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Fedor Rodichev Izmailovitch

( Russian politician.)

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Biography Fedor Rodichev Izmailovitch
Born in 1856, graduated from St. Petersburg University course on the law faculty. In 1876 went as a volunteer in Serbia during its war with Turkey. In 1877 - 90 years was Vesyegonsk (Tver province), a district leader of the nobility, declined the position after the introduction of rural chiefs. As Tver province vowel, . became known outstanding Zemstvo, . respect liberal, . predominantly Zemsky, . community, . and hatred of conservatives, in the Moscow Gazette "His name was often mentioned as the name of the destroyer of the foundations, . enemy state, . law and order and as a principal (along with Petrunkevich) representatives Zemsky liberalism,
. Was chosen in 1891, chairman of Tver provincial rural council, but not approved by the Minister I.N. Durnovo. In 1894, P. suggested Tver provincial zemstvo collection of very soft address the Emperor, pointing to the need for national representation. Address this passed by the Assembly, gave rise to the Emperor utter the famous words of "senseless dreams". RI, as an initiator address to His Majesty's orders had been denied the right to participate in class, and public meetings, and, consequently, in the elections. During a speech at a student gathering was intended to administrative exile, but because of various motions has not been expelled. Since 1898 was a barrister in St. Petersburg, not once spoken advocate in the political processes. In 1901, exiled from St. Petersburg to protest against the signing of the beating of students at the Kazan Square on March 4. The autumn of 1904, on presentation of the book. Svyatopolk-Mirsky, he returned all rights. In 1902, P. contributed to the base abroad magazine "Liberation". The summer of 1903 he took part in the congress on the shores of Lake Constance, where the foundation of the Union of Liberation in Russia, then a member of the board of the Union. In 1904 he took an active part in the banquet campaign and public congresses this time. June 6, 1905 was adopted in Peterhof, including deputies from Zemstvo Urban Congress. Fall of 1905 R. became one of the founders of the Constitutional Democratic Party evolved from the Union of Liberation, since it is one of the most prominent of its members, although not a member of its Central Committee. During the election campaign before the elections in the State Duma, I R. was one of the agitators Party, speaking at numerous rallies, mostly in St. Petersburg. He also took an active part in all the Party Congresses, . continually expressing its firm belief, . that the State Duma will lead Russia to a peaceful and proper way and that the government will be unable to resist the Duma, . exponent of the will of the people,
. R. was one of the candidates for the Constitutional-Democratic Party of Mr.. Petersburg, but before the elections took place in St. Petersburg, was selected in the Tver province. In the State Duma P. was one of the best speakers, his eloquence - stormy and passionate, his speech is rich in beautiful phrases, vivid images and amazing sometimes neatness irony, gesturing at a moderate, P. perfectly able to use the rich resources of his voice, sonorous and able to modulations. One of the first speeches, . delivered to them in the Duma, . was devoted to the question of amnesty (April 29, 1906), he spoke to her about the amnesty as an act of forgiveness and asked pardon political prisoners, . proving, . that political prisoners may be best to punish forgiveness,
. He strongly objected Anikin, Zhilkin, Zabolotnyj and other. By the nature of his eloquence P. often compared with Mirabeau, and many expect that he will play the role of Mirabeau, if the Duma will be dispersed. Before the dissolution of the Duma P. went as a delegate to the London inter-parliamentary conference on peace and 9 July in St. Petersburg was not, nor was it for the same reason and in Vyborg in the preparation of the Vyborg Appeal. V. In-in.

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Fedor Rodichev Izmailovitch, photo, biography
Fedor Rodichev Izmailovitch, photo, biography Fedor Rodichev Izmailovitch  Russian politician., photo, biography
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