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Ringuber Lawrence

( Saxon, a writer on Russia.)

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Biography Ringuber Lawrence
Born about 1640
When in 1667 he was invited to Russia Blumentrost doctor, he brought with him as assistant, and Robert, who was then a student at the University of Leipzig. While living in Moscow until 1673, he began teaching at some college, and together with Pastor Gregory was tragicomedy "Ahasuerus and Esther, which rehearsed with the boys, and represented in the presence of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. In 1673 R. was sent in the embassy Menezes in Germany and Italy, proposed an alliance against Turkey. In Germany, he received a proposal from the Duke of Saxony, to make a detailed report on the status of the German Lutheran congregation in the suburb of Moscow and all of the political and ecclesiastical affairs of the Moscow State, . that he performed 15 - April 25, 1673,
. Upon his return to Russia P. became like Saxon diplomatic agent in Moscow and a lot of conversations with the king and Matveyev informed the Duke Ernest. Introducing the king, and Matveeva, with their mutual interest by the constitution of Saxony, . He encouraged them to development projects in Russia's trade with China and other Asian powers and Russia closer to Abyssinia, . and about the war with Turkey, predicted the Russian success only after learning of their Western European art of war,
. In 1674 it was filled in Saxony embassy Protopopov and P. sent with him as secretary, but the embassy had no success. Returning to Moscow in 1675, P. forced to restrict medical practice and formally joined the Russian service. After the death of Alexei Mikhailovich P. left Russia and traveled to Denmark, England and France (where the government in 1681 took advantage of his services in negotiations with Peter Potemkin) and Italy. Turning to Catholicism, he fussed about the connection of Churches; up the note to the pope on the state of Muscovy, the recently discovered Pirlingom. In 1684 R. was back in Moscow, as the Saxon ambassador. This is his journey, the favorable reception of the kings, and especially Prince. VV. Golitsyn and his conversations with P. described in his "Wahrhafte Relation", published only in 1883 in Berlin, entitled "Relation du voyage en Russie feit en 1684 par Laurent Rinhuber" (by the manuscripts kept in the Ducal Library of Gotha). For the consumer reports the history of R. give little information, but a lot of talk about the Russian court proceedings, the military organization of the church and the tons. n.; is in them and a lot of good characteristics of the then leaders of the Moscow. See. A. Brikner "Lawrence R." (Journal of the Ministry of National Education ", 1884, No. 2), his" Moscow and Rome (1672 - 1681), Lawrence R. to new data "(" Russian Gazette ", 1895," 325 and 333); Pirling "Saxe et Moscou. Un medicin diplomate, Laurent Rinhuber "(AP, 1893).

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Ringuber Lawrence, photo, biography
Ringuber Lawrence, photo, biography Ringuber Lawrence  Saxon, a writer on Russia., photo, biography
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