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Richelieu, Armand-Emmanuel Duplessis

( Distinguished statesman.)

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Biography Richelieu, Armand-Emmanuel Duplessis
1766 - 1822
Belonging and familial traditions and relations to the supreme court aristocracy, P. with the collapse of the old regime emigrated to the first, came to Russia and took his place in the ranks of the army who fought against the Turks (1790). When the war ended, RN, received the rank of lieutenant-general, at the time, left the Russian service. In 1792, before fostering a Austro-Prussian coalition during the war itself, P. frequently visited Vienna and Berlin, but particularly prominent role in the era of emigration was not playing as never showed selfless devotion to the Bourbons. In 1803, Emperor Alexander I appointed P. Governor General of Odessa and Novorossiysk Territory. He did a lot for the improvement of Odessa, the laying of new streets and construction of large stone buildings, improvement of port and pr. Until now preserved memories of the activities of R., . characterize as not quite clear (especially in the beginning) an idea of the assigned territory, . and his humanity and civility, . very rare in those days in senior positions in Russia,
. In September 1815, when Talleyrand resigned, Louis XVIII, on the advice of Alexander I, the proposed P. form a cabinet, P. a long time refused, but finally yielded to the insistence of the Emperor. September 24, Duke P. received the portfolio of Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the 26 th of the month - the post of first minister. Between his colleagues and subordinates, some (such as Royer-Collard, Guizot) were imbued with a rather specific constitutional beliefs. First care P. the cleansing of the French territory by foreign troops who occupied it for the second Treaty of Paris. The total amount of monetary claims of foreign powers to France reached to 1390 million francs, P. managed to reduce it to 240 million. When this important and difficult work was done, R., who came to Ahensky Congress, managed to achieve (October 9, 1818) complete evacuation of French territory. In domestic policy, he had to endure a lot of heavy minutes. He belonged to the moderate faction of royalists, P. hard fought ultraroyalistami obtaining the advantage in the House (so ц-ц=ц¬ц¦ц-. chambre introuvable). His chief assistant in this struggle was the duc de Decazes (see). Dissolution of Commerce (September 5, 1816) have finally fallen out cabinet RM-duc de Decazes with a powerful party, which had on its side the support of the heir to the throne. When in 1818 the House increased strongly opposition party, P. tried to get close to the right to fight on two fronts at once - against ultraroyalistov and the extreme left, but on this ground obstacles encountered by the duc de Decazes and 25 December 1818, resigned. Second Department of P. (from February 1820 until December 1821) added nothing to his glory. R. was intended to govern the country the day after the assassination of the Duc de Berry, when osvirepevshaya reaction demanded the resignation of duc de Decazes. R. had something enter into temporary agreements with the extreme right, . then diverge from it; these agreements did not give the Ministry of strength, . Meanwhile leftmost, . left and left center is not forgave the premiere of rapprochement with the reactionaries, and with infinite sharpness attacked him,
. Significantly diminish their popularity, R. was replaced by a reactionary cabinet Villele (see). Name P. named in Odessa Rishelievskaia street in Odessa, and he erected a monument. See. "Odessa, 1794 - 1894" (published. urban public administration, Od., 1894 - 95). Recently was published especially devoted to R. essay Cisternes.

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Richelieu, Armand-Emmanuel Duplessis, photo, biography
Richelieu, Armand-Emmanuel Duplessis, photo, biography Richelieu, Armand-Emmanuel Duplessis  Distinguished statesman., photo, biography
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