Bayonne and St. Jean de Luxe
. A tidy Mount Mars.
. Nanar takes light from Akvilonskih Anics (invincibility?)
. Then suffocate in bed without treatment (VIII, 85).

. Three very soon the Antichrist will be destroyed.
. 27 years - the blood will run his war.
. Heretics are dead, detained, deported.
. Blood, human bodies, hail from the reddened water (VIII, 77).

. The head of London's domination of America
. Suppress the Scottish island of frost.
. King, Rebel will find such a deceitful Antichrist
. Which all of them involve in the fight (X, 66).

. "... What a great persecution will begin on the sovereigns and rulers of the kingdoms, even marine and eastern
. Their tongues are moved to the larger society: language of the Latins and Arabs, through puniytsev. And all these Eastern Kings will be expelled, dropped, destroyed, but not by the king of Aquilonia, and the proximity of the century ... And will the rulers of Aquilonia, number two, won Easternizers. And this happens a great noise of thunder and war that the whole East tremble from fear of these brothers are not brothers in Akvilonskimi. This will happen shortly before the seventh millennium (2242), when the shrine of Christ will no longer trample infidels, who came from Aquilonia ... And during this period of astrological calculations, a comparison with the Scripture, persecution of the clergy will come from the power king of Aquilonia, united with the Easterners. And this persecution will last 11 years, even a little less, since then the chief King of Aquilonia fall. And then the third king of Aquilonia, hearing cries of the people of his main title, will raise such a great army, will gorges of their ancestors and forefathers, and returns almost all of the initial state. And then comes infernal prince Antichrist, and again last tremble all the kingdoms of the Christian world, as well as incorrect, for a period of 25 years. .. (Epistle, 37, 38, 47 50 54,55).

The above prophecies abound unknown toponyms and names (Nanar, King and Rebel, Ambellon, Black Nation and t. n.). Therefore it is very difficult to say what Nostradamus had in mind. What future awaits the world? Nuclear disaster? Continuous war? Tectonic cataclysms? We can not worry about the answer to this question, for Russia's future is inextricably linked with the fate of civilization.

. Source:
. http://m-webmaster.chat.ru/ufo/old_man.htm

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Nostradamus (Michel de Nostredame), photo, biography
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